Turning the Other Cheek

Some people say that turning the other cheek is a hard thing to do and I will agree with that, but only through God are you able to do it. He gives you the strength to turn the other cheek to someone and most of the time it is someone who doesn’t know God that will tempt you. Satan is very cunning and sometimes will even use those closest to you to tempt you into a confrontation. I am not sure if it was God who instilled in me to turn the other cheek but I do know that it has been an easy thing for me to do throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong I have held grudges against people but eventually, I have asked for forgiveness from them and from God. It used to feel like I was being bullied but in all aspect I pretty much was, but I could never find it inside myself to confront the person back. I know that sometimes it can be hard and I do understand that but I always keep telling myself that if someone does me wrong they always get something done back to them later on but never by my hand. God seeks revenge in His own time so it might be years down the road but they will pay the consequences for what they have done. So, just keep in mind that when someone hits you, wrongs you, or sins against you, just turn the other cheek and move on. They will get theirs in the long run.


Daily Journal 12/18/2016

So far this morning hasn’t been so bad for me. I only got up once during the night and was only up for an hour before going back to bed. I got up when my alarm went off at 7 am this morning and have been in front of my computer with coffee in hand. I have my schedule set where I am not doing so much on the weekends but this weekend is playing catch up with everything due to house renovations during the week. I have a great outlook on today and look forward to sharing more of my stories with the world. My deadline is still set to publish my first book in January and I am so looking forward to it. I have it already set up in a budget where half of my royalties will go to Hope Station USA to assist the homeless, one-quarter will be saved and put into the budget for author expenses, and the other one-quarter will be for me. That is how I am going to set everything up. I am not greedy and it isn’t so much about the money as it is in helping people and plus I have a passion for writing. Now on to start my writing. Have a great day everyone and I look forward to your comments and feedback. 🙂

Daily Journal 12/17/2016

I had a rough night last night when I woke up at 1 am and sat up until 4 am before going back to bed. I woke up around 11:30 am and have been in front of my computer with coffee in hand. I am feeling okay today and have been working my schedule to make sure I don’t forget anything. My lower back is hurting a little but I am bound and determined to catch up my writing schedule. The house is moving slowly but once my husband has the car running which should be today we are going to go to the house and get some more stuff done. The goal is to be in the new house by mid-January. It is getting pretty cold in this tent but we manage. I look forward to the new house and hope that there are no more monkey wrenches in it. Well, I will write more later, I need to keep my schedule going. Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Daily Journal 12/15/2016

Good Afternoon everyone. Today was supposed to be a great day for renovations on the new house but it being below freezing weather and with a wind advisory it made it too cold. We also had to go to Lowes to pick up so more material and I hate being on someone else’s schedule. They say “oh we can get this done in a day” but they are so sluggish that it makes me agitated because I want things done now, lol. That is just my mental health talking. So a trip to the house was wasted so I am here with you beautiful people telling you how my day has gone so far. I would love to be in a house instead of this tent but I would rather be writing than renovating. So, how is your day going? I have been working on a short story for three days now because I get so involved in the story that it just keeps getting longer and longer. I will get it finished today and posted. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting. I want you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. May you all have a blessed day. 🙂

Daily Journal 12/14/2016

Good afternoon everyone. Today is a glorious day, the weather is mild, I hear all of the animals out in the woods making their little noises, and I woke up feeling pretty good. I am pretty much motivated today to finish some more writing and editing of my book and finishing up a short story or two. I hope everyone had a terrific night and got some well-needed rest? I only got up once during the night which is pretty awesome for me. On a good feeling day, I could sit here all night writing to my heart’s content but my husband refuses to allow me to do that. Right now my husband is giving our car an overhaul and rebuilding the carburetor and putting on some new vacuum lines. While he is out working on the car I can get some uninterrupted writing done. I hope everyone is enjoying my writing and I have a list of things to write. Once I am finished with the final editing of my first nonfiction book and receive the cover design back it will be ready to publish. I already have my notes together for the second book of that series and will be starting on it the first of January. There is nothing like having deadlines and goal dates to keep you motivated. My health is improving and I don’t feel so sick today but there are still the body aches and diabetic neuropathy to deal with but other than that I am doing pretty good today. The one thing about being a writer that works really good for me is the part about being alone. I don’t really do well in social settings right now so being alone to write books is who I am currently. Enough of that, I need to get the creative writing juices started today and hope everyone has a great day. Keep thinking positive. 🙂

Daily Journal 12/13/2016

Today was a good day for me and my husband because we are now moving forward with the renovations to the house we are going to move into. Thursday we will be going and laying new floors in the kitchen and bathroom, insulating pipes under the house, and the new wiring is going in as well. We still have a way to go but we are hopeful that we will be moving in the first week of January. It has been somewhat fun in this two room tent but it is almost time to go back indoors to the warmth of a heater. 🙂

All of our bills have been caught up and current and I feel no stress today, but still a little sick. I have been drinking orange juice and sprite plus plenty of pepto to stop up the back end and calm down my stomach. I will be setting up doctor appointments tomorrow and our car is getting an overhaul thanks to my mechanic husband. I am sitting here at my faithful computer and I already have a two-week list of titles for short stories, I just have to sit and write them. Plenty of ideas in my head and a writing pad next to me to jot down any more ideas that pop into my mind. Thank you to everyone who responded or responds to my community questions they are very helpful. I am happy, focused, and ready to move forward with getting my first nonfiction book published this January. It is in its final editing and rewrite, and I have a cover designer who is working on a book cover for me and I do want to say thank you to everyone who has not given up on me because that makes me a better person also. I wish everyone a great night and I will write more tomorrow. Good night.

Daily Journal 12/12/2016

I try to keep these posts positive but then it wouldn’t be the real me because every person has good and bad days so I need to share both for anyone to relate. I am having a bad day today due to a migraine that set in this morning and trying to wake up was very difficult. Every night is the same thing, I’m up and down using the restroom, sitting up for about an hour before being able to go back to bed, and having a hard time getting up in the morning. Today seems to be a day that I am getting sick. I feel the onset of the flu where my whole body aches, my stomach is upset, and I can’t seem to stay out of the restroom. My blood sugar has been spiking as well which takes a toll on me physically. Even if I am getting sick I will still be posting blogs just with breaks in between. So please bear with me for a few days. I will get better and make a super comeback. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May your days be fulfilling and prosperous.

God’s Mercy

Everyone in life makes mistakes and sometimes people keep making the same mistake over and over. There are plenty of things I am not proud of and some of them I do feel shame but it has been through God’s Mercy that I am able to be here today. He showed his mercy by breaking the bondage of drug addiction and prostitution in my life. He gave me a hope I didn’t know existed for someone like me. It has been through His direction and His time that we are redeemed and made new. I had fallen so low I was among the amoebas of life yet I still felt his presence with me. I endured teh most horrific things in life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Things so terrible that I still live through the nightmares. Things you see on television are nothing compared to a true life actual event.

I know that I have not been the greatest of followers but He has been and is today still working on me and defining who He has for me to be. I am that pile of clay that He takes great care and love into molding into a perfect work of art. Sometimes I do have the regret of not listening to Him earlier in life but it has taken me this long to realize He is the one in control and will not put me in a position without a way out. He will not let me endure more than I can handle and has always been my friend and comforter. I acknowledge Him who sits on teh throne and that His son died on that cross for me. His son’e blood cleansed me even from two thousand years ago.

When I am down, saddened, or depressed, and even when I hold so much anger, He keeps me close until the emotion subsides. Not a lot of people believe in God, or Jesus for that matter, but if anyone had ever experienced or walked a day in my shoes they would definitely believe there was a higher power or force at work. Through God’s Mercy and understanding along with His patience I have been led by the hand down the path of life and have seen such wonderful sights and felt the most intense sense of being through my transformation. He has made me a new creature with a deep understanding of life and what it means to be human. He has given me the gift of compassion just as His son Jesus had compassion for sinners. I treat everyone like they could possibly be the savior or creator. I do not want to be left behind or fallen to teh wayside. I have a purpose in life just like everyone else has also. We are given gifts from the creator it is just up to those who accept it. I am a walking testimony that no matter how severe your past or life is that there will always be a hand to guide you through it to greener pastures. Just Believe.

Daily Journal 12/9/2016

I woke up this morning ready to start my day and am excited about fixing our house so we can move in. We visited Lowes yesterday and got all the wire, a breaker box, and junction boxes. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday have been paying bills for the last few days and now I’m back on schedule. Thank you to everyone who is following me and please leave comments on my writing so that I can be a better writer. I’m looking for an editor currently to edit my first book for publishing. I am very excited and cant wait to hold my first book in my hands. I also hope that my books will help those facing the same struggles I did. Well, let me go get the next short story posted. Have a great day everyone and keep following your dreams.

Daily Journal 12/7/2016

It is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and there is a bit of a chill in the air but it is a gorgeous fall morning. My husband woke me up with a cigarette and a honey bun. “Thank you, Honey”. 🙂 I have had my shower and working on a cup of coffee and feel really good today. Ready to take on the world of writing. I am almost done with the first round of editing my first book in a series and I have hired a cover designer and getting things rolling. My goal is to publish my children’s book and my first nonfiction book in January. Things are looking up today and I hope everyone else is having a great morning so far. My husband and dogs are asleep on the bed so it is quiet enough for me to write. I have found some places for writers where the rent and utilities are paid for and most give you two weeks to get inspired, love the scenery, and WRITE. I will keep those listings on the back-burner in case I need some time off from family or get stumped with writing. Well, time to go start my day and thank you to everyone who has read and liked my short stories, please leave comments so that I may improve my writing. Have a blessed day everyone!!