Daily Journal 12/7/2016

It is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and there is a bit of a chill in the air but it is a gorgeous fall morning. My husband woke me up with a cigarette and a honey bun. “Thank you, Honey”. 🙂 I have had my shower and working on a cup of coffee and feel really good today. Ready to take on the world of writing. I am almost done with the first round of editing my first book in a series and I have hired a cover designer and getting things rolling. My goal is to publish my children’s book and my first nonfiction book in January. Things are looking up today and I hope everyone else is having a great morning so far. My husband and dogs are asleep on the bed so it is quiet enough for me to write. I have found some places for writers where the rent and utilities are paid for and most give you two weeks to get inspired, love the scenery, and WRITE. I will keep those listings on the back-burner in case I need some time off from family or get stumped with writing. Well, time to go start my day and thank you to everyone who has read and liked my short stories, please leave comments so that I may improve my writing. Have a blessed day everyone!!


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