Daily Journal 1/24/2017

Well, it is going on eight o’clock this morning and having my first cup of coffee while I wake up. I am on schedule so far and everything is going okay. Hubby is still asleep which makes for better writing, lol. My girls(dogs) are still in bed with daddy and everything is quiet. I am trying to wake up and still a bit tired but I must press on and get things done like any writer should. My lower back is still a little achy but tolerable. I am ready to begin my day of writing. I have two short stories for a book done, I will be writing some short stories for sites, and working on some more research for the second book while the first book is in the third round of editing. Today will be a good day. My hubby has been such a great supporter of my writing and I love him dearly. Who knows maybe I’ll write a book about how we met and got married, lol. Well, time to get to work, I am half done with the first cup of coffee and ready to start the day. Have a blessed and progressive day everyone.


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