Daily Journal/28/2017

Good morning everyone. It is such a rainy day here. I went to bed this morning about five o’clock and was back up at eleven. I have my last copy of my manuscript ready for the last and final edit. I still need my blurb and head shots for the author biography before sending it to the editor for polishing before publishing. I have my notes ready to be organized for the second book which I should be able to start writing on Monday. I am looking forward to being called a published author instead of an aspiring author. 🙂

My husband just got up and we are actually having coffee together which is a breath of fresh air. Usually, by the time he gets up, I’m well immersed in my writing. I have to keep those creative juices flowing. My goal again is to have three books ready to publish May twenty-eighth on Amazon. I hope everyone is enjoying my short stories? I put a lot of my heart and soul into my writing and it means something to me to share my story.

Well, it is thundering outside and I need to get this published online before the power goes off like it usually does. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.


Daily Journal 2/27/2017


Good afternoon everyone. What a great and peaceful rainy day here. I hope your weather is better, however, I do love the rain because it washes away everything dirty and makes everything new again. I have been getting through a case of acute sinusitis for the past two weeks and I am starting to feel a little better now that I have antibiotics to help out. Other than that, things are looking so much better now. I just finished the book cover for my first book and I hope everyone likes it. I have my amazon account set up and my pre-order set up, so everything is moving forward. My nonfiction books will be easy reads because I want people to understand them

My nonfiction books will be easy reads because I want people to understand them, even those who cannot read very well or fast. I am so excited about my book launch and becoming a published author that I can’t sit still. 🙂 Since my nonfiction book series are so emotional and graphic, I will be publishing the two easiest ones in sequence first and then flip over to fiction before writing the next nonfiction one. These books are about my life experiences, good and bad, and it will be difficult for me to recount some of the most traumatic ones, but I will have to face them again. I still live the horrors of some of them every night in my nightmares, so there are days where I wake up not myself.

I want my books to give readers the understanding of the who, what, when, where, and why people have to go through these ordeals and to give inspiration to those afflicted by these struggles. Each book covers a topic that has happened to me and I wish to help those who are struggling to know that there is a way out and that you can have a better and happy life.

Some of the chapters in my nonfiction books will be very emotional, to me, and to the reader. I tell my story as it happened from nineteen eighty-four until two thousand and seventeen. I might not remember everything during this time but I do remember the important parts. So, I hope that you will get a chance to read them and gain some knowledge of what afflicts some many people in the world. Have a blessed day.

Daily Journal 2/24/2017

Good morning everyone! Such a beautiful breezy day today. I already feel spring in the air. Well, yesterday was a doctor visit day and my results from my spine MRI state that my spine is riddled with arthritis. The top vertebra of my tailbone that meets with the first vertebra of my lower back is severe enough to cause my tailbone to burn. As far as my neck is concerned, I have a few bulging disc’s with disc degenerative disease and the vertebrae that are close to my skull have severe arthritis. I am going in for a procedure next month to have steroid injections in my neck and after that, they are going to burn the nerves in my neck for pain management.

After seeing my back doctor yesterday, we took me to the hospital to get checked out for this cold I have. I have a virus that is also causing acute sinusitis. I have also lost ten pounds in a week due to not being able to keep anything down. I was given an antibiotic, something to keep nausea at bay, and something for a sinus headache. I have not been sick in a couple of years but when I do it puts me down for a few weeks, but I now have medicine to fix it.

On a brighter note, I am feeling a bit better today except for the pounding sinus headache but I am ready to get back to writing. I took my book manuscript with me to the hospital yesterday for something to while waiting and did some revisions and editing. I have moved my deadline for publishing to July due to financial issues and will have at least three books to publish at that time. I have also been writing short stories that are not published online for a book compilation I am working on also. Things are looking really good for the future.

Well, off to writing and I hope everyone has a great day and keep smiling. 🙂

My Vision of My Higher Power

When I am asked what religion I belong too or what is my faith, I cannot really say since there are so many of them out there nowadays. I think some of them are made up just to sound important, but my question is what is a religion? Why is it called religion? Why is it that we have to classify every person’s belief in a higher power to some named religion? Can a person not just believe in something that gives them hope or the feeling of love? I just don’t understand it and I am in no way knocking down anyone’s religion. Every person is free to believe whatever they want that brings them strength, joy, love, hope, and peace.

Technically, I claim Christianity, but to give my physical vision of my higher power it would be more of a cool breeze blowing over my face. A warm kiss from the sun that makes me want to fall into its arms. The feeling of wind blowing through my hair as a lovers fingers. I could walk through a green pasture barefooted and feel each blade of grass as it pokes its gorgeous leaf between each toe. To stand on the side of a mountain overlooking the multicolored valley brings me peace. These are all things that comfort me, give me hope and joy, make me feel loved, and a sense of belonging.

I’m truly sorry for my next statement but I cannot lie about it. I have been to many churches, and I have felt nothing and no sense of belonging. Some churches require a high social status, while others believe you should be dressed up in nice clothes and looking your best. I thought that the scriptures of the bible stated that Jesus said come as you are. Some of us don’t have nice clothes nor the money to buy any. It seems you are judged the minute you walk in the door wearing a sweat suit or jeans. I feel more joy, peace, love, and happiness being out in the world.

I know that there is a creator of all things and I sense it in everything natural around me. I look at the mountains with wide eyes, I dream off into any lake or ocean, and I enjoy laying on a blanket staring into the great blue sky or the vastness of the stars. I know there are those who ask that one question of every believer, “how can you believe in something you can’t see or touch?”.

My belief is that if you stop and wait, you will be able to feel, see, and hear the creator of everything. Think about it, if you sit and listen, you can hear the waves crashing upon the shore, you can hear the birds chirping and singing, and the thunder as it cracks and roars across the sky. Seeing the creator is looking at everything around you and taking notice. You can see the sun and the moon rise each day, the flowers blooming in the fields, and the new life being born.

Feeling the creator can be accomplished in many ways but I feel the creator when the rain falls upon my face and the wind that gently flows across my skin with the feeling of hairs raising up. I feel him when holding a baby or puppy. You just have to look for the signs.

Now ask me if I believe in an afterlife? I do believe that we have spirits inside of us, that is what gives us the feeling of belonging and self-awareness. It is the spirit that speaks to us in gut feelings and for some of us, it is those little whispers we hear inside our heads. I believe that once our physical bodies have served their purpose and die, that our spirit leaves and ascends to a new place. Where? I have no clue. Our bodies die and disintegrate, but our spirits live on.

I see my higher power in everything around me. I feel my higher power within the elements of the earth. I hear my higher power when I sit and listen. These are my vision of my higher power. What are yours?

Daily Journal 2/22/2017

Good afternoon friends and family of the East Coast, and good morning to my family and friends on the West Coast. I have been missing all of you and my writing. I have been sick about a week now with the flu and my husband just went down yesterday. You know, living in a tent with your husband and two and three-quarter dogs with the flu is not a good scene. 🙂 I have made it over my week hurdle with it and I am finally able to sit here at my computer and talk to my friends and family. They say the flu usually lasts between one and two weeks so I should be on my way to recovery.

It is not like I haven’t tried to sit here, but it drove my husband crazy when we had to exchange seating every few minutes because I wanted to write but once in front of the computer, I would feel dizzy and nausea, so back to the bed I went. You guys and gals mean that much to me even when so sick I wish for death to come. I have been trying to keep you guys up to date on my health progress and I do wish health for you all. I don’t get sick that often but when I do it hits me like a train and I am usually down for weeks.

So, what have I missed besides all of you? 🙂 I am in recovery and ready to get back to writing no matter what my body wants. I have been doing some reading and research on writing and editing while not able to write and I am going to put my book publishing on hold for a minute. I am still going to publish it, but I am giving it another read through and to see if I can get a beta reader to read it for feedback. I still feel like it needs some polishing. I had it checked last night for its readability and the results were that it can be read down to the fourth-grade level which in my eyes is good for the type of issues it discusses. You have to consider that some people in my generation and before did not graduate high school, and some do not read beyond elementary levels. I also want it to be easy reading for those who have brain issues, epilepsy, and memory loss.

The issues I talk about in my book can relate mostly to those who dropped out of school at an early age and to those who have been abused or traumatized. I also want it to give people an understanding of what some people go through and how it affects them. So, I think that having a book that anyone is capable of reading is a good thing. Others may disagree so I am going to seek advice before making any drastic changes to it to bring the readability up higher. I welcome feedback from all of you as well. I take the advice of my friends and family seriously to heart.

Well, I need to get some stuff done while I feel up to it and hope everyone has a great and awesome day. Happy Humpday Everyone!!

Daily Journal 2/20/2017

Hello, Everyone. First I want to apologize for my absence for the last two days. I noted in my last post that I had been sick for a few days, well let’s just say that without anything for cold symptoms come Saturday night I wanted to die. I was so sick, I couldn’t even keep fluids down, hot and cold flashes, vomiting, and my body aches were so extreme that even my hands hurt. Right now, my ribcage and my diaphragm hurt from all the coughing. I just wanted to die Saturday night. I am up a little today but not much. I still have a foggy head and a little wobbly in the legs.

I think it could have been worse had I not started taking vitamin C when I noticed that I was getting sick. I don’t get sick that often but when I do it goes to the extremes in taking me down. I still have a slight headache but I need to get functioning which will help me bounce back. I went to bed Friday night and haven’t been up until this morning. I have been feverish since Saturday morning and still feel a bit feverish but I can’t stay in the bed like that without my body hurting.

On to a brighter note, I am back writing this morning and I know it will probably take a few days to get back on my schedule with recovery time and everything, but I want to let everyone know I’m still here. So, I will get back to my writing and pump out some more of those short stories for your enjoyment. I wish everyone a healthy and blessed day :).

Daily Journal 2/18/2017

Good morning everyone! It just started raining this morning here and I have been up since five-thirty. I have been sick for the last couple of days and I am sitting here with my tissue to catch my runny nose.:) I feel a little better this morning and look forward to catching up on a few things that I haven’t been able to do lately. I have been working on a short story but since being sick and achy I haven’t really worked on it, but I will be finishing it this morning before moving on to something else. I have my to-do list ready and I think I’m ready as well.

I ended up adding another chapter to my first book but I should have it completed this week and ready for publishing next month. It has been a little strained lately with bills so saving money to publish and all the other book expenses gets a little hairy. I will be working on my crowdfunding campaigns this weekend to possibly assist with the expenses. I have almost completed my spreadsheet for the next book and should begin writing it the week of February twenty-seventh. I have set goals for myself and I want to write a book a week. My goal for the year is to have at least thirty- five books wrote this year.  I have a third of those books set up in my writing program with notes already.

Listening to the rain outside the tent makes for a calm surrounding to write. I have my notebook next to me so that if an idea for a book comes to mind I can jot it down. Everyone is still asleep and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and looking forward to my creative juices flowing today. Plenty to do to complete my day but I am positive about it even with me being sick. Well, I want to wish everyone a great day and help someone out that needs it today. It will come back to you. Take care and God bless.

Daily Journal 2/17/2017

Good Morning Everyone! I have been up since five o’clock this morning again. It’s either my mind or my body that refuses to allow me to sleep in. I am up so early that by midday I’m ready for a nap. But seriously, I am glad I get up so early because it gives me peace and quiet to write or brainstorm.

I have set up my to-do list for the day already and here I am writing my journal before beginning to write my first short story. I have a serious passion for writing or else I would be going crazy because I can’t sleep in. Besides, I love this quite time anyway.

I will be treating Sunday as if it were Monday because I have a full day Monday of Dr. appointments. I do not want to get off my schedule anymore even though there will be days of going to the house to keep working on it for the move in during March, but right now we have to wait until the first of March to buy more material to finish it.

So, I will end this here and begin working on my next short story. I hope all my friends and family are enjoying my posts and that I wish everyone a happy and safe Friday. I want to make sure everyone knows how much I love and appreciate them. I even love my new friends too. 🙂 Happy Friday!!

Daily Journal 2/16/2017

This morning has been rough. I woke up to a lot of pain in my lower back which radiated around my hips causing me to hurt bad enough to cry. I went back to lay down and my husband tried to comfort me until I fell asleep to get away from the pain. I just got up a little while ago and have taken prescribed medication for the pain. I am able to sit here with minimal pain and ready to start my day of writing. We have been working on the new house for the past three days and have made good progress. The kitchen floor is almost complete and then to finish the wiring for inspection. I perceive us to be in the new house hopefully by mid-March. We just want it livable to get moved in and will continue working on it one room at a time until it is restored. It is an old house that was built in nineteen thirty-eight and has been empty for quite a few years. The previous tenants left it full of trash so we had to clean it out first before doing any repairs.

I have already discussed with my husband what I would like to do to the inside as far as interior design and set up. He agreed to let me do the designing he will just do the grunt work as he puts it. But, other than this, things are moving forward and we look forward to being in this house soon.

Other news today is that I have been working on my spreadsheet of literary journals and magazines that I will be submitting short stories to for publication. Some pay and some do not but I am looking at just having them published to gain some literary ground. I have rethought my first book and besides adding one more chapter I am now writing two extra chapters to finish it off before publishing.

So there you have it, my journal for today. I hope everyone is having a great day so far and I wish happy creativity and prosperity for everyone. Be healthy and God Bless.

Daily Journal 2/15/2017

Good morning family and friends. I realize this morning that yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I forgot to wish every a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday plus I had to handle some other errands. So please forgive me but I’m saying it now. I am up early this morning and I figured I can get some early writing done before my mammogram this afternoon which will be followed by going to the house and finishing the kitchen floor.

It has done me some good to get away from the house since I isolate myself away because of a social anxiety disorder. I am so ready to move into this house but it will still be a few weeks before that happens. I have been working on a list of literary magazines and journals that I am going to submit some of my short stories too. I am still having that creative and since the other day I had another idea for a book flash through my mind and was nearby a notebook to write the idea down. This will make approximately twenty-one books to write, both fiction and nonfiction. If I stick to my schedule, I will have the majority of them wrote this year.

I have a few short stories to post on blogs today and I hope everyone is enjoying them. I always use my writing as a coping skill which is very helpful especially with the step-mother-in-law always on my back about something. I have been keeping my distance from her just to keep my sanity until we get into this house. Well, I need to get writing so I wish everyone a great and blessed day.