Daily Journal 2/6/2017

I have been up and down all night and finally decided to stay up at 6:30 am. I feel pretty good this morning except for the sharp stabbing pain in my left shoulder blade but other than that I am wide awake and ready to start my day. I made some changes to my daily schedule to incorporate more time for book writing as to get more done. So many novels in my mind that it distracts me so I write the ideas down to come back to them later. I will be creating a video later today for my crowdfunding project to assist me with funding for my book expenses since disability doesn’t go a long way. My dream is to get some books published and sold so that I can get off of disability and be able to pay all of our bills. The car is almost fixed now so that we can go over to our house to finish fixing it up so that we can move in and get out of this tent. Our plan is to pay off some debt in order to buy this property, so I need to make some side money for that through my book sales. Well, it is time to get to writing and finishing my first cup of coffee. I wish everyone a blessed day!


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