Daily Journal 2/10/2017

Good Morning Everyone! Well, it is really cold outside and I have been up since five o’clock this morning. I am awake and feel so-so today. I was a little frustrated and stressed last night so I went to bed early. I am just very stressed and frustrated because I’m tired of living in this tent and want to get the house fixed so we can move in but everyone has an excuse why we can’t go. Now we have no running vehicles to get to doctor appointments or even shopping. I feel like my hands are tied and there is nothing I can do about it.

I am going to stay on my schedule today of writing and getting things done. I have my to-do list ready and look forward to a day of being creative no matter how I feel. I use my writing sometimes to get through whatever feeling I have. I write when I’m angry, sad, happy, etc. Some days I feel like I’m speeding and everything around me is barely moving, and then there are the days where I feel I’m just sitting here and everything is speeding around me. I get agitated very easily on those days so I write to get through the emotions.

Today, I am going to try and make my videos for my crowdfunding sites and for my website. Being on disability doesn’t actually give me enough money to fund my book writing expenses, so I need to campaign through crowdfunding sites for help. I have one book almost finished with the editing process and have my research ready to begin writing the second book. I actually have about twenty-one books in progress. So, I am going to be busy, lol.

Well, it is six thirty and I need to go ahead and get my day started with writing. I hope everyone is enjoying my short stories and will be posting some more today. I wish everyone happiness and blessings today and also safe journey to and from work. Have a great day! 🙂



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