Daily Journal 2/11/2017

Good morning to all of my friends and family! Wake those sleepy eyes and look at how beautiful the day is and how blessed we are. Today is grocery shopping day and I am excited. I feel pretty good today and had a productive week with my writing. I do have at least twenty books in progress that almost all of the outlines are done for but one is in final editing and one is almost ready to start writing on. I feel good about my writing because these first two books will be to help those who are struggling with issues I have already dealt with and I want them to know they are not alone and I want to give them some advice on how to overcome those obstacles and make their lives a little less stressful and full of life. I am using my experiences to allow them to see that you can overcome those struggles and to see how full life can be once you walk away. After this second book of a five book series, I will be writing my first fictional book and taking a break away from nonfiction for a minute to rest my mind and emotions. The book series is also a therapeutic way for me to deal with the backlash of my past. I never said it would be easy or that it would just disappear. I am still coping and dealing with some of my issues and it is mostly the nightmares of post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes I relive those situations over and over again in my nightmares, but I am still pushing forward to release them. I, myself, am a work in progress, lol. Well, I need to get dressed to go out and will be back soon to get started writing. I wish everyone a blessed and wonderful day.


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