Daily Journal 2/18/2017

Good morning everyone! It just started raining this morning here and I have been up since five-thirty. I have been sick for the last couple of days and I am sitting here with my tissue to catch my runny nose.:) I feel a little better this morning and look forward to catching up on a few things that I haven’t been able to do lately. I have been working on a short story but since being sick and achy I haven’t really worked on it, but I will be finishing it this morning before moving on to something else. I have my to-do list ready and I think I’m ready as well.

I ended up adding another chapter to my first book but I should have it completed this week and ready for publishing next month. It has been a little strained lately with bills so saving money to publish and all the other book expenses gets a little hairy. I will be working on my crowdfunding campaigns this weekend to possibly assist with the expenses. I have almost completed my spreadsheet for the next book and should begin writing it the week of February twenty-seventh. I have set goals for myself and I want to write a book a week. My goal for the year is to have at least thirty- five books wrote this year.  I have a third of those books set up in my writing program with notes already.

Listening to the rain outside the tent makes for a calm surrounding to write. I have my notebook next to me so that if an idea for a book comes to mind I can jot it down. Everyone is still asleep and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and looking forward to my creative juices flowing today. Plenty to do to complete my day but I am positive about it even with me being sick. Well, I want to wish everyone a great day and help someone out that needs it today. It will come back to you. Take care and God bless.


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