Daily Journal 2/22/2017

Good afternoon friends and family of the East Coast, and good morning to my family and friends on the West Coast. I have been missing all of you and my writing. I have been sick about a week now with the flu and my husband just went down yesterday. You know, living in a tent with your husband and two and three-quarter dogs with the flu is not a good scene. 🙂 I have made it over my week hurdle with it and I am finally able to sit here at my computer and talk to my friends and family. They say the flu usually lasts between one and two weeks so I should be on my way to recovery.

It is not like I haven’t tried to sit here, but it drove my husband crazy when we had to exchange seating every few minutes because I wanted to write but once in front of the computer, I would feel dizzy and nausea, so back to the bed I went. You guys and gals mean that much to me even when so sick I wish for death to come. I have been trying to keep you guys up to date on my health progress and I do wish health for you all. I don’t get sick that often but when I do it hits me like a train and I am usually down for weeks.

So, what have I missed besides all of you? 🙂 I am in recovery and ready to get back to writing no matter what my body wants. I have been doing some reading and research on writing and editing while not able to write and I am going to put my book publishing on hold for a minute. I am still going to publish it, but I am giving it another read through and to see if I can get a beta reader to read it for feedback. I still feel like it needs some polishing. I had it checked last night for its readability and the results were that it can be read down to the fourth-grade level which in my eyes is good for the type of issues it discusses. You have to consider that some people in my generation and before did not graduate high school, and some do not read beyond elementary levels. I also want it to be easy reading for those who have brain issues, epilepsy, and memory loss.

The issues I talk about in my book can relate mostly to those who dropped out of school at an early age and to those who have been abused or traumatized. I also want it to give people an understanding of what some people go through and how it affects them. So, I think that having a book that anyone is capable of reading is a good thing. Others may disagree so I am going to seek advice before making any drastic changes to it to bring the readability up higher. I welcome feedback from all of you as well. I take the advice of my friends and family seriously to heart.

Well, I need to get some stuff done while I feel up to it and hope everyone has a great and awesome day. Happy Humpday Everyone!!


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