Daily Journal 3/2/2017

Hello, everyone. It’s a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, it is just cold, and I woke up another day. I am sorry for not posting yesterday but it was a paying bills kind of day. Next week we will be calling for inspection on the house so that we can get the power on and move in. I am so excited. Thie tent will soon be unlivable so it is imperative that we get this house approved and are able to move in.

I am still a little sick but getting better every day. I am finally able to sit at my desk without throwing up or feeling weak. My babies (dogs) keep me motivated and stay by my side whenever I am sick.  As I sit here my husband is playing some music while he lays across the bed. I have my little chihuahua inside my sweat jacket to keep him warm. He has to be up my butt sometimes but I love him.

Well, my first book is done and I just need to run through it one more time before sending it to a beta reader. I started to work on my next book and getting all the data into my spreadsheet and will hopefully be able to start writing its first draft on Monday. It is sure to be a large book because the theme of it is so widespread and covers lots of information. I have a goal to have three books ready for publishing by June first.

I am happy with my progress and look forward to moving forward and positively all year. Well, time to get writing. I wish everyone a happy and great day!


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