Daily Journal 3/3/2017

Good morning everyone. it is now six twenty-four in the morning and it is below freezing outside. The sky is still dark but very very cold. I am sitting here next to the heater bundled up with my hands freezing trying to write. Everyone else is still asleep under the blankets and I am here saying good morning.

Today we are taking a trailer to the house to load up all the garbage the previous tenants left and then putting down and completing the kitchen floor and installing all new outlet and face plates before calling for the inspection. I am excited about being able to move into the new house and getting out of this tent.

We have been in this tent now for nine months and we are ready to go inside where it is warm. We still have some more to do in the house as far as cosmetic goes but we can do that while living in the house. I just want indoors again. We have been here too long and the tent is becoming unlivable.

Other than that, I will be getting some writing done before we leave and then when we get home, I will finish some more writing on my second book.My second book will also be an easy read but full of information for the reader. So, I will stop here and get to finishing a short story I have been working on. I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 🙂



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