Daily Journal 3/4/2017

Good morning everyone. Such a beautiful day outside after all of the rain. I feel pretty good today just full of mucus. Yesterday we went over to the house and loaded a trailer up with bags of trash that the previous tenants left and now it is almost clean on the inside. We bought the remaining material that we needed to finish the kitchen floor and electrical, so we hope that Thursday we can get the electrical done so we can call for inspection and get moved in.

I will be working on my notes and getting them organized for the second book and sometime this weekend I will be creating a video for crowdfunding. Being that we are on disability, after paying our bills, there just isn’t enough to cover book expenses like editing. My future goal is to be able to get off of disability and make a living with my writing. It’s what I have a passion for doing. Granted, I’m not trying to get rich, just be able to live comfortably and keep a few dollars in our pocket.

Well, I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday and a blessed one. Take care and I will write more later.


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