Daily Journal 3/5/2017

Good morning everyone. Another blessed day to be alive and well. I just got up about thirty minutes ago and was welcomed by a cup of coffee my husband made for me. I had a late night last night putting more notes together for the second of five books. I am still yawning but waking up slowly just like every morning. I see the sun shining, birds chirping, and even a woodpecker hard at work. At night, we can hear three distinctly different owls and it is funny sometimes to hear the ruckus they make.

I do not have a schedule for Sundays because I call it the catch-up day where I catch up on things that I was not able to do or get finished during the week. My hope is to start writing my second book tomorrow but it looks like it might be Tuesday because of having to finish my notes and getting them organized. I love writing and it has become my passion for telling my story that would help others with the same struggles that I, myself, have overcome.

My husband is doing what he loves and that is playing his video games with headphones so that it is quiet enough for me to concentrate or write. He is very supportive of me and my passion for writing. I keep asking him if I spend enough time with him so that he does not feel neglected and he says that he is okay with me writing because it is something I love doing.

All of the dogs are outside playing and chasing squirrels and the rabbit is running around its pen eating grass. The inlaws are in church which is a nice thing to wake up to because then I don’t have to listen to the step-mother in- law complain about something the moment I wake up.

Well, I need to get to work and get some things done before tomorrow because I have a CT scan in the morning for a hernia in my abdomen to find out if I need surgery for it. I wish everyone a great day and remember to give someone else a smile to brighten their day. Talk soon. 🙂


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