Daily Journal 3/8/2017

Good morning everyone. It is such a beautiful day outside with all of the critters running around and I would swear it’s mating season by the way the animals are acting and all of the crazy noises we hear. We were supposed to go work on the house this morning but I had trouble sleeping last night and I am not feeling good this morning. I have been dealing with a few bouts of depression lately and I try so hard to not let it affect my daily routine but sometimes it wins.

Besides my back hurting and burning, I am losing my lack of motivation today. It usually lasts only a few days but after talking to my therapist about it, we figured it was mainly due to our living in a tent for so long. We were not meant to be in this tent for ten months, yet we are still here and so close to getting into our house. I guess it will change when we are finally in our house that the depression will go away, or at least leave me alone for a while.

I hope everyone is enjoying this pretty Spring-like day. I am working on feeling better and maybe even going outside to sit on a blanket in the yard while working on my book. My whole body just hurts today but I have to try to keep myself focused and as motivated as possible. I think we might just go to my sister-in-laws to get a change of scenery and I can take the laptop to continue working on my notes for the second book.

Well, I guess I will get off of here and get ready to go. I wish everyone a great hump day and a blessed day.


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