Daily Journal 3/9/2017

Good afternoon my East Coast friends and family and good morning my West Coast friends and family. It is seventy-five degrees here today and very beautiful. I am currently at my sister-in-law’s house because she got some bad news this morning and wanted to see her brother. I am feeling pretty good today mentally and I am okay physically with just a little burning in my tailbone. I brought my computer with me so I can get some work done while visiting.

How is everyone else doing today? I hope everyone is doing good today as well. I feel like writing today and finishing my note organization for my second book. I have family around me right now and they are all very supportive of my writing. They also do their best to keep my spirits up and they are concerned when I get depressed.

Today should be a good day and I look forward to getting things done today. I will end this here and get to work on my writing. I wish every one of my friends and family a nice and blessed day.


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