Faith Equals Hope

Sometimes when things don’t seem to go your way, that is when it is time to stop, take a breath, and know that you are not alone. Life was never meant to be perfect and anyone who says their life is perfect is probably hiding something. No one’s life is perfect and it never will be. We are just given the tools to survive and make it the best way we can.

Some people have or believe in a higher power and rely on it to help them in a time of need. I believe in my higher power and you will always find me talking to God and asking him for help just like he is a real person sitting here talking to me. This is when faith comes into play. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains, at least that is what the Bible says. Everyone has their own belief system but it does work and I know this from my own experiences.

Faith does equal hope and I do believe that if everyone believed in something that our world would be a better place. Everyone needs something to believe in instead of man-made things. We are so imperfect that even our judgments are clouded. Just as with computers, they are only as good as what humans put into them. So you see, things are not always going to be perfect or good, but it is the choices we make that will make them better.

Having a higher power or something that you have hope or faith in can always make a difference in your life. Believe in the unseen, hope for the best, and things will always work out depending on the choices you make. I can only say that I have faith and hope that you will make better choices for your life and that it brings you happiness. Find something to believe in that will give you a sense of peace and joy.


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