Daily Journal 3/10/2017

Good morning everyone. Today is a great day to be alive. There was a thunderstorm last night when I went to bed, but I slept pretty well last night. I woke up to my husband with coffee and my dogs wanting some love and attention. The wind is blowing and it feels nice. We got home late last night from my sister-in-law’s house and we were worn out so it was to bed earlier than normal. Usually, I don’t go to bed until about two o’clock in the morning after winding down with a few levels of a computer game.

I will be making my video for crowdfunding here shortly to assist me in book expenses so that I may get my first book published. Monday I will begin writing my second book now that I have all the notes from my research done and organized. I am very excited about that and look forward to seeing my book in physical form. Sometimes I cannot even believe I have written a book about my life experiences.

My goal for this series of nonfiction books is to help people understand some of the issues we face and for those still facing them to know that there is someone who can identify with their issues and that they are not alone. I have had a hard life with physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse that I want those afflicted with the same to know that they can overcome that issue.

In each book which deals with one issue at a time, I will be leaving my messenger id and an eight hundred number for anyone afflicted by these horrible issues to reach me if they just want to talk, or need some advice. I have a passion for helping people and through my experiences, I think I can. So, I will end here so I can get this video done before my husband comes back to play a video game. I wish everyone a great and happy day.


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