Daily Journal 3/11/2017

Good morning everyone! Really overcast here today and very windy. I’m sitting here next to the heater and wearing my sweat jacket. What happened to the nice Spring-like weather we were having? I am over all of this cold freezing weather and hope that it warms up soon. My little toes get so cold. 🙂 My sugar has been running low the last few days where I actually get lightheaded and nausea. I guess it is because I stopped eating the step-mothers cooking. She fry’s everything and meals are so full of starch. I caught her the other day making gravy with non-dairy coffee creamer and thought to myself “yuck!”.

Since stopping from eating her food, I have lost about sixteen pounds in two weeks. Whenever I tell her I’m not hungry, I get twenty-one questions why. I’m going to go get some groceries today and she thinks that I am going to buy her what she wants. Wrong! I don’t have much money and I want stuff that we can have down here in the tent to eat. She cooks dinner between three o’clock and five, but then come about eight o’clock we get hungry again. So, we have decided to not eat dinner when they want us too and we will keep stuff down here to eat when we’re ready.

We are so close to getting in this house I am ready. We are going to go over tomorrow or Monday to finish cleaning up the mess and call for inspection. If it passes, we could be in the house by the end of the month. Woohoo! I am so looking forward to it. But today I am going to get ready to start writing my second book on Monday and will be posting a couple short stories. I have taken my break and now I am ready to dig back into writing. I am almost over the depression spell, so that’s a good thing.

Today is going to be a good day and I am not going to allow the step-mother to ruin it. I will be focused on my writing and nothing else. My husband will be gone for the day helping some friends put a small building up in exchange for some laminate flooring we will use for our kitchen floor.So, I will end this here and get to work. I wish everyone a great day and be blessed.


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