Daily Journal 3/14/2017

Hello, everyone! As you can see, I’m here writing. It has been raining, sleeting, and snowing here since this morning and I do not drive in that mess. I woke up feeling pretty good today and ready to get back in the craft of writing. My husband is here doing his favorite thing and that is playing video games but it doesn’t bother me while writing because I have learned how to tune it out.

I have had my coffee and cigarette and I am now ready to get into my writing. I lost my computer over the weekend due to technical difficulties but I now have it fixed and ready to finish up my notes for the second book which should have been done over the weekend but things happen. I guess it forced me to take a break from racking my brain on my writing.

I am bundled up here while sitting in front of the computer and getting my thoughts together on where to start first. I have a short story that needs finishing to be published on a blog site and I need to finish up my little notes to begin writing my second book. Where to start?  So everyone, have a blessed day and let me get started.


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