Daily Journal 3/26/2017

Good afternoon everyone. Happy Sunday! Get plenty of rest because you go back to work tomorrow to begin your work week all over again.  I have been up and down most of the night and finally decided to get up and get to work on my writing. I have begun writing my second book as scheduled and almost finished with the next short story. After finishing all my research for the book I decided to walk away for a couple of days to take a break before writing it. I am now working on it and it has been fulfilling thus far. I am excited about it and also the fact that it will help people who are struggling with certain issues.

I have even thought about the idea of starting a support group to also help people struggling and given that with my experiences I could run it myself along with having guest speakers on the subjects. It was just an idea but one never knows what the future holds. I could still write my books while traveling and maybe even publish a newsletter concerning the topics and what progress we have made with our groups. If anyone has any feedback on this please leave a comment.

Other than that, it is a very beautiful day here in Dalton, Georgia where the sun is shining, a few Spring showers here and there, and watching all of the flowers blooming. There is a nice cool breeze for which I am sitting next to an open window in the tent and feeling the breeze. My husband is doing what he does best and that is playing his video games. The dogs are laying out in the sunshine and chasing wood bees. I love Spring days they are so relaxing and make work more productive when it comes to writing.

I have so much research for this second book that sometimes it makes my head spin trying to get it written. I feel pretty confident about writing it and can’t wait to see the physical copy in my hands. I already have a marketing plan in place and I am excited about that as well. I hope everyone is having a great day too. We all should be lying by the pool enjoying the water and soaking up the sunshine. I will have that maybe one day. Well, it’s time for me to go back to writing and I wish everyone a happy relaxing and safe day. Be blessed.




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