Daily Journal 3/27/2017

Good morning everyone! It’s me again with my cup of coffee in hand and a mind full of stories. I am feeling pretty good this morning and ready to begin my day. My husband is awake also and having coffee with me while he watches the ID Discovery channel. I worked on my book last night until about twelve thirty before going to bed.

I got up a few times last night but I feel pretty rested this morning. We are going to go visit with my sister-in-law today to check up on her. I have my pile of notes sitting here on my desk that needs to be put into my book and it is about six inches high. So I have my work cut out for me. It looks like it will be nice outside so I might walk away from my desk and go sit outside on a blanket and work on my book.

You can tell it is Monday because I can’t even wake up before the telemarketers start calling. They have been bad here lately and are aggravating. This will be a short posting this morning but I will update it later after seeing how my day is going. Have a good day at work everyone and be blessed.


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