Daily Journal 3/28/2017

Good morning everyone! It is such a pretty day today after a night of down pour. We had a sleep over at my sister-in-laws last night which was fun and relaxing. I just finished the last short story of a series and I feel pretty good today about my writing. I am sitting here on the proch with family having coffee and the dogs running around the yard. They just got their treats of cookies and are playing now while we sit and watch our five year old nephews mud wrestle.

Everyone shows me so much support when it comes to my writing and that is what I think keeps me going in a positive movement. Sometimes I doubt myself but then someone reads what I have written and that gives me the positive affirmation that I need. This will be a short post because while typing it on my laptop at my sister-in-laws house, the power went off and it deleted everything I wrote.



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