Daily Journal 4/4/2017

Good morning to all my friends and family. It is about ten o’clock this morning and I am sitting here drinking coffee with my husband looking forward to the day of writing. My spirits are pretty good this morning just trying to wake up. I hope everyone is having a good morning and most of you are probably at work by now except for my West Coast family and friends who should just about now crawling out of bed.

It is a beautiful day outside and I can hear the birds chirping and singing. I pretty much slept most of the night and it felt pretty good. I got some things together last night and set some writing goals for me to complete. If all goes as scheduled I should be able to have at least thirty plus books published this year. Which will make me very excited to be a published author. I have word count goals for every day and it should be very fun to see my stories come to life on paper.

I will begin publishing books in June but for now, I am going to be writing them and holding them until I have the money to get them published which will be June but I do have crowdfunding campaigns going to help out just no donors as of yet.  Well, I should get off of here to get to work and I wish everyone a great and blessed day.


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