Daily Journal 5/21/2017

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. It has been raining here all night which made for some good sleeping. I feel refreshed this morning and ready to get some writing done. I was up until three o’clock yesterday morning working out my goal and deadline calendar for my books and each goal every day is reachable. I have enough books to write until April of next year which should be approximately forty-three books published.

I have been awake for about thirty minutes now and my husband has made me a cup of coffee which tastes very good this morning. It is still a bit overcast outside but it feels fantastic. I look forward to completing my next book by the end of this month and having it ready for editing. It will be a freebie to all my subscribers and a sample of my fictional writing. I have already sold twelve copies of my first published book and I am very proud of that and expect to see that number rise over the next few months.

Well, it is time to get into my writing and I hope and wish everyone an awesome and blessed Sunday. Keep those smiles moving along and making a brighter day for someone else. Be blessed.

Daily Journal 5/17/2017

Hello to all of my friends and family old and new. I want to apologize for not keeping up with my journal and keeping in touch with each of you. It has been a trying month so far and it has taken a serious toll on me physically and mentally. We moved in with my cousin who has been declared legally blind so she needs some help around the house.

I have been cleaning the house for an entire nine days, pulling everything out of the cupboards, wiping them out and washing every dish in the house. You would think that it would be easy enough until you are continuously interrupted to do something else. I have been having other issues physically that makes it hard to stand for long periods and some dizzy spells. My husband has been so good with support and helping me get things done.

Today we finally got the kitchen and dining room completed with deck brushed floors and cleaned walls. There is still the living room to go but my husband has agreed to do it for me so that I can go back to writing where I am happy the most. I have missed my writing and I know that it disappoints some of my readers but I promise that things are going to get back to normal and my writing will thrive.

It has been hard for me mentally not being able to write and my husband and therapist noticed it clearly and are doing whatever they can to get me back to that point of being content. I am making some changes and will be initiating them tomorrow when I wake up. I have missed chatting with everyone and letting you know what I have been up too and writing updates. So, it is getting late and I want to get some things done to be ready for tomorrow. I wish everyone an awesome night and have a blessed morning.

Daily Journal 5/14/2017

Good morning everyone! it is so beautiful¬†outside but still a little chilly for me. We are finally getting things together at my cousin’s house. We just got some bad news on our house back on Friday. We went to get the permit for the renovations and opened up a pandora’s box which included a septic tank inspection, the property having to be divided because of multiple houses on one parcel of land, and a whole lot of other hoops to jump through. After speaking with the owners of the property and informing them of the things that needed to be done, they informed us that they were not going to split the property and almost all of the paperwork on this property is missing. They say that the county office has lost the deed and other paperwork and it was just too much to handle, so we are pulling out everything we put into the house already and cutting our losses.

It was such a bad and sad day for us. We should have known that it was too good to be true. On the other hand, we are living at my cousin’s house who is bipolar and every day it is something new with her to complain about. I thought I left the in-laws house and got away from that drama just to come to a whole different drama. I have had to put my writing on hold because of trying to do a total re-clean of the entire house which is a mess in itself. The house is completely nasty and old stuff and roaches everywhere but we are getting a handle on things.

It has just been so hard for me to write after spending a whole day cleaning and playing with bleach. I finally had a breakdown last night because it has been about ten days since I have written anything and writing was my escape from reality. I lived and thrived inside my fictional worlds and it was a safe place for me to get away from the drama and stress of everyday life. Since I haven’t been writing all the anxiety, stress, and worry just decided to show its awful head and I had a huge sense of being overwhelmed with everything and sat crying uncontrollably with my husband worried because he didn’t know how to fix it or make it better.

I sat crying while he sat feeling bad because he couldn’t figure out how to help me through it. We finally came to an agreement after I made a list of everything that needed to be done, and he told me he will help me with the cleaning since my cousin has now been declared legally blind. With his help, I can get things done more efficiently and still be able to get back into writing. I do want to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with my daily writing and that things are going to change where we can spend some time together every day and I do look forward to hearing from some of you and getting those reviews on my writings.

Well, it is time for me to have to go and get ready for another journal entry tomorrow. I wish everyone a great and blessed day. Keep smiling.

Daily Journal 5/6/2017

Hello, Everyone!! It is so good to be back. I finally got my internet installed here at my cousin’s house and now I can go back to writing to all of you wonderful people who encourage me to share my stories. I would have written yesterday which was my plan but I ended up having a very bad and stressful day that caused me to isolate from everyone.

Then, to top it all off, I went down to code enforcement to get the permit for the electrical only to find myself opening a pandora’s box of other issues and now it looks like we will have to undo all of our hard work from this house and try to salvage what we can and at least get part of the money back. So, we are stuck here at my cousin’s house until we can find a place to live.

My cousin wants us to stay here but she is bipolar and that doesn’t mix well with our mental health issues, so this is only temporary. Every day is a new drama scenario which makes it very difficult to write or even keep a clear mind for creativity.

Today seems to be a better day and now I am able to sit and write. I am working on three books at the same time, writing a half of a chapter to a whole chapter almost every day. so they should all be ready for publishing at the same time. I have plenty of books to write this year and look forward to each story and being a part of that world. It will be a nice escape for me and I am seriously considering a writer’s retreat to get away and be to myself and my writing.

Well, I have some short stories to post and look forward to another day of writing. I wish everyone old and new a beautiful and blessed day. Don’t forget to give a smile to someone to brighten their day. Be blessed.

Daily Journal 5/2/2017

Good morning everyone! I do apologize for not being here lately, but we had an offer from my cousin to move into her house while working on our own house so that we are not living in a garage. It took us two days to move stuff by car but we are getting it done. We are having to refinish the bedroom floor so that we can move into the bedroom but for now we are sleeping in the livingroom, but WE ARE INDOORS, YAY!

I am still currently working on next book which looks like it will be a full-length novel but will be a freebie to all subscribers to the newsletter. I am actually working on three books at one time which are going to be freebies in three different genres. I am pushing right along. My husband cleaned out a year’s worth of trash from my cousin’s garage in exchange for a 1991 ford explorer which will be our second vehicle that will be used for our nonprofit helping the homeless and needy families.

I just wanted to give an update on what things are happening and to let everyone know we are okay. I wish everyone a glorious and blessed day.