Daily Journal 5/29/2017

air forcearmymarinesnavy

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Let’s have a moment of silence for all those brave men and women who have served in the military and lost their lives……

It is their bravery and courage that has made it possible for us to be free. they have sacrificed their lives to make sure we are safe and secure and I want to say “thank you”.

Today is a beautiful Spring day and I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. My dogs are up acting silly and my husband is having coffee watching television. It is a normal day here and I feel worn down but making myself motivated to get some writing done. My body is achy but that has been almost an everyday thing with me the past few months but I push through it with my writing.

One thing I do love and that is sharing my personal life with everyone. It gives you as the reader the sense that I am a real person with everyday real life issues and that makes it easier to get to know me.

I do anticipate all you readers getting to know me through my writing. I want everyone to live in my stories like I do. But that is just me and my thoughts. So off to continue writing I will go because I am on a deadline for manuscript writing. I wish everyone a happy and blessed day and remember those fallen military service men and women who gave their lives to save ours.

“Happy Memorial Day!”


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