Daily Journal 6/1/2017

Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful Spring day outside with the sky a pretty blue. I feel okay today but I was up and down almost all night. I have not slept well since having the argument with our roommate and then having to walk approximately three miles to pay on the power bill. It has been almost a nightmare that makes me walk on egg shells not knowing when she is going to erupt again.

We have put in for the housing voucher and waiting to see if it is approved. I am only off my schedule by a few minutes, but I will catch up shortly. I do hope that everyone else is having a great morning. I feel better today and look forward to getting back to writing. My mind is clearing up some from all the drama lately so I need to focus my efforts and stress into my writing and finishing this book currently in progress.

I will make this short and sweet and just want to give everyone an update of what is going on with me and my life. Now I need to get back to writing and catching up on my schedule. I wish everyone an awesome day and a very blessed one.


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