Daily Journal 6/3/2017

Hello, everyone. It is now two o’clock in the morning EST and I am exhausted and hurting. I have spent the better part of the day shopping for necessities and food. Our last stop was Walmart where it was so packed full of people that the nearest parking spot was about fifteen parking spots from the entrance. We got inside and I immediately went into panic mode due to my social anxiety disorder. I shop at night to avoid crowds.

When we entered the store, it wasn’t long before my husband and friends were handing me plastic bags to puke in. That is how strong it can get. I pretty much have to have tunnel vision to shop in order to get it done. It took about two hours before we were at the checkout because I had to keep stopping to get ahold of myself and to keep from throwing up.

I have felt bad and drained all day and I am glad to be home and almost ready for bed. My whole body hurts and aches to where I don’t want to move. I wanted to publish a journal post to update everyone on how my day went. Sometimes it helps to let it all out to strangers. I am getting ready to lay down now and hopefully sleep. I think I will die when my head hits the pillow from being so exhausted.

I just wanted to check in and will call it a night but not before I wish everyone a good night and sweet dreams. Good night everyone.


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