Daily Journal 6/24/2017

Good morning, everyone. It has been a few wet days here recently but it is still beautiful anyway because the rain washes everything new again. I apologize for not being here for a few days due to getting some bad results on my CT scan. It shows fatty liver disease and that my liver is also enlarged. I will be getting blood and urine test results on Tuesday and to cooperate with my doctor on a course of action. It has been a devastating blow to me but will do as my doctor says to make it better. I am fearful that it is Hepatitis because Hep C has been an epidemic here in Dalton.

I have been ill the last few days with a morning ritual of vomiting and throughout the day I am met with nausea and weakness. It has deterred me from writing for those few days but I need to find my motivation and strength to get back into it. It will completely drive me crazy to wait until Tuesday to know what is going on with my liver and how well my kidneys are working. The doctor has also assured me that my diabetes could be the main culprit for my liver damage.

I am a little stressed but more of what is happening with my body than anything else. I have been in bed most of the morning because of weakness and nausea but I need to find the willpower to get up and get writing on my book. I will try to get some writing done now while I am sitting up and will talk with everyone later. To everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”, and to everyone else I wish an awesome and blessed Saturday.


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