Daily Journal 6/27/2017

Good morning everyone. It is seven twenty this morning and the sun is shining. Today is the day that I get my test results and I am full of anticipation. I am waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and was up until three this morning because I couldn’t sleep. How are all of you doing this gorgeous morning?

I am working my schedule this morning since I redone it last night. I have to incorporate any doctor visits in it so that everything will still get done. I will be finishing a short story I have been working on for a few days this morning. I will also get some writing on my book did before leaving for my doctor this afternoon and then about another hour more when I return home.

I sat working on my monthly goals last night and everything looks good and efficient. I am a list person who creates a list of everything every day that needs to get done. I have been working lists for as long as I could remember. It helps me stay focused and I seem to accomplish almost everything on my list every day as long as there is nothing to deter me.

I feel pretty good today, not so much anxiety but that could be because of lack of sleep too. 🙂 I just woke my husband up with a cup of instant coffee because our coffee maker refuses to brew this morning. I am not going to buy another coffee maker because it seems that every time I put a little money to the side for book publishing expenses, something always comes up that I need to spend that money on. I refuse now to spend any more of my book money on this house.

My roommate buys things and then lets her animals tear it up and I am not going down like that. I have done everything that I can to keep this house clean and getting rid of roaches just for her to go behind me and leave messes and food laying around that draws more roaches. She really gets me with that.

Well, I need to move on to my next scheduled thing and wish everyone a blessed and prosperous day. I want to wish everyone that has a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and I will post an update when I return from the doctor today. Have a great day!


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