Daily Journal 10/9/2017

Happy Columbus Day, Everyone! How is everyone doing this morning? I had a rough night last night with a bunch of coughing and having to pee all night long, but my mood is good today, so far. Yesterday, my husband, nephew, and I were moving rooms around since my nephew broke up with his girlfriend because her son kept beating up and bullying his younger boys.

She is gone now and things have been better around here as far as drama and stress. I still have to set our room up and put things away before coming into the kitchen for a thorough cleaning of all the cabinets and appliances. I’m also sitting here with my sister-in-law who may be pregnant and we are chatting about everything from her symptoms to how far along she may be and I think it is cute since I was never able to have any children.

Today will be a good day to work on writing because it is raining outside and gloomy so why not put my mind somewhere else than being dull because it is dull outside. I am going to close here to get started and wish everyone an awesome Monday. “Happy Birthday” to everyone with a birthday today as well. Take care.


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