Hello, my name is Brandi Payne and I am a forty-six-year-old woman who is diabetic and a published author. I was born in a small town in California and I have lived in several states here in the United States. Currently, I live in the great state of Georgia with my husband of three years who is very loving and supportive. I have three dogs who are my babies due to me not being able to have children. I have many hobbies and interests which I love and some examples are fishing, marine biology, drawing, reading, playing video games with my young husband who is a gamer, and I have a passion for storytelling. I have finally sat down and started writing and have several projects to finish. I am an aspiring author who is looking to get published and share my stories with the world. I can write in pretty much any genre and become close with my characters. I feel like I live through my characters and follow along with my stories in my mind. I hope you enjoy some of my writings here on my blog and look forward to your feedback.

Thank You