The Flood

I live with my husband in a tent temporarily in the backyard of his father’s house. We have an extension cord running to the tent for power which makes our tent look like a redneck condo. We have a fifty five inch television; a PlayStation four, a kitchen table with my computer sitting on it, a full size bed, and two nightstands. We also have two medium and two small dogs living with us in the tent. Our last house got condemned right out from under us and it made us homeless since June. I woke up this morning after a hard night of raining to find four inches of water inside our tent. Everything was getting ruined that was on the floor. All of our clothing was soaked, all important papers in a box on the floor were soaked, and our surge protector half engulfed in a pool of water. Once I reached down and grabbed the surge protector out of the water, I placed it on a nearby trash can to keep it safe but was bitten by it once.  My husband was gone to a doctor’s visit and I tried to soak up some of the water with a nearby blanket. I had to keep a cool head until he came home. Once he walked into the tent and asked what was wrong I pointed to the puddle of water on the floor. He scrambled to help things off of the floor while I took all the wet clothing up to my father in laws house to be washed. My husband then got his father’s shop vac to help soak up water inside the tent. It was still raining outside and thundering as we attempted to get the water out. It seemed like as we got water removed more came in until we found the source of the incoming water for which my husband starting sealing the seams with a water proof substance. The water was coming in from holes in the tent seams and dripping in from top seams. It was a mess but after a few hours we had gotten pretty much all of the water up and dried the floor. The box spring to our bed will be molding in a few days from water damage and I still have another three loads of laundry to get washed. We changed the tent around to put the surge protector and his PlayStation on a higher table to keep them safe. So all of the wires are raised to higher levels in case of another flood and everything that is a non-essential has been taken to the garage for safekeeping.  My father in law has suggested my husband and I move to the outdoor sewing room but the dogs are not allowed inside to which I refused because I was not about to leave my dogs which are my children out in the cold weather. So I will stay inside the tent where I can be with my dogs and hope that a house opens up soon. We expect more rain on Saturday and also hope our tent is leak free.  So there you have the story of the flood in our redneck condo.