Daily Journal 11/17/2017

Morning dear friends and family. How are we doing this morning? I woke up feeling pretty good and I know it is because they increased the dosage in some of my medications plus gave me a new one to keep the nightmares away. Thank you so much doctor for that because that is the main reason why I haven’t been sleeping much and beating my husband up while I sleep and he thanks you for that, lol.

It is another beautiful day here in Dalton, Georgia with the sun shining and hardly any breeze but there is a mild chill in the air. It was decent enough to take my dogs out and hang outside for a while. I came back in and made the bed and cleaned up around the house and now I am ready to get to work.

I sat here last night and got another chapter edited and will be back to writing on the new book today. I am so excited to get back to writing that it isn’t even funny. I have been going through withdrawals not being able to write. Now that things are pretty much calmed down I can take care of business. It has been a slow progress with all the drama that has been going on but now it is over and a nice quiet place to sit and work on my writing.

I’m hoping to have two books ready for the first of the month to publish and get out into the world and a few more in December ready for the first of the year. I am looking for people who would like to read an early copy and only asking for those people to leave a review on the Amazon website. If interested please send me a message with your email address and I will put you on the list to receive a copy once they are edited and before their launch.

Well, it is time to stop here and get to work. I have a short story to write and post on the site and I wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have an awesome Friday. Take care.


Daily Journal 11/12/2017

Hello to all my family and friends. It has been one exhausting weekend. First, there was the house cleaning for the weekend plus laundry, then our nephew and his three kids moved next door, and then trying to get our room cleaned and my desk set up and organized. There was no relaxation during the weekend.

My nephews soon to be ex-wife, who is under investigation for sexual child abuse and endangerment actually sent children services to take her children away from their father and put into states care. She is just so ignorant. She is not even stable herself so I guess she expects the state to take care of her children.

That has been the drama for the weekend. Once they didn’t take the children, she was trying to have my husband arrested for something he didn’t do. I honestly don’t know where her mind is. Then, she finally tells her husband, my nephew the truth that she is unsure who the father is of all three children. She has done nothing but hurt him and the children are suffering because of it.

On to other things, I have now figured out how to get my writing done and will be implementing it tomorrow. I have been doing some editing still on “The Battle for Joshua” and a little writing here and there on my next book. It seems to be my coping mechanism where I can get away from this world and go to a world I create for relaxation.

It has been such a pleasure writing my stories that I have found a happy place for me to be. My family has loved reading my short stories and the first two books that I have published but I want the whole world to read my books and enjoy my stories. I plan to have at least another two to four books published by the end of the year.

I am currently looking for beta readers who would like a copy of my book to read in exchange for a review written on Amazon. I think everyone especially women should read my first book titled “How I Survived: Prostitution”. It is written based on true events and would give women an insight as to the life a woman must live on the streets.

Well, for now, I must end this here even though I love talking to my readers and connecting but there are things I must get done. I wish everyone with a birthday “Happy Birthday” and for everyone else to have an awesome night. Take care.

Daily Journal 10/10/2017

Today has not been a very good day at all for me. Not only am I sick, but it just seemed like everything around me came crashing down this morning that invoked a mental breakdown. My husband and sister-in-law had to sick me down and let me cry for a few because I was feeling so angry that I just wanted to hit something.

Every little thing agitated me this morning and I became snappy at everyone around me and it just seemed like one thing after another came crashing down. I have come to realize that everyone else’s problems should be their own and not mine because besides having my own problems I have to deal with their issues and drama as well.

We moved our bedroom into the living room and our new mattress showed up this morning and the rest of our bed frame and everything should be here in the morning. My husband made a little corner of the room my corner so that it was my space. I can feel safe in my little corner without being bothered by anyone. This will be where I spend most of my time under the supervision of my husband so that I can remain safe.

I feel like I just want to isolate from the world again except through my writing. I have a heart of gold that wants to always open and help everyone around me even when it is detrimental to my own health and well-being, but I have to stop so that people cannot take advantage of my kindness anymore.

I want to devote myself to full-time writing so that I can share my stories plus make a better life for my husband, myself, and my dogs which are my babies. I cannot let everyone else’s drama interfere with my life anymore because it doesn’t help me and my family any and I am so tired of the stress.

Sometimes I wish I could just blink my eyes and my husband, babies, and I could just disappear to a deserted island or a place where no one else lived just so that I wouldn’t have to deal with other people. Even some family members are so screwed up that you know I go out of my way to help them and they slapped my face once and here they are getting ready to do it again and I can’t handle it.

Here we go again, I really feel like hitting something and getting all this pent up frustration out. I am going to put my face and mind in the computer and stay there and not deal with anyone else in this house except my husband. I have just had enough. I am canceling all appointments for tomorrow and just take some time for myself. I NEED IT!!

My therapist last week gave me an assignment to draw all the masks that I have ever used in life to hide the real me and give them a physical identity. It was supposed to be something I could do but right now the only mask wanting to come out would be anger and I need to roll my emotions back first before beginning this assignment. I apologize Jennifer that it is not possible at the moment.

Well, I need to get off here because I could rant and rave all day and it would not do me any good or anyone else. I want to wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and everyone else a glorious day.

Daily Journal 9/18/2017

Hello, everyone. I just got up from a well-rested nap and I feel pretty good today. It has been very stressful around here the last few days. It came down to us having to move because of a certain situation, but after discussing it several times we finally came to a conclusion that as of right now we are not moving because we feel we are being forced out by others living in this house so they can have their way and we are not taking it. They are not going to win.

My sister-in-law is having a really rough time right now with all of the stress and drama going on in the house that she has actually isolated herself to her bedroom because she doesn’t want to hear all of the excuses and drama anymore. She woke up this morning very depressed and my husband and I had to keep her company for a bit until she began to feel better.

I, myself, went to bed at a fairly decent hour last night and slept almost all night except for a mishap in my sleep, but woke up feeling good until I saw my sister-in-law. Things have been good for the week as far as my writing is concerned. I have finished my Joshua manuscript and it is ready for its first round of editing. I have the first chapter of my next book already written and look forward to writing the second chapter tonight. It has been difficult to write with people screaming and crying in the house but I will be using my headphones so I don’t have to hear it anymore.

Well, things should get very interesting around here over the next couple of days and I will leave you with that information until I write again tomorrow. Everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have an awesome evening. Take care.

Daily Journal 6/11/2017

Hello, Everyone! How are you today? My night went to crap last night when I watched our one-year-old rabbit take her last few breaths. We have no clue what happened but she started losing weight about a week ago. It was only yesterday that she refused to eat anything. We buried her at approximately two-thirty this morning. My husband and I could not go to sleep until it was after daylight. It’s hard because she was a family member not just a pet. I beat myself up because had we not moved into this house she would still be alive.

Other than that, I just got up to my roommate bitching about the power bill because we have used fifty dollars worth of power in a week. She thinks that with three people living in this house the power should be under a hundred dollars a month, I don’t think so. So, she is ranting and raving about flipping the main breaker and turning off the power to the whole house. I almost told her that if she would stop doing laundry just to leave it around for her animals to spray and urinate on she would not have to do twenty loads of laundry every week.

I am just so over living here with her and will keep myself in our room unless I need to use the restroom or get something to drink. She gets high on meth every so often but says she doesn’t. I watch her and I can tell when she is high but my husband doesn’t see everything and I have tried telling him. Well, we had company the other night while my roommate was high and even our company caught on and when my husband asked our roommate if she was high, she quickly said “yes”.

I am waiting on my last lump sum payment from social security to get us out of here. This is just getting to be too much and I don’t need the extra added stress. She also thinks that I am her maid and should be cleaning out her cat boxes and pee pads all over the house. I have told her that these are not my animals and I should not have to clean up after them. She really got my goat the other day when I cleaned the kitchen completely just for her to have all of her cats on top of the counter to feed them where she spills cat and dog food everywhere and doesn’t wipe it up.

I’m sorry to be ranting but I am so over this crap with her I could scream. I almost ready to not pay any bills this coming month just to get us out of here. I don’t know what else to do. Well, let me get back to working on my book and I will talk again soon. I wish everyone a great and awesome day.

Be Blessed!

Accusations Cause Disrespect

You know everything you think about can sometimes make you or break you. People, like myself, who have mental health issues hold a lot of things in whether they are good or bad. We can be some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but we can also explode like a nuclear bomb when setting off. The best part is society tries to hold us accountable for our actions but a doctor will tell different based on each individual’s mental health status. A good scenario will be one of my experiences. I have told my step-mother-in-law that I never know how I am going to wake up every morning whether I am going to have a good day or bad day. The moment I walk into the room, she is all over me about something, whether it is “telling me”that I am cooking dinner, or when I am going to wash our clothes. She is just overbearing sometimes and I don’t understand how my father-in-law puts up with her. All day long she does nothing but complain and gossip. Yet, she professes to be an “anointed” Christian. She tries to stick her nose into other people’s business just so she has something to gossip about.

Well, she has not wanted for anything as far as food is concerned for the last seven months.We have packed both her refrigerator and stand-up freezer with food and it isn’t good enough for her she wants more like the glutton she is. She is maybe four feet tall and weighs just as much as me at about two hundred and fifty pounds. Granted I stand about six feet and built like a football player. Everyone on this side of the family calls her a “troll”, but I have tried to be nice. She just makes it impossible. Whenever I bake a cake I am required to share it with her, but she made a cake tonight, and when I politely asked her for a piece, she accused me of stealing, or sneaking, cake out of the house. I went in to grab a few cans of ravioli’s and this is what I’m met with. I am so angry that I cried. It is so petty to accuse someone of taking some food, but it is the respect thing and the fact that she accused me of taking food when for the last seven months she has been eating off of my husband and myself. She even feeds her daughter, who makes more money than God, with the food we put in the house. She doesn’t think she does any wrong and I am so over it and tired of holding my tongue to this woman but I do out of respect for my father-in-law. I respect him but she has lost any respect from me and she will find out when we buy food again.

She made the comment the other that we have to buy groceries and we are not doing it. We live in a tent in their yard so we will act like we are homeless and buy food that doesn’t need to be kept in a house. I have done it for twenty-three years out of my life it will not hurt me to do it again for a few more weeks. This makes eight months we have lived in this tent and she has spent the better of most of it tormenting me and I feel unsafe in my environment because she brings me to my boiling point too often. It frustrates my husband every time I have to tell him about something she did because she only does it when no one is around. We have caught her in a lie once and she got mad and walked into the other room, so I know she will not like what I have to say to her if I explode.

You know it’s one thing to accuse me of stealing something worth money or that is valuable, but don’t accuse me of taking some cake or food when I didn’t, but it is just the principle behind it. We have supported her for eight months with food and she wants to accuse me of stealing some of her dry ass cake. I need out of here and into this house so badly I can almost taste it. I don’t want to say I hate her because it is not in me to hate someone, I just dislike her very much but have to play the good daughter-in-law until tomorrow when we go to the store and buy some more food with our last money to keep down in the tent with us. I’m sorry everyone I just need to vent so that I can let it go and pull my anger back. Thanks for listening.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sometimes life can get in the way of your dreams or even hold you back a little. I know from personal experience how badly that can happen and how long it could take to finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. I have had quite a few hard times in life to know that it takes will-power mostly to hold on and endure through even the hardest of times. I spent my life being a people pleaser and not looking out for number one and it did take a toll on me mentally. I let people control me, my thinking, my life and it got me nowhere. Everyone is only out to get what they can get and sometimes that isn’t enough.

My life was full of heartache and dismay that it took me down some dark tunnels even to the point of contemplating self-harm. I got caught up in a whirlwind of drama, drugs, and sex that it made me think that I was only good enough for one thing and that was to please everyone else in order for them to like me. How could I expect everyone else to like me when I didn’t even like myself. I put up a mask for everyone just so they wouldn’t see how hurt I was feeling or depressed.

No one really knew the real me because I didn’t know the real me. I always played right into everyone else’s hand and fell for all of the mean jokes because at one point I didn’t care what happened. My whole life consisted of waking up every morning just to please everyone else at my expense. I was fading out pretty fast until someone who was close to me opened my eyes up to some critical thinking and that is when I started to realize I was worth more than any treasure.

God himself finally spoke to me and also showed me where my life was headed, but he also showed me another path as well. Once I realized all those feelings I was having, mostly when things were going wrong, it was His son holding my hand as I walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Literally, I was heading down a path that would end in my death.

Would anyone miss me? I don’t think so because that is how low my self-esteem and my environment had taken me. I was pretty much dancing the tango with the devil and would have sold him my soul if God had not intervened. God knew I needed someone to remind me of how much I was worth and so he sent me my current husband who loves me no matter what. He supports me even when I can’t support myself.

I deal with past issues every day and my husband always reminds me how much he loves me and that I can do anything I set my mind too. I can’t believe he tells me that even when I beat him up in my sleep from nightmares. But he loves me and now I can see that light at the end of the tunnel and how green those pastures are.

Everyone goes through some hard times and that’s okay because we are human. Some have it harder than others but that doesn’t make them any less of a person or makes them any better or lower in class. We are all equal and all bleed red when cut. It just takes some of us a little longer and with the correct vision to see that bright light at the end of the tunnel. When you do finally see it, even if it is a mile away, keep walking towards it and jumping all the hurdles along the way. One day you will be resting in those green pastures without a care in the world.


The Wicked Money Hungry Step Mother

Dalton, Georgia was a nice small town community with lots of memories for most folks, but it turned into one of the most exhausting, tormenting times for a couple named Carl and Brenda. Carl was a man of five foot nine, athletic build, shaved head and goatee. He had just gotten out of prison back in two thousand and ten for a crime he was innocent of which made him a sex offender for life. He suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia for which he was receiving disability payments every month. He met his bride soon after getting out of prison at a mutual friends house one day and they became friends. It wasn’t until two thousand and thirteen when they finally decided to start dating.

Brenda lived alone with her two dogs Kayla and Kymarra in a one bedroom house she was renting from a slumlord who refused to fix anything. Carl would go over to her house to visit and their romance began. He would visit almost every day and both of them hated to see him leave. Brenda was a tall woman of six feet and her weight was proportionate to her height and build. When Carl first met her she was a phone actress for an entertainment company that serviced male callers. She was an independent woman taking care of herself and her dogs. She was a workaholic most days and did the best she could to look after her little family. Every night after Carl would leave to go home they would be on messenger together talking for hours.

One night, Brenda asked him through messenger if he would marry her, but was only joking about it, when Carl made the statement that he wanted to ask her that question the next day when he came over. So they chatted for a bit longer before Brenda was supposed to report for work. The next day when Carl came to visit he did in fact ask Brenda to marry him to which she agreed. From that moment on their relationship blossomed into a loving one which made them spontaneously decide to go to the courthouse to get married, and they did.

Once married, they went to his sister’s house who was happy for them and they became a family, which Brenda had not had in many years. They were going to his sisters for dinner or to visit almost every day. One day, Carl decided to find another house to live in because he felt his new bride deserved a better place. He found that house and quickly moved her in. She loved this new house because for one it was bigger than her old one. They tried to make it a home but stress played a part in Brenda becoming unhappy because she want to find a house to buy. Well, Carl’s other sister lived across the street from them and talked it over with his brother-in-law about the house next door to them for which he owned.

The agreement was made that they would commit to a rent to own deal so they could buy a house and make Brenda happy. It wasn’t long before the brother-in-law became a jerk to them and wanted more money and control over who came to visit. That made Carl and Brenda very disappointed. Not only did he want more money and control, but the breaker box in the house burned out and they were without power. The brother in law was notified the very same day but refused to fix the problem and only wanted his money every month. Carl and Brenda soon got bored and tired of his threats and decided to move out.

They ended up pitching a tent in Carl’s fathers’ backyard. Now Carl had a decent relationship with his father but the step mother wanted her say in everything. Carl and Brenda pretty much lost everything to live in a tent until they could find a place of their own. It was only supposed to be temporary but lasted longer than they wanted because Brenda herself became disabled and was waiting on her checks to come through which would help them move into their own house again.

Now Brenda had done everything she could to make things good between her and the step mother, but the step mother started to show her true side which was being money hungry. Carl and Brenda were living in a tent with nothing but a bed, television, and three dogs because Carl got a dog of his own, and Brenda was not working anymore. They had to live off of the little check that Carl drew each month which just barely covered their other bills. They had no extra money and then their car became inoperable which made things worse. Carl had to put off doctor’s appointments due to no transportation.

Bradford, Carl’s father, was a very supportive father and tried to do his best at helping his son and daughter in law out. He did this despite how the step mother felt about it. Brenda volunteered to clean their house for them, bought between three to five hundred dollars worth of food every month, and did whatever her and Carl could do around the house to help out. The step mother, Diana, was a very short woman who was overweight and a couch potato. All she really cared about was controlling the television and eating. Diana and Bradford had a mutual friend who was gay that they used to work with at one of the manufacturing plants here in town. She was always on the phone with him even during meal times.

Diana was a gossip who thought she knew everything and sometimes twisted the truth to suit her satisfaction. She never kept house but did most of the cooking. All she did all day when she was not cooking was complaining. Bradford did everything he could to ignore her because he has lived with her complaining for fourteen years now and was used to it. Well, even though Brenda helped out around the house by cleaning, some of the cooking, and putting food in the house, the step mother was always on to her about one thing or another.

She always complained to Brenda whenever the guys weren’t around and caused more stress on Brenda’s mind and body than she needed. Brenda was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression. She didn’t have a good past and it still haunted her everyday. Brenda didn’t know how she would be from one day to the next and the step mother was slowly pushing her buttons. Brenda noticed that her step mother was unappreciative, greedy, money hungry, and soon disrespectful. It had gotten so bad that Brenda stopped cleaning her house and stayed most days in the tent just to not be around the step mother.

Now Brenda had always put plenty of food in the house and one month she only bought what was needed. It wasn’t good enough for the step mother so she complained. She verbally attacked the step daughter every time they were alone. Brenda couldn’t even walk into the house first thing in the morning without the step mother jumping on her about something. One day the step mother raised her voice and treated Brenda like she was a child and Brenda did everything she could to keep from going off on the woman, but went to the guys to tell them what happened. It made Brenda very upset that this woman could be so bad.

Carl and Brenda were doing everything they could to survive and didn’t need the step mother to cause more stress. Brenda wanted out of there more than the step mother did. Without having any money and the step mother knowing this, she constantly harped about some gas money to even go to the store two blocks away. She wanted money for everything even when Carl’s dad said we didn’t have to pay them gas money to take us anywhere. But the step mother persisted to beat down Brenda knowing that it could send her over the edge at any given time. To keep from having anymore confrontation with the step mother Brenda decided to start staying in the tent and not going into the house for anything but to shower.

When Brenda bought groceries this month and only bought what the house needed, she took half of the food down to the tent so her and Carl would have something to snack on at night. The step mother wasn’t well with things because Brenda didn’t even buy any meat this month and was complained at about that. Diana was just so annoying to Brenda and there wasn’t anything Brenda could do about it without causing more strife in the house. Brenda was at the point of pulling all the food from the house for which they were not even obligated to do but Carl and Bradford asked her to let it go.

Diana caught Brenda one morning when she went into the house to use the bathroom and complained some more to her about the food she bought and it stressed Brenda out to the point of which Brenda sat in the tent and cried. She was tired of being treated so badly. Diana stated to Brenda that because they weren’t paying any rent, nothing on the electric bill, and using their water, that it wasn’t fair or right when Brenda felt it was justified because she always put so much food in the house and even cleaned her house for her. Granted, Carl and Brenda did manage to give Bradford forty dollars one month towards the electric bill but Bradford hardly accepts any money from them because he understands how hard they are having it right now.

Carl and Brenda have discussed sitting down with Bradford and Diana and discussing what is going on, but Brenda is very cautious about that right now because she knows that what she says will make Diana angry and thus give way to a chance of them being evicted from the backyard. Bradford stated that he would not throw his son out because of a conflict with his wife, Diana.

Carl and Brenda have found a house that needs some renovations before moving in and are trying to come up with money to get it fixed. They can hardly wait to be rid of the step mother, Diana, and live on their own again. Bradford fears that once Carl and Brenda move that they will stay away and not visit. Carl and Brenda have already assured him that they will still visit him but keep a distance from Diana. Would you allow your step mother to treat you so badly and ungrateful? Any suggestions for Carl and Brenda to overcome the difficulties of living with the step mother?


That Last Kiss

It was September two thousand and fourteen in a small town called Acworth which is in the lower part of New Hampshire. It had the population of eight hundred and ninety-one with a total area a little more than thirty-nine square miles. It is so beautiful here and sat just outside of Claremont, New Hampshire. It was almost time for fall and the leaves turning pretty reds, oranges, and yellows. Being September you could smell the scent of fall in the air. The thought of the holidays coming, families getting together, pumpkin pies cooling in the kitchen, and the busiest time of the year for most restaurants.

The biggest restaurant in the town had a waitress named Emily who was twenty-eight years old, single, about five foot seven, with blonde wavy hair and green eyes. She was their best waitress and made the most in tips. You couldn’t beat that bubbly personality she carried and was always polite and respectful to the customers. She had been saving up her money to get out of her sister’s house and into her own place. She worked long hours and made quite a few friends with the customers. The restaurant had a lot of regulars who always came in and sat in Emily’s section of the restaurant. If they had a bad day Emily was always their to cheer them up and make them smile. She warmed everyone’s heart and melted the most hardened men who came in.

Emily was a great waitress and on this one particular night she was unaware that she would meet her one true love. The one she has been waiting for all her life. Sure Emily has had a couple of boyfriends here and there but none tickled her fancy or was even into the types of things she was. Emily loved hiking, drawing, sunsets, picnics, and her dog Stubborn. That was his name due to him being so hardheaded that he had to have things his way and didn’t care for a lot of her boyfriends. He was a five-year old yellow Labrador  and he was her baby.

Emily came to work that night and while she was tending tables she noticed a gentleman walk into the restaurant. He was tall and a bit muscular, had dark brown hair and amazingly blue eyes. She noticed he was clean-shaven except for his goatee which was dark and well-trimmed. He was wearing a nice gray suit which made him look very distinguishing. Emily was captivated by him and noticed he was being seated in the section next to hers.

She started questioning the waitress who ran that section that night, asking what she knew about him. The waitress looked at her and knew right away that Emily was infatuated with him. She told Emily she would at least get his name. After taking him his coffee and chatting a bit with him, the waitress came back over and told Emily his name was Stephen. Emily smiled and started lightly muttering his name over and over again and lost track of her work. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and noticed he would catch a glimpse of her as well.

By the time Emily finished her tables and looked over to the next section, she noticed he was gone. She rushed over to the waitress and asked where he went. She told her that he left for the evening but did ask for Emily’s name. The waitress had told him her name and Emily disappointed by his leaving sulked for rest of the night. It isn’t often that a nicely dressed man in a suit dines in her restaurant and she thought she would never see him again.

A couple of nights later when it was pretty slow in the restaurant, Emily was in the back doing some cleaning when she heard her named called from out front. As she entered the dining area she looked over and noticed Stephen sitting in her section. She politely went over and offered her services to him. Stephen smiled and asked if she would join him for some coffee. Emily feeling flushed agreed to get him some coffee but with her being on the clock she couldn’t join him. She did however let him know that when she took her break she would come sit with him then. He agreed and patiently waited for her to take her break.

While Emily worked she kept noticing him staring at her and made sure he had a full cup of coffee until her break. Once she clocked out and took her break, Emily walked over with a soda in hand and gently sat down with him at his table. They struck up quite a good conversation and telling each other about their hobbies and interests. They both had similar interests and Emily even told him about Stubborn.

At the end of Emily’s break he quickly asked her what time she got off and if it would be okay if he met her after work. She agreed to meet up with him and told him to be there at eleven o’clock. After that he finished his coffee and got up to leave. Standing up and fixing his suit he walked over to the door and looked back at Emily smiling. When she went over to clean his table she noticed he left her a twenty-dollar tip and a note on the napkin thanking her for her conversation during her break. Emily put the money into her apron pocket and placed the napkin against her heart and smiled. She felt so appreciated that night.

Emily rushed through her duties so that when eleven o’clock came she would be ready to leave. She cleaned all of her tables, washed up the dishes, and restocked all the condiments when she looked up and noticed it was eleven o’clock exactly. She went in the back and clocked out and headed for the door. When she got outside she looked around but never saw Stephen waiting for her. Her heart dropped and there was nearly a tear in her eye when a black Chrysler three hundred pulled up in front of her. The window started down until Emily could see it was Stephen. He looked at her and smiled while her heart melted that he showed up.

She got into the car and they drove around for a little bit talking and laughing. Emily had not had so much fun until that night. They parked somewhere secluded and Stephen turned off the ignition. Emily asked if he was alright and Stephen just smiled. He stated that he was tired of driving and just wanted his full attention on her conversation. He was very intrigued by Emily. They sat for what seemed to be hours talking, laughing, and getting to know one another until she remembered Stubborn was at home and probably needed to go out.

Emily asked Stephen if he could take her home so she could tend to Stubborn. He politely said of course and started the car. He drove her home and Emily invited him to come in but he politely rejected the offer stating that it was too soon to invade on her privacy. She agreed and thanked him for the conversation and for taking her home. Emily walked up to the steps and looked back watching Stephen drive off before being met at the door by Stubborn.

Emily couldn’t get into the door and grab his leash before Stubborn ran out the front door almost knocking her over. She grabbed his leash and ran after him to find him hiking his leg on her rose bushes. She attached him to his leash and he started to run pulling her with him as he made his way around the yard pacing back and forth looking for a place to do his business. Once he was done doing his business he made his way back to the front door and inside before Emily released the leash from her hand. She waited until he got settled before attempting to take off his leash.

Emily went into the kitchen and grabbed a scoop of his favorite dog food and placed it in his dish. Stubborn heard the rattling of the dog food bag and came running, sliding across the floor and passing up his dish before stopping to return to it. She watched smiling as her faithful dog mauled his food before retiring to her room where she got changed for bed. Emily climbed into bed and covered up before Stubborn came in and jumped on the bed laying next to her. She fell asleep smiling with the thought of Stephen in her mind and petting her lovable dog.

The next morning. Emily woke up and went to the front porch to pick up her newspaper where she found a dozen, long-stemmed red roses with a note thanking her for last night. She picked them up and put them to her nose smelling the aromatic scent that reminded her of her time spent with Stephen the night before. She nonchalantly walked back inside and carefully put them in a vase that was given to her by her mother who passed away a few years back. Arranging them, Emily placed the vase of red roses in the middle of her dining room table where she could look upon them as she had her coffee and read the newspaper.

Soon it was time to take Stubborn for his walk before Emily had to get ready for work. She grabbed the leash and here came Stubborn running and almost pouncing on her excited to go for his walk. She attached the leash and they headed out the door heading for his favorite park. You could say that they walked to the park but really Stubborn pretty much drug her to the park. Once there, they walked around and he hiked his leg to almost everything and did his business a few times before it was time to go. Stubborn didn’t want to leave when a couple of female dogs entered the park. Emily did all she could to pull him from the park and head home.

Once getting home and inside, Emily unleashed Stubborn and went to her bedroom to get changed for work. She was still smiling and feeling flushed with the thoughts of Stephen in her mind. She jumped into the shower and got herself clean before putting her waitress uniform on. Then, noticing the time, she hurried to put her shoes on, kissed Stubborn, and out the door she went.She only lived a few streets over from the restaurant, but it seemed to take forever to get there on some days.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Emily noticed that business was booming this evening. She hurried inside and clocked in to find Stephen sitting in her section reading the menu. One of the waitresses came over to Emily and told her that he specifically requested to be seated in Emily’s section. Emily checked her hair and grabbed a pad and walked over to him asking if he was ready to order. He looked up at her with those blue eyes and smiled while placing his order. Emily thanked him for the roses while taking his order to the cook.

After taking his order to him and asking him if he needed anything else, Stephen asked her again if she was free after work. Emily looked at him almost confused when he stated that he wanted to get to know her better since he enjoyed her conversation so much the night before. Emily was flattered and agreed to meet him again after work.

After doing her cleaning and restocking, Emily sat down to count her tips when she looked up to see Stephen standing at the door. She grabbed her money and stuffed it into her pockets including another twenty-dollar tip from Stephen. She got up and walked over to the door and told him she will be right there. Emily turned around and headed for the back of the restaurant where she clocked out and got her coat. She met Stephen outside and this time he suggested they go for a walk to which Emily agreed.

As they walked Emily could feel the chill of the night air. Stephen noticing and taking off his jacket and wrapping it around her. They came across an all night movie theater where they decided to get in from the cold night and watch a movie. After the movie and two buckets of popcorn, Stephen decided to walk Emily home. He walked her to the door at the top of the steps and noticed this Labrador staring out the window, it was Stubborn. Emily knew she had to get him out to do his business so she asked Stephen to stay on the porch and out-of-the-way of the door.

Emily walked in and grabbed Stubborn’s leash and was able to get it on him before he shot out the front door. Stephen watched as the dog took Emily for a walk hiking his leg to almost everything he came into contact with before running towards Stephen. Emily announced that he was coming and for Stephen to brace himself. Stubborn ran right up to Stephen and did the most odd thing to Emily. Stubborn actually sat down and let Stephen pet him and he gave a few licks to Stephen’s face. At that moment he was this lovable dog to a man and Emily had never seen this in him. Stubborn hated all men no matter who they were, even the pizza man got knocked down delivering my pizza. There it was Stephen and Stubborn getting along with each other which brought tears to Emily’s eyes. From that moment on Emily knew that this was the man she needed to be with.

After spending some time with Stubborn outside, Emily asked Stephen again if he would like to come in. To her surprise he agreed to come in. They walked in and into the living room with Stubborn right behind them. Stephen sat down on the couch as Emily went to make some hot tea for the two of them. When she returned there was Stephen on the couch with Stubborn laying across his lap. Emily just chuckled a little and then apologized for his behavior. Stephen told her it was alright that he loved dogs, but just didn’t have one of his own. Emily was amazed how everything was going. It was as if she hung on to every word Stephen spoke. Their eyes gazing at each other and the little whimsical laughs. To Emily this was everything she could have possibly wanted in a man.

After hours of talking, laughing, and playing with Stubborn, it was getting late so Stephen bid hid goodbye and placed a kiss on Emily’s cheek. She walked him to the door and after a soft goodbye from her lips, they met his. His hands caressing the sides of her face while kissing her soft lips. Emily felt chills run down her spine that made her tremble. As his lips parted hers their eyes met and for the first time in Emily’s life she exhaled slowly from his kiss. This was the night for Emily to remember always. Stephen slowly walked out the door and bid her a good night.

The next morning, Emily’s sister Carly came into the kitchen for coffee and noticed that Emily was in a daze. She asked Emily if she was okay and Emily just shook her head smiling. Carly was now intrigued with what was up with Emily. They sat down together and over coffee Emily told her of Stephen. Carly was now on the edge of her chair with excitement of who this man could be that puts Emily in such a flutter. Emily knew in her heart this was the man she should spend her life with.

Later that day, which was Emily’s day off, the telephone rang and Carly answered it. She heard this man on the line who politely asked to speak to her sister Emily. Carly wanted to ask some questions but knew that it wasn’t her place to pry into Emily’s love life, so she called for Emily announcing that she had a phone call. Emily was just stepping out of a hot shower and wrapped in a towel to go answer the phone. When she answered and heard his voice, Emily felt those same chills that made her tremble. Stephen was asking her out yet again. Now Emily was wondering what the catch was that this man wanted to see her almost every night, so she agreed to go out with him.

This time Carly made herself available to meet this mystery man who wants to date her sister. Emily was getting ready upstairs when the doorbell rang. Carly got up to answer the door but Stubborn beat her to it. As she opened the door Stubborn was trying to get outside to meet his new friend. Once opened there was Stephen kneeling down to greet Stubborn with a few good pats asking where his mommy was. As Stephen stood up Carly met his entrancing blue eyes and told him Emily would be down in a few minutes. She asked him inside and told him to make himself to home while waiting for Emily to get ready.

Stephen went over to the couch with Stubborn on his heels. He sat down and Stubborn jumped up on the couch and sat right beside Stephen. He could feel the hot sweaty breath of Stubborn who sat panting in his ear, so he wrapped his arm around Stubborn and started petting him profusely. While Stephen was hanging out with Stephen, Emily was met at the base of the stairs by Carly. Carly looked her deep into her eyes and told her that Stephen was a keeper and to hold onto him. Emily just smiled as she walked into the room where Stephen and Stubborn were sharing some quality time together.

Stephen stood up and kissed Emily’s cheek as he grabbed her hand. He knelt down onto one knee and brought out this extravagant one carat diamond ring. He looked up at her and stated that they have only known each other a few days but that he believed in love at first sight. Emily was awe-struck by the ring and the fact that Stephen was proposing to her after only a few dates. Stephen stated that he loved her and couldn’t stop thinking about her. He was willing to share his whole life with her if she was willing to give him a chance. Emily was in shock and Carly standing right behind her nudging her to go for it. Emily melted, smiled, and said yes to Stephen’s proposal.

That made Stephen a very happy man, so happy that he swooped her up into his arms and planted the most sensual kiss on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him right back. Carly standing there with Stubborn in tears of joy that her baby sister was getting married. After putting Emily back onto her feet, she turned and met Carly with tears and a big hug. Once she stopped crying for a minute, Emily told her that she had to help her start planning a wedding, but Stephen intervened by saying that he wanted to get married right away so they could begin their lives together. Emily agreed and made arrangements to go to the courthouse and get married in front of the justice of the peace.

Once the girls were dressed and ready to go, they both followed Stephen out the door and down to his car which was parked out front. Stephen then opened the doors for both ladies because he was such a gentleman and then helped them inside. He ran around to the other side and opened the door to get in. He started the car and they were off to see the justice of the peace.

Once at the courthouse, both girls went into the bathroom to check their hair and makeup before proceeding. They met Stephen at the door of the justice of the peace and proceeded to enter together. There they were in love and wanting to make it official. Carly stood next to her sister in tears of joy for the happy couple. Once the ceremony was finished and the justice of the peace announced you may kiss your bride, Stephen turned to Emily and told her thank you for making him the happiest man on earth before sensually kissing her lips.

They had finally done it and were very happy with their decision. Stephen escorted both ladies back to his car and drove back to Emily’s house to get a change of clothing and to drop off Emily’s sister Carly. Once Emily was ready with a suitcase in hand, the two then proceeded to walk out the door and back to Stephen’s car to start their new life together. Emily turned back to Carly and asked her to please take care of Stubborn for her until she returns which Carly happily agreed too.

Stephen and Emily were off to start their life together and first it would be a short but romantic honeymoon. They went to Claremont, New Hampshire to a nice hotel and got a room. Stephen went inside, paid for their room, and then came back out to swoop up his bride and carried Emily to their room. Once inside, Stephen pulled Emily close to him and kissed her ever so gently. His hands caressing her body as his lips adored hers. Emily then said she needed to get a shower and cleaned up for their romantic night. Stephen decided to take advantage of her shower by going to a nearby store to get some snacks and refreshments, so he kissed his new bride and told her he would be back soon as he walked out of the door.

Emily had taken a long hot shower while admiring her wedding ring. She couldn’t believe it, she finally got married. She was so happy that she began to cry tears of joy again. When she composed herself, she stepped out of the shower to towel off and get dressed. She noticed that Stephen had been gone a lot longer than expected and started to worry a bit. After putting her clothes on she went and stood by the window watching for Stephen to appear. Emily wasn’t standing there long when she heard the sirens of police cars and an ambulance about a block away. She couldn’t see anything but was still worried about Stephen.

After about fifteen minutes and still no Stephen, she went outside to occupy her mind to see what had happened a block away. As she got to the street, she saw a couple of police cars and not one but two ambulances. She noticed that there had been a car accident and noticed how one of the cars looked like Stephens. She started to panic and wander closer to the scene. There he was, laying on the ground with a blanket covering his body and paramedics on their way over to him.

Emily started screaming and panicking while running over to her new husband. The police officers had stopped her trying to get to him so the paramedics could help him. She looked over their shoulders crying out to him while they held her back. She watched as they picked him up on a stretcher and took him to one of the nearby ambulances. She followed them while looking over to the other person who was driving the other car. He seemed to be intoxicated but showed no remorse for what he caused.

The police officers had told Emily that her husband was struck by another car with a driver who was highly intoxicated and they needed to rush him to the hospital. The paramedics allowed her to ride with her husband to the hospital. Once at the hospital, they took Stephen into the trauma bay where Emily wasn’t allowed to go. As Emily cried she made it to a phone to call Carly to meet her at the hospital. Carly was on her way to be at her sister’s side.

Emily still in shock as she paced back and forth down the hallway when Carly rushed in. Emily collapsed into Carly’s arms crying out that Stephen can’t die. Carly held her and kept telling her it was going to be alright. Stephen would pull through Carly kept saying while staring through the door window where they worked on Stephen’s injuries.

After hours of waiting and crying, a doctor finally came out to the girls and informed Emily that her husband had slipped into a coma. Emily then collapsed once more to the floor crying for her husband. Carly right there with her for comfort. The two girls could not believe what had happened and the doctor informed them that they were moving him to a private room where they could sit with him.

Carly helped Emily to her feet as they followed the nurse to his room where she immediately went to his bedside and clutched his hand inside hers. The tears fell down her cheeks as she looked down upon her husband’s lifeless body. Emily looked at Carly and asked why did this have to happen. Carly had no answers for her. They had not even been married for twenty-four hours before he ended up in a coma. Life support was the only thing keeping him alive. His body was giving up on him from enduring so much trauma.

Day after day, night after night, Emily sat at his bedside reading and talking to him. Emily holds up a picture of Stubborn and tells Stephen that Stubborn misses him and wants him to wake up and come home. Stephen lays their lifeless and still. Emily stays by his side and holds his hand every waking moment just to be with him. The doctor informed Emily that it is good to talk to him and that he could possibly hear her voice. She never gave up on him and believed with her whole heart that he will come back and open his eyes. Carly would bring her sister food because she refused to leave his side even to eat. Carly was starting to worry for her sister.

Fourteen days had passed and the doctors informed Emily she would have to make the decision to take him off life support. Stephen was at the point where he now had no brain activity and was virtually brain-dead. With this news Emily collapsed again crying and grabbing his hand harder, but she knew it would not help him anymore. Emily would have to accept the fact that Stephen was not coming back to her. She turned to Carly asking for her help in making this decision. Carly told Emily it was for the best to let him go in peace.

Emily refused for days to give up on Stephen but finally came to the realization that he was in fact already gone and would not return. She called the doctors in and told them she was ready to sign the papers. The nurse brought them in and handed them to Emily who was crying tears all over the paperwork. Finally she signed her name on the dotted line taking her husband off life support.

After about fifteen minutes the nurses came in to turn off the machines with Emily holding her husband’s hand crying. They turned off the machines and pulled the breathing tube from his mouth and Emily heard his heart beating on its own. She leaned down to kiss his lips and felt his lips twitch as if kissing her back before the noise of his heart flat lining. Stephen was gone and Carly there to take her sister home.

The funeral was sweet and Emily did not know how well liked Stephen was or how many friends he had until that day. She put his body into the ground with Stubborn leashed and at her side. Tears running down both girls faces as they say their last goodbye. Emily went home and refused to see anyone or go to work because of her mourning and grief. Carly started to worry about her as Emily would not even speak to her own sister for days on end.

A few days after the funeral, a knock came to the door. It was a man in a brown suit with a black briefcase looking for Emily. Carly went upstairs to get Emily and bring her back down. They sat on the couch and the gentleman asked Emily to sign some papers. When Emily asked what this was all about, the gentleman answered her saying that Stephen had signed over his estate, belongings, and an insurance policy of one million dollars. When Emily asked how this could happen when he was in a coma the day we were married. The gentleman answered her by saying that this was all taken care of that morning of his marriage proposal to which he was already aware of. Emily looked at Carly and then back down to the papers where she was now worth four and a half million dollars. Carly was excited for her sister but Emily wasn’t as excited. She looked at her sister and stated that all the money in the world would not amount to that last kiss.