Daily Journal 2/15/2017

Good morning family and friends. I realize this morning that yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I forgot to wish every a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday plus I had to handle some other errands. So please forgive me but I’m saying it now. I am up early this morning and I figured I can get some early writing done before my mammogram this afternoon which will be followed by going to the house and finishing the kitchen floor.

It has done me some good to get away from the house since I isolate myself away because of a social anxiety disorder. I am so ready to move into this house but it will still be a few weeks before that happens. I have been working on a list of literary magazines and journals that I am going to submit some of my short stories too. I am still having that creative and since the other day I had another idea for a book flash through my mind and was nearby a notebook to write the idea down. This will make approximately twenty-one books to write, both fiction and nonfiction. If I stick to my schedule, I will have the majority of them wrote this year.

I have a few short stories to post on blogs today and I hope everyone is enjoying them. I always use my writing as a coping skill which is very helpful especially with the step-mother-in-law always on my back about something. I have been keeping my distance from her just to keep my sanity until we get into this house. Well, I need to get writing so I wish everyone a great and blessed day.