Daily Journal 12/6/2016

Well, let’s see I didn’t go to bed until 3AM and was back up at 5:30 and sat up until 6AM before going back to bed. I am a little anxious about our new house and out of this tent. I have finally caught all our bills up and ready to live life through my writing. My first book is off to be proofread and I’m still pushing on. I hope to be able to publish a couple of books in February. Everything is looking up and better. I have fallen for a minute but like each time I will rise again even better than before. Well, to all my followers and friends have a great day!!


Daily Journal 12/5/2016

Well I woke up late today and I am rushing to get back on my schedule. I guess I slept wrong on my hip because it is hurting but I need to keep writing. I have to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel which is publication of my first book. I have finished the first draft and I am working on editing it for the first time and have sent it to a friend for proofreading. It is a nonfiction book about some of the struggles I have had in my life and hope that it answers questions one might have or help someone out who is dealing with the same issues. Anyway I need to get back to writing and I wish everyone a great day and happy writing.    🙂