Faith Equals Hope

Sometimes when things don’t seem to go your way, that is when it is time to stop, take a breath, and know that you are not alone. Life was never meant to be perfect and anyone who says their life is perfect is probably hiding something. No one’s life is perfect and it never will be. We are just given the tools to survive and make it the best way we can.

Some people have or believe in a higher power and rely on it to help them in a time of need. I believe in my higher power and you will always find me talking to God and asking him for help just like he is a real person sitting here talking to me. This is when faith comes into play. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains, at least that is what the Bible says. Everyone has their own belief system but it does work and I know this from my own experiences.

Faith does equal hope and I do believe that if everyone believed in something that our world would be a better place. Everyone needs something to believe in instead of man-made things. We are so imperfect that even our judgments are clouded. Just as with computers, they are only as good as what humans put into them. So you see, things are not always going to be perfect or good, but it is the choices we make that will make them better.

Having a higher power or something that you have hope or faith in can always make a difference in your life. Believe in the unseen, hope for the best, and things will always work out depending on the choices you make. I can only say that I have faith and hope that you will make better choices for your life and that it brings you happiness. Find something to believe in that will give you a sense of peace and joy.


My Vision of My Higher Power

When I am asked what religion I belong too or what is my faith, I cannot really say since there are so many of them out there nowadays. I think some of them are made up just to sound important, but my question is what is a religion? Why is it called religion? Why is it that we have to classify every person’s belief in a higher power to some named religion? Can a person not just believe in something that gives them hope or the feeling of love? I just don’t understand it and I am in no way knocking down anyone’s religion. Every person is free to believe whatever they want that brings them strength, joy, love, hope, and peace.

Technically, I claim Christianity, but to give my physical vision of my higher power it would be more of a cool breeze blowing over my face. A warm kiss from the sun that makes me want to fall into its arms. The feeling of wind blowing through my hair as a lovers fingers. I could walk through a green pasture barefooted and feel each blade of grass as it pokes its gorgeous leaf between each toe. To stand on the side of a mountain overlooking the multicolored valley brings me peace. These are all things that comfort me, give me hope and joy, make me feel loved, and a sense of belonging.

I’m truly sorry for my next statement but I cannot lie about it. I have been to many churches, and I have felt nothing and no sense of belonging. Some churches require a high social status, while others believe you should be dressed up in nice clothes and looking your best. I thought that the scriptures of the bible stated that Jesus said come as you are. Some of us don’t have nice clothes nor the money to buy any. It seems you are judged the minute you walk in the door wearing a sweat suit or jeans. I feel more joy, peace, love, and happiness being out in the world.

I know that there is a creator of all things and I sense it in everything natural around me. I look at the mountains with wide eyes, I dream off into any lake or ocean, and I enjoy laying on a blanket staring into the great blue sky or the vastness of the stars. I know there are those who ask that one question of every believer, “how can you believe in something you can’t see or touch?”.

My belief is that if you stop and wait, you will be able to feel, see, and hear the creator of everything. Think about it, if you sit and listen, you can hear the waves crashing upon the shore, you can hear the birds chirping and singing, and the thunder as it cracks and roars across the sky. Seeing the creator is looking at everything around you and taking notice. You can see the sun and the moon rise each day, the flowers blooming in the fields, and the new life being born.

Feeling the creator can be accomplished in many ways but I feel the creator when the rain falls upon my face and the wind that gently flows across my skin with the feeling of hairs raising up. I feel him when holding a baby or puppy. You just have to look for the signs.

Now ask me if I believe in an afterlife? I do believe that we have spirits inside of us, that is what gives us the feeling of belonging and self-awareness. It is the spirit that speaks to us in gut feelings and for some of us, it is those little whispers we hear inside our heads. I believe that once our physical bodies have served their purpose and die, that our spirit leaves and ascends to a new place. Where? I have no clue. Our bodies die and disintegrate, but our spirits live on.

I see my higher power in everything around me. I feel my higher power within the elements of the earth. I hear my higher power when I sit and listen. These are my vision of my higher power. What are yours?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sometimes life can get in the way of your dreams or even hold you back a little. I know from personal experience how badly that can happen and how long it could take to finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. I have had quite a few hard times in life to know that it takes will-power mostly to hold on and endure through even the hardest of times. I spent my life being a people pleaser and not looking out for number one and it did take a toll on me mentally. I let people control me, my thinking, my life and it got me nowhere. Everyone is only out to get what they can get and sometimes that isn’t enough.

My life was full of heartache and dismay that it took me down some dark tunnels even to the point of contemplating self-harm. I got caught up in a whirlwind of drama, drugs, and sex that it made me think that I was only good enough for one thing and that was to please everyone else in order for them to like me. How could I expect everyone else to like me when I didn’t even like myself. I put up a mask for everyone just so they wouldn’t see how hurt I was feeling or depressed.

No one really knew the real me because I didn’t know the real me. I always played right into everyone else’s hand and fell for all of the mean jokes because at one point I didn’t care what happened. My whole life consisted of waking up every morning just to please everyone else at my expense. I was fading out pretty fast until someone who was close to me opened my eyes up to some critical thinking and that is when I started to realize I was worth more than any treasure.

God himself finally spoke to me and also showed me where my life was headed, but he also showed me another path as well. Once I realized all those feelings I was having, mostly when things were going wrong, it was His son holding my hand as I walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Literally, I was heading down a path that would end in my death.

Would anyone miss me? I don’t think so because that is how low my self-esteem and my environment had taken me. I was pretty much dancing the tango with the devil and would have sold him my soul if God had not intervened. God knew I needed someone to remind me of how much I was worth and so he sent me my current husband who loves me no matter what. He supports me even when I can’t support myself.

I deal with past issues every day and my husband always reminds me how much he loves me and that I can do anything I set my mind too. I can’t believe he tells me that even when I beat him up in my sleep from nightmares. But he loves me and now I can see that light at the end of the tunnel and how green those pastures are.

Everyone goes through some hard times and that’s okay because we are human. Some have it harder than others but that doesn’t make them any less of a person or makes them any better or lower in class. We are all equal and all bleed red when cut. It just takes some of us a little longer and with the correct vision to see that bright light at the end of the tunnel. When you do finally see it, even if it is a mile away, keep walking towards it and jumping all the hurdles along the way. One day you will be resting in those green pastures without a care in the world.


Forgiveness Forgives All

The one thing I have noticed in my life is that forgiveness forgives all. Once I commit to forgiving someone it feels as though this huge rock on my shoulder finally rolls off hitting the ground. I feel less burdened and like I can finally walk straight with my head held high. Whether the other person forgives or accepts your forgiveness is on them but I will not take any resentment, anger, or grudge to those pearly gates with me. Once you have forgiven others, ask God to forgive you and He will. God only gives us what we can bear and He always gives us a way out. I have carried grudges, anger, and resentment most of my life and it has beaten my body down. My body feels 40 years older than it should because of all that extra weight I was carrying around for years. Once I decided to let it all go and move forward, I can now stand up straight with my head high and not feel burdened anymore. Do you ever stop to think that your body aches and pains could be because of a rock that is sitting on your shoulders, or the extra weight you are carrying around? Believe me, if you commit to forgiving others, and yourself, it will lift that load off of you and your body will thank you for it. So when you have time, stand in front of a mirror, or across from another empty chair and talk to that person and tell them you forgive them. Once that is done, forgive yourself for holding all that inside and not letting it go when you should have. Once you have done that, ask God for forgiveness and immediately you will feel the release of the chains that have held that rock or weight on your shoulders. Feel the weight roll off of your back and hear it crashing to the ground. Now stand up straight, look in the mirror and smile at the new person standing there before you. I challenge you to commit to forgiveness and see how much it can do for your life. Become a new creature and experience life with new eyes and sight. Have a blessed day.

Turning the Other Cheek

Some people say that turning the other cheek is a hard thing to do and I will agree with that, but only through God are you able to do it. He gives you the strength to turn the other cheek to someone and most of the time it is someone who doesn’t know God that will tempt you. Satan is very cunning and sometimes will even use those closest to you to tempt you into a confrontation. I am not sure if it was God who instilled in me to turn the other cheek but I do know that it has been an easy thing for me to do throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong I have held grudges against people but eventually, I have asked for forgiveness from them and from God. It used to feel like I was being bullied but in all aspect I pretty much was, but I could never find it inside myself to confront the person back. I know that sometimes it can be hard and I do understand that but I always keep telling myself that if someone does me wrong they always get something done back to them later on but never by my hand. God seeks revenge in His own time so it might be years down the road but they will pay the consequences for what they have done. So, just keep in mind that when someone hits you, wrongs you, or sins against you, just turn the other cheek and move on. They will get theirs in the long run.

Invisible Hands

Have you ever felt the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up or feel like something is standing right behind you? I feel that all the time, but I know that there is something standing next to me and guiding the steps of my feet. Throughout my life I have been beaten, raped, used and abused, and times where I should have been dead. Something always kept me safe. Safe from harm’s way, safe from other’s, and safe from myself. There was always this little voice whispering in my ear when I was about to endure something wrong or horrific. It always made me choose the best thing unless there was a lesson I needed to learn. I have felt those invisible hands pick me up off the ground and dust me off. I have felt my body being hugged and caressed.

While enduring a beating or rape, that little whisper told me just to endure and not fight back. I would be alright after it was over. I was a survivor and a better person for it. I learned many things and endured until the end of each and every event. But still, those invisible hands kept me safe and sane. To this day those hands have carried me a long way and when the days come where I can’t take it anymore or I feel I can’t go on, those hands pick me up and carry me while I rest.

I know some of you readers might not be religious at all and I respect that. It is hard to believe in something you can’t see, hear, or touch, but I can tell you if you look hard enough and sit quietly you can see something and you will be able to hear them speak to you. Sometimes I just sit and remain quiet like meditation and eventually I hear their words or I feel their presence. I am not trying to press or force someone into believing what I believe, but I do have faith the size of a mustard seed and I have no other explanations to what I have been through, but I’m still here dealing and living with my scars and nightmares. I can say if it had not been for those invisible hands I would have been buried in the dirt a long time ago.

Some of you may think that religion is a bunch of hogwash, but sometimes you have to think that when you feel the sun shining down on your face that you have a fuzzy warm feeling or a loving nurturing feeling in your body. So just remember, even though you can’t see something that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I thank those invisible hands for never dropping me or leaving my side. I would not be the person I am today if I did not endure until the end. It is those moments when you can’t explain something or how something ended the way it did. If you have ever been in a bad situation and survived, ask yourself “why or how?”. Maybe you have invisible hands looking after you too wanting to carry you in times when you are hopeless or tired. Just think about it.