Daily Journal 12/12/2016

I try to keep these posts positive but then it wouldn’t be the real me because every person has good and bad days so I need to share both for anyone to relate. I am having a bad day today due to a migraine that set in this morning and trying to wake up was very difficult. Every night is the same thing, I’m up and down using the restroom, sitting up for about an hour before being able to go back to bed, and having a hard time getting up in the morning. Today seems to be a day that I am getting sick. I feel the onset of the flu where my whole body aches, my stomach is upset, and I can’t seem to stay out of the restroom. My blood sugar has been spiking as well which takes a toll on me physically. Even if I am getting sick I will still be posting blogs just with breaks in between. So please bear with me for a few days. I will get better and make a super comeback. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May your days be fulfilling and prosperous.