Daily Journal 8/18/2017

Hello, everyone. It is a hot but beautiful day here in Dalton, Georgia. We are staying at my sister-in-law’s house because we have been screwed over so much lately that it was going to force us to sleep in our car until she offered to let us stay with her. We are going to save up our money to get a place of our own. We will never let anyone live with us again or stay with anyone else because it is ridiculous how people love to take advantage of another person for personal gain.

I love staying with my sister-in-law because she too is OCD about cleanliness and we get along so well. We are going today to get the rest of our stuff from the dilapidated trailer that our previous roommates tried to get us to fix and make livable. We are tired of being used, abused, and having our kindness taken for a weakness.

I will be able to get back to writing now which was very helpful with my mental health status. I should be able to finish Joshua this weekend and begin editing. I have been so stressed out lately that writing was not possible. I could not think clearly and constantly worrying about things. Now I feel more relaxed and my creative juices can now flow and get back to what I love, writing.

Now it is time for me to get some things done like cleaning the house and then setting up my work station for book writing. I look forward to each day now and being very happy with my husband whom I love very much. I wish everyone could have a loving and caring relationship like ours. So let me say goodbye for now and I wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have a great Friday.

Daily Journal 8/11/2017

Hello, everyone! I apologize for not writing until now. We have moved from the house we were living in and have gone off the grid for a bit. We are roughing it out in the boonies and have no internet as of yet. We are staying a few days with my sister-in-law so that we can take care of a few things online and plus we just bought brakes for our car and my husband will be installing them tomorrow because it is raining outside.

I have still been working on my book and will be able to send it to the editor around the first of the month before publishing. I am having a wonderful time writing my book and I find it very relaxing which makes it a good coping mechanism for my mental health. I am already looking forward to writing the next one and the ones after that. I have plenty of books to keep me busy for at least another year.

I just found out that my ex-husband and his new wife moved in down the street from where we were living so it was a good thing we moved from there before any drama got started. He and the woman they moved in with are both mine and my husband’s exes. They caused so many issues when we first got married it was unreal but they have been quiet for awhile now which we really appreciate.

We have been married for four years come October and we are still on our honeymoon so my husband says, but I feel that we are more in love with each other now than when we first got married. I love him so much and I am very thankful for him. He is truly my soul mate.

Well, it is time for me to get back to working on my book and relaxing. I want to wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”, and to everyone else, have a very awesome Friday. Take care.

Daily Journal 7/24/2017

Well, I was up all night because I couldn’t sleep and finally laid down about nine this morning. Then I got up and we all took a ride out to the property where we are trying to move to take a look at what needs to be done. There is a lot of work to be done yard and land wise and some minor repairs to the inside of the trailer which isn’t bad but we can make it happen and livable.

We are going to go out there a few times this week to start the cleanup process and get everything ready for inspection with the goal to move in the first week of next month. It has an acre and a half of land for all the animals to roam around and when we pulled up there was a mother deer with two babies feeding in the yard which was cool to see.

I am still a little tired but I need to find some motivation to get things started today. I have made some great progress with taking my notes for my addictions book and I will be working on my fictional book a little today as well. Other than being a little tired I feel pretty good today and can’t wait to get started on this huge project of having a nice place to live. It is so quiet out there in the middle of nowhere and all the wildlife we will see every day.

So, let me try and get motivated and I hope everyone has a great evening. “Happy Birthday” to everyone with a birthday today. Take care.

Daily Journal 7/22/2017

Hello, everyone. It is such a gorgeous day outside but I’m spending the day alone inside writing. Everyone has left for the day to take care of some things so I again have some alone time to write. I am sitting here with my roommate’s kitten resting on my lap and my husband’s puppy driving me crazy because all the other dogs are asleep and she wants to play. All she is doing is whining at me.

Anyway, the house is all to myself and the cleaning is done so I can sit and relax while writing on my book. It seems like it is taking me forever to write it but I think it will be worth the effort and time I have spent working on it.

I know this will be short but I am going to go lay down for a bit I am starting to get a headache but I will be back later. Take care and I wish everyone an awesome Saturday!

Daily Journal 7/21/2017

Good evening, everyone! Happy Friday!! I slept in a little today which is great for me and have gotten quite a bit of my daily schedule done. My husband is off with our roommates running some errands so I am here with the animals with some peace and quiet. I finally finished chapter ten last night of Joshua and will be doing chapter eleven today. It is coming along nicely and it should be launching by August fifth, that is the goal anyway.

My plans for this weekend are pretty much the same as every weekend, writing my book. I like writing and it is a coping mechanism for my mental health. I just took the dogs out for some outdoor time and the puppies found a branch they wanted to play with so I brought it inside since they are teething they have something they can chew on but it will take them awhile to even break some of it up.

Today I feel pretty good and I seem to be happy so far since being back on meds and the doctor making the dosages higher. Now if I can just get my husband to clean up his man cave we will be good. We are still up in the air about moving to a place of our own since the old roommate keeps saying she is moving back in since the house is still in her name which we were going to let the landlord know she moved out and if he would rent the house to us so we could stop her from moving back in.

We are going to try and stay here for another month until this one trailer opens up September first and then we could move there and have plenty of space for the dogs to run and play. My main concern is having a large enough yard for them to run and have fun. These are my kids and I want to provide for them.

Well, it is time to get writing and I look forward to seeing some feedback on all of my writing and hope everyone has a wonderful evening. “Happy Birthday” to everyone who has a birthday today and may you have many more. Take care and God Bless.

Daily Journal 7/20/2017

It was two o’clock this afternoon when I woke up and feel somewhat rested. My neck was a little sore which gives me a slight headache. Other than that, everything is going pretty good. Our roommates outside dog started bleeding from his nose and mouth and we can’t figure out why, but she is asking everyone for prayers over “Rebel”.

I have begun writing the tenth chapter of my book and hopefully will be finished this evening with this chapter. I look forward to editing it and making it the best it can be before sending it to the editor. I will also be working on my notes for my addictions book because it will be so large that it will take a minute to complete but it is side work to all the other books I will be writing.

I still have some things to do today but you readers are more important so you get my attention first. I look forward to any feedback on my posts or short stories which will help create better writing.

It is time for me to work my daily list so I wish everyone a “Happy Birthday” if today is your birthday, and to everyone else, I wish for you to have a very awesome evening.

Daily Journal 7/19/2017

Happy Hump Day!! It is the middle of the week and only two more days until Friday. Are you not excited? I am doing good today. I am back on my meds regularly and my sugar level was 103 before dinner, so that is amazing for me. My sugar has been running 400 or better for the last year, so it is a major improvement.

I have been writing my book and I am almost finished with it, I just have two more chapters to go to have a full-length novel. I have been pretty mellow today and can feel some motivation for writing. I have also been working on getting my notes together for my other book which has been called a beast.

It is going to be a big book, or more like a manual for addictions. I am happy writing it in hopes that it will help a lot of people. I battled with a lot of addictions and know what it does to people and hard it is to overcome but I did it.

Anyway, I wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and everyone else an awesome evening. Things are great with me today and I am going to enjoy an evening with my husband and watch some movies. We had a good dinner and now it is time to wind down for the evening. So, have a great evening with your loved one.

Daily Journal 7/1/2017

Well, yesterday was a long day for me. Fighting with Amazon to get my manuscript right on the upload but I managed to get it up on there. I now have two published books up on Amazon and I feel pretty good about that. Here at home things are becoming stressed out, again. We go through this every month with our roommate about how she is moving out and her attitude changes. I have gotten to my wit’s end and now I am on another journey. I am so busy doing for everybody else and taking care of everybody else that it has hindered me from doing anything for me. Now, after talking it over and showing my anger with my therapist we decided it is time for me to do me now. To hell with everybody else and do things for me.

I am not sure if my husband understands that because of his tunnel vision for sleep, television, or video games but I do know that I don’t think he understands what all this is even doing to me or how I feel on the inside. He made the statement the other night how I am always stressed, well damn look at what I have to go through. He is right though, being here is a huge stressor and we need a place of our own. Our mental health team is working on that because both of my therapists deem this an unsafe environment for us and are looking to get us out of here asap.

I want to thank all of you, my readers, for listening and encouraging me to move forward and providing me the strength and support I need. I do appreciate each and every one of you to the fullest. I am so glad that I created this place to vent and it allows everyone the chance to get to know me and see that I am just another human that makes mistakes. But enough of that I still have a full list of to-do items to get done today and need to get started. For those who have a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”, and to everyone else, I wish a happy and blessed Saturday. Take care.

Daily Journal 6/28/2017

Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing this beautiful morning? Well, I feel so much better today after seeing the doctor yesterday. Hepatitis you know means inflammation of the liver, well I have Hepatitis but not the viral kind. My diabetes IS the culprit for my Hepatitis and fatty liver but it is all reversible. I just need to get my blood sugar under better management and eat better than once or twice a day and my liver will heal itself. This is such great news and a relief to me. I, mean, what else could go wrong in our lives?

We have two vehicles to which both are not running, a split personality roommate who stresses me the hell out, and nothing could seem to go right for us within the last year. We did not need to have me ill and having to worry about that too. So, it is a good day and with some good news. My therapist texted me again this morning wanting to reschedule again for tomorrow so by my schedule I have the whole day to work on my book.

I am getting ready to get a cover made for a free ebook of short stories and it won’t be long before I am finished with my manuscript of Joshua. I have enjoyed writing this book and look forward to the next one.

Well, it is a good day today and I need to get started. I have just finished my cup of coffee and ready for the day. For everyone who has a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else, have an awesome and blessed Wednesday. Take care.

Daily Journal 6/27/2017

Good morning everyone. It is seven twenty this morning and the sun is shining. Today is the day that I get my test results and I am full of anticipation. I am waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and was up until three this morning because I couldn’t sleep. How are all of you doing this gorgeous morning?

I am working my schedule this morning since I redone it last night. I have to incorporate any doctor visits in it so that everything will still get done. I will be finishing a short story I have been working on for a few days this morning. I will also get some writing on my book did before leaving for my doctor this afternoon and then about another hour more when I return home.

I sat working on my monthly goals last night and everything looks good and efficient. I am a list person who creates a list of everything every day that needs to get done. I have been working lists for as long as I could remember. It helps me stay focused and I seem to accomplish almost everything on my list every day as long as there is nothing to deter me.

I feel pretty good today, not so much anxiety but that could be because of lack of sleep too. 🙂 I just woke my husband up with a cup of instant coffee because our coffee maker refuses to brew this morning. I am not going to buy another coffee maker because it seems that every time I put a little money to the side for book publishing expenses, something always comes up that I need to spend that money on. I refuse now to spend any more of my book money on this house.

My roommate buys things and then lets her animals tear it up and I am not going down like that. I have done everything that I can to keep this house clean and getting rid of roaches just for her to go behind me and leave messes and food laying around that draws more roaches. She really gets me with that.

Well, I need to move on to my next scheduled thing and wish everyone a blessed and prosperous day. I want to wish everyone that has a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and I will post an update when I return from the doctor today. Have a great day!