Daily Journal 2/4/2017

I went to bed early last night as the temperature dropped to freezing and it was just too cold to sit up writing. The heater here in the tent isn’t enough to keep it warm in here when the temperature drops to freezing. So, I went to bed about nine thirty last night and was up a few times before actually getting up at six this morning. So here I write this blog at seven o’clock and after two cups of coffee just to try to warm up. The dogs are bundled up with my husband who is still asleep. He was up so much last night because it was cold. I have been so frustrated lately because nothing is getting done. Everything else is taking priority instead of what needs to be done. We have a car that needs to be worked on to get it running again and it has been weeks since I bought the part it needed. We haven’t been to work on the house in over a month and it is getting too cold in this tent. I am just venting here so I do apologise for that because I can’t talk to anyone else. I am at my wits end on what to do and I am almost ready to give up on the house because we should have been inside the house back in December and here it is February and the kitchen floor still hasn’t been put in and the wiring is not finished yet. Everything has to be done on everyone else’s time and it really aggravates me. I am going to just focus on my writing for now and do what I need to do for me mentally which is writing. So, look out for my new blogs and a book that is almost ready to publish. I wish everyone a great day and a blessed day. 🙂