Things I Can Do to Help Mommy & Daddy

This is the manuscript sent to the Literary Agent, here I’m only submitting a few of the pages. Illustrations are still being worked on. ENJOY !!


“Hi, my name is Walter Uriah Belvedere, but all my friends call me “Wuby” which is pronounced Woo-Bee for short.” Can you imagine saying my name several times, it would make your tongue hurt not to mention tired. So everyone calls me Wuby. That is so much easier to say. I am five years old and I live with my mommy and daddy who are not home a lot because they work to take care of me and my sister, who you will meet later.

We’re here to show you how you can help your mommy and daddy like we do. See, my mommy and daddy work a lot to make sure my sister and I have everything we need from food, to clothes, and a roof over our heads. Oh yeah, they also buy food for our family puppy named “Scratches” who is named that because all he does is scratch due to dry skin. Why mommy and daddy can’t put some lotion on him to make him stop is beyond me. They put lotion on me when I have the dry skin to make it stop itching.

My daddy is an architect, which means he helps to design and build all the tall buildings that people live and work in you see around the city. He leaves early every morning when my sister and I are at the table eating our cereal. We watch and snicker as he kisses mommy’s lips before he comes over to us and gives us kisses, tickles, and a big hug. My mommy taught me how to tell daddy “have a good day” when he gives me a big bear hug before leaving. Usually by the time he gets to the car and gets his stuff in we are in the Living room window waving goodbye and my sister is such a ham blowing daddy kisses through the window. She is so corny.

We get out of the window when mommy comes in the room and tells us it’s time to get dressed now. We scamper into our bedrooms and start digging through drawers throwing clothes everywhere while Scratches sits on my big boy bed as mommy and daddy call it. When I turn around, he is covered with the sweater Aunt Molly made me. I fall on the ground laughing because he looks so funny.

Mommy is in her room getting dressed for work too. She is an a- a- c- cow- tent. Meaning she goes and plays with other peoples’ money. She makes sure they don’t spend it all and be broke with no money and no way to take care of their kids like us. I overheard her telling daddy that one man spent all his money on a stocking at a market and then he crashed. Anyway, they work a lot of hours and almost all day. When they come home they are really tired and sometimes they argue because the house is dirty and they have to clean it.

I don’t know much about cleaning the house and all but I have come up with some ideas to help mommy and daddy so they can come home and be happy. I think if you try hard enough you too can help your mommy and daddy be happy. I know some of you probably only have a mommy, like my friend Jimmy, or just a daddy like my friend Stephen, so these ideas will make them just as happy too. Now turn the page and let’s get started.

First off, let me introduce my corny, but sweet twin sister, Gertrude Ann Belvedere. That is too hard for me to say too many times also, so we call her “Gaby”. We celebrate our birthday together, but she seems to think she is entitled to more of the cake than I. Anyway, she is here to help me show you some of my ideas to helping your mommy and daddy around the house so they can come home and be happy. We love a happy family, don’t we? Okay, let’s get started now please.


Pick up your toys and clean your room.

Mommy taught Gaby and I how to clean our rooms. We also pick up our toys when were done playing with them. That was a starting point. So, we go around picking up all our toys and putting them in our toy chests for safe keeping. We look under our beds and pull out toys, clothes, shoes, and sometimes a candy wrapper here or there. We put our shoes in the closet; put trash and candy wrappers in the trash can, and attempt to make our beds. We are too small to use the vacuum but when we have it all clean, mommy only has to run the vacuum in here. That makes it so much easier for her. Plus, it makes it easier for us to find our toys. My sister Gaby spends most of her time in my room so it can be hard to keep it clean with all her dollies. She leaves more things in my room than hers. She is so girly.

Put your dirty clothes in the clothes basket or hamper.

It can be fun sometimes going around the house and finding the one sock you have been missing for a long time. We think that when you take it off you should immediately put it in the basket or hamper. That way you never lose anything and mommy can just grab the basket and go to the laundry room with it. It also keeps it more clean around the house. Most of the time Gaby puts her dolly clothes in the hamper so they stay fresh and clean too. I will never understand why a girl wants her dolly clothes clean when they never leave the house to go anywhere.

Help daddy take out the trash.

I know some of us are too little to carry those big bags of trash, but you can always help daddy carry them or even hold the door open for him to carry it out. He will appreciate the help believe me. He says I have big muscles when I grab the bottom of the bag and carry it. He laughs or smiles when he hears me grunting like I am really carrying it. It makes mommy smile too. Gaby is so girly that all she does is shrieks at the thought of touching the dirty trash bag. I think it is because of all those dirty diapers mommy puts in it. It can really stink.