Daily Journal 12/14/2016

Good afternoon everyone. Today is a glorious day, the weather is mild, I hear all of the animals out in the woods making their little noises, and I woke up feeling pretty good. I am pretty much motivated today to finish some more writing and editing of my book and finishing up a short story or two. I hope everyone had a terrific night and got some well-needed rest? I only got up once during the night which is pretty awesome for me. On a good feeling day, I could sit here all night writing to my heart’s content but my husband refuses to allow me to do that. Right now my husband is giving our car an overhaul and rebuilding the carburetor and putting on some new vacuum lines. While he is out working on the car I can get some uninterrupted writing done. I hope everyone is enjoying my writing and I have a list of things to write. Once I am finished with the final editing of my first nonfiction book and receive the cover design back it will be ready to publish. I already have my notes together for the second book of that series and will be starting on it the first of January. There is nothing like having deadlines and goal dates to keep you motivated. My health is improving and I don’t feel so sick today but there are still the body aches and diabetic neuropathy to deal with but other than that I am doing pretty good today. The one thing about being a writer that works really good for me is the part about being alone. I don’t really do well in social settings right now so being alone to write books is who I am currently. Enough of that, I need to get the creative writing juices started today and hope everyone has a great day. Keep thinking positive. 🙂