Daily Journal 7/19/2017

Happy Hump Day!! It is the middle of the week and only two more days until Friday. Are you not excited? I am doing good today. I am back on my meds regularly and my sugar level was 103 before dinner, so that is amazing for me. My sugar has been running 400 or better for the last year, so it is a major improvement.

I have been writing my book and I am almost finished with it, I just have two more chapters to go to have a full-length novel. I have been pretty mellow today and can feel some motivation for writing. I have also been working on getting my notes together for my other book which has been called a beast.

It is going to be a big book, or more like a manual for addictions. I am happy writing it in hopes that it will help a lot of people. I battled with a lot of addictions and know what it does to people and hard it is to overcome but I did it.

Anyway, I wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and everyone else an awesome evening. Things are great with me today and I am going to enjoy an evening with my husband and watch some movies. We had a good dinner and now it is time to wind down for the evening. So, have a great evening with your loved one.


Daily Journal 7/8/2017

We were up early this morning about six o’clock and everything started pretty good. We had coffee together and after he played a few video games, he is now outside working on our Ford Explorer to try and get it running. He just has to adjust and then bolt down the main transmission. We need a vehicle running out of the two we have.

My husband only has eighteen days remaining before he is released from probation and we are so happy. It has been a long time coming and I will be happy to see him enjoy life again without having to report his every move.

Things have been a little stressful but not like it usually is because our roommate moved out without any fair notice. She showed up in a u-haul truck to get her things and that is how we found out she was moving. So, life has been a little easier for me, except we were stuck paying the full rent and all the other bills which has left us broke and not able to pay two of our bills.

I took the last week off from writing due to having to clean the house to get rid of the urine smell from the roommate’s seven cats and two dogs which she would never let them go outside in fear of them being hit and killed. So she allowed them to urinate everywhere in the house, even on the counters and stove top. It took me two hours to clean the stove top and I am glad that they are gone.

Sorry, I had to go lay down for a bit, but I’m awake now and ready to take on the world, lol. I am sitting here making my eyes want to stay open because I have some stuff that needs to get done today. I just recently published a second book on Amazon that is a compilation of short stories that I have written. It has sold one e-book and has been read in their lending library quite a bit.

My book on Joshua is still in the works and the plan is to have the other six chapters done by next weekend so that the editing process can begin. My books are easy reads and that I write as I see it, so there is some detail in it. I am looking at having it published and ready next month. The excitement is killing me to have a full length fictional novel written.

Well, I need to be moving on to my next to-do list item and wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”, and to everyone else, “Happy Saturday”. Take care.


Daily Journal 6/16/2017

Good evening everyone. How are you doing this beautiful evening? My night has been going okay so far. I went this morning to the diagnostics office and had the CT Scan of my stomach hernia which I call my alien baby and will be seeing my doctor on Wednesday to get the results and what the course of action will be. I am concerned as to what it is doing or how they plan to address it. It causes me to have constant nausea, I can’t lay on my stomach without pain, and whenever I eat something it hurts. I can only hope for the best.

I have spent the better part of today regrouping myself and getting my goals, deadlines, and schedules revamped for more efficiency. I am taking some of my short stories and compiling them into an e-book as a freebie. I am getting ready to send it to the editor this week and have been doing my first round of editing on it as well. I know some of you may not have gotten a chance to read them on their sites so I am putting the best ones together in a free e-book.

I am still working on my book “The Battle for Joshua” and should, fingers crossed, have the first draft done by the end of next week. I get so caught up in the story that chapters become more than ten pages each. I am rather enjoying writing it and look forward to sharing it with everyone. It will be a full-length novel and you should enjoy reading it as it keeps my attention while writing it. Look for it soon, but I will keep you updated.

Well, it is time for me to finish some things up before bed and I wish whoever has a birthday today, a “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else, an awesome and blessed evening.

Daily Journal 6/10/2017

Hello, Everyone. I do apologize for my absence but I have found myself stuck inside the storyline of the book that I am currently writing. When I sit down to begin writing I fall into the story like I am there in it and disappear from reality. Plus, I have found myself adding more to each chapter not to fluff it up but more of the story itself. Currently, the book is a little over twenty-five thousand words and I still have approximately six more chapters to go, so this book will be a full-length novel and can’t wait to release it. I hope everyone who gets it will enjoy it as much as I have writing it. Here is a rough draft teaser of chapter one:

     It was dark and all you could feel was heat and hearing the screaming of lost souls. Every tunnel seems to go on forever with rooms every one-hundred feet. Within these rooms, there were souls being tormented by demons. Every now and then you would see a demon fleeting past you and even some that seemed to be whispering in your ear in the dark. This was a dismal place to be and with a quick thought a torture chamber.
Some of the rooms you could see flames as the floor while souls hung by their hands over it. They’re screaming and pleading for their lives as each demon has a turn at whipping them or dropping them enough to scorch their feet. This was one place no one should be subject to. You can see the souls of the elderly crying as they are shown how their family is being tormented amongst the living.
In one of the cave-like rooms sits a small humped over gargoyle- like creature with long, white hair, long claws, and solid black eyes. He looks to be an older demon with facial features of wrinkles and sagging skin. His name is Gusion the discerner of past, present, and future. He sits inside an inverted hexagram on the floor while what looks like meditating. He sits for hours discerning the future of souls and the past of souls arriving in Hades.
One could say he is a receiving center for prisoners who arrive and sorts through them to see which prison or fate they should have or be sent to. He makes marks on the floor as he sees, like taking notes. Gusion is one of the demons who report to the king of Hades, Asmodeus, on his findings.
Asmodeus is an arch demon and the evilest demon in Hades. He is the king under Lucifer which makes the final decisions of all legions. Almost as a general of armies. He is a large dark-orange skinned beast with red eyes under large black eyebrows. He has large fanged teeth and two spiraled horns that stand straight up from his head.
One day, Gusion had a vision of the future. It is so disturbing to him that he becomes restless and agitated. After sitting for a few hours to make sure what he is seeing is true, he gets up and hurries to find Asmodeus. He searches every hole and room looking for the arch demon. He finally finds him in one of the thousand rooms torturing a soul to the extreme. Asmodeus finds pleasure and relaxation while he is tormenting.
Gusion hates to disturb him but the information he must give is detrimental to the future of Hades. He stands there for a few minutes watching Asmodeus trying to figure out how to tell him and what kind of reaction he will get off the news. He finally sees that Asmodeus is done with the lost soul and informs him he needs a word with the king.
Asmodeus walks out of the room with Gusion on his heels blabbing away of his news. He hears nothing as he walks to his throne room and informs Gusion that he does not listen to matters until he is relaxing on his throne. Gusion agrees and shuts up while following his king. They walk down many tunnels of heat and darkness until coming to the throne room of fire.
Once seated on his throne, he calls for his beloved hounds of Hell for some attention. Two very large black dogs with flaming red eyes enter the room and sit at the feet of their master. Asmodeus reaches down and begins petting them before telling Gusion to speak of his concern.
Gusion begins trembling as he hesitantly starts talking. He tells Asmodeus of his discerning of the future of Hades. A human child will be born that will have the power to destroy the entrance to Hades and the Abyss forever. It has been shown to him the child and as he reaches sixteen earth years old he will defeat us in battle and close the entrance.
With this information, Asmodeus becomes enraged and steps off his throne pacing back and forth. He begins ranting and throwing up of his hands which make his pets tremble and quietly leave the room. He turns to Gusion yelling at him as to why he didn’t say something earlier. Gusion stepping out on a limb informs Asmodeus that he was trying to tell him as they walked through the tunnels.
Thinking that Gusion is becoming insubordinate, he wipes his hand against Gusion sending him across the room. Gusion gets up and tries pleading with Asmodeus for mercy. Asmodeus sits back on his throne made of brimstone and begins thinking to himself before asking Gusion where this child will be located.
Gusion humbly informs him that his sight does not show locations, only of events that have happened, are happening, and ones that will happen. No location has been shown and the only thing he knows it that the child will be born to a young couple with no Christian beliefs. Asmodeus agrees that this information will make destroying this child easier.
It is told that plans must be made to kill the child’s mother before he is born. Locating the family will be difficult but they must be swift before Gabriel and the other angels find out. Asmodeus sends for Vassago to come to him and will give him the job of locating the child’s parents.
Vassago is demon prince who discovers things lost or hidden. He will make finding the child quicker. He is a medium-sized gargoyle figure with yellow eyes and the commander of twenty-six legions. He has been under Asmodeus for centuries and always completes his task.
Vassago enters the throne room bowing before his king. He asks why his King has sent for him? He was training his legions for combat, stealth, and deception when called for. Asmodeus informs him that he has a task for him of the greatest importance. He tells Vassago of Gusion’s vision which is very disturbing to all involved.
Asmodeus sends Vassago to search out the young couple and to report his findings back to him. Vassago agrees and is sent off to search out the parents on earth. He begins his search from one end of the earth and makes his way across the planet searching for any young couple that is pregnant with the destined child.
Meanwhile, Eremiel, who is the great angel that rules over the entrance to Hades and the Abyss, overhears of the plans to search out a child with a great destiny ahead of him. He then sends word to Gabriel, who is a higher angel in the heavens. Gabriel wears a white robe, has curly long blond hair, blue eyes with a long blond beard. He is one of the elders that carries a staff of blessing.
Gabriel takes this information and does some research of his own to find out more about this child. He seeks out knowledge from the council as to who this child is or will be. The council debates and looks to the foreseers to explain why this child is important. After much time, they reconvene to inform Gabriel of the destiny of this certain child. That he will be a warrior among angels and the destroyer of evil.
Gabriel listens to the council as they give much detail about the child in question and that he needs to be watched over and protected. He is also told that this child has not yet been born and that he is the child of a young couple that does not believe in the Christian faith.
Now having found out why Asmodeus wants to kill this child, Gabriel needs to make some tough decisions concerning the welfare of this child. Being that he will be born to atheistic parents, it will be hard to confront them concerning the safety and welfare of their child. If they do not believe in angels or demons, then it will be hard to appear to them and inform them of how important their child will be.
Gabriel then calls for Diniel who is a younger but experienced angel on the safety and protection of infants. Diniel comes before Gabriel and listens as he translates the destiny and importance of how this child needs to be protected. Diniel works well with children since they pretty much can see angels and demons because of their purity in spirit. He has a young angelic face, short brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a lavender colored robe.
Diniel and Gabriel set down a plan of action to protect the family from any undue harm. The family needs to be protected from demon attacks which could jeopardize the child’s life. Diniel then sets out to search for the parents to put a hedge of protection around them. He is to guard them night and day until the birth of the child.
Diniel is aware that Asmodeus has sent Vassago out to find the child as well and that he should be prepared in case of unintentional contact with the demon. Vassago is much stronger than Diniel and he does not want any confrontation with him unless it is necessary. His mission is to find the parents and protect them.
Now Diniel and Vassago both are out on the earth searching out a young couple who will have a child of importance. Each is searching high and low, from couple to couple looking for the parents of the special child. The fate of Hades and the Abyss rest in the survival or death of this child.

Remember, this is just a first rough draft and I will be adding some more to it and making it the best it can be. I hope it grips your curiosity to read more? I will be doing the first round of editing this week and revising to specifications. Well, I need to get going before it gets too late. I wish everyone a great night and a blessed day tomorrow.

“Good night!”

Daily Journal 5/2/2017

Good morning everyone! I do apologize for not being here lately, but we had an offer from my cousin to move into her house while working on our own house so that we are not living in a garage. It took us two days to move stuff by car but we are getting it done. We are having to refinish the bedroom floor so that we can move into the bedroom but for now we are sleeping in the livingroom, but WE ARE INDOORS, YAY!

I am still currently working on next book which looks like it will be a full-length novel but will be a freebie to all subscribers to the newsletter. I am actually working on three books at one time which are going to be freebies in three different genres. I am pushing right along. My husband cleaned out a year’s worth of trash from my cousin’s garage in exchange for a 1991 ford explorer which will be our second vehicle that will be used for our nonprofit helping the homeless and needy families.

I just wanted to give an update on what things are happening and to let everyone know we are okay. I wish everyone a glorious and blessed day.

Daily Journal 4/7/2017

I am so excited today. I just published my first book and it is live on Amazon. Here is the link to check it out.


I am having a good day so far and now it is time to get my marketing on the ball.

I am setting up my email list and working on some novellas, or short novels, and will be giving away some freebies soon. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and be blessed.

Daily Journal 3/18/2017

Hello, everyone. It is such a beautiful day outside. It is sunny with some clouds and that is because the wind is blowing the storm clouds in, but it is still beautiful. It sure does beat the cold and freezing temperatures, the rain, and the snow. I am ready for Spring. I didn’t get to bed until around four this morning and my husband woke me up around noon just so he could go back to bed. 🙂 I am sitting here drinking some ice tea because it was too hot and humid when I woke up to drink any coffee. My motivation is picking up a little and I have some projects to complete here today before sitting down comfortably to write.

I am feeling pretty good right now and my energy is getting better, still a little congested but it will go away eventually. I am excited about getting some short stories posted today on my blog sites and finishing my note organization to begin writing the second book on Monday. There is just so much research and information going into this second book and that is mostly the reason for it taking so long to begin writing. It will be a novel and not a novella.

Today I have a garage to clean out and organize, a tent to straighten up, I need to put some ice and water bottles in the cooler, and a rabbit to feed. 🙂 I guess I should also add cleaning out the car to that list as well. As much as I would just love to sit here and write, I can not resolve to forget about my other responsibilities. When we were living in a house the first thing I did every day after coffee was to clean the house and take care of feeding the dogs before doing anything else. That was my routine because I could not get comfortable until the house was clean and smelling good.

Well, enough about what I have to do and get up and start doing it. I will be back later and I hope everyone has a great and blessed Saturday.

Daily Journal 2/6/2017

I have been up and down all night and finally decided to stay up at 6:30 am. I feel pretty good this morning except for the sharp stabbing pain in my left shoulder blade but other than that I am wide awake and ready to start my day. I made some changes to my daily schedule to incorporate more time for book writing as to get more done. So many novels in my mind that it distracts me so I write the ideas down to come back to them later. I will be creating a video later today for my crowdfunding project to assist me with funding for my book expenses since disability doesn’t go a long way. My dream is to get some books published and sold so that I can get off of disability and be able to pay all of our bills. The car is almost fixed now so that we can go over to our house to finish fixing it up so that we can move in and get out of this tent. Our plan is to pay off some debt in order to buy this property, so I need to make some side money for that through my book sales. Well, it is time to get to writing and finishing my first cup of coffee. I wish everyone a blessed day!

Daily Journal 12/2/2016

Good morning everyone! Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I have been sick and having anxiety attacks every time I turn around. But I’m back and full of stories, novels, and hope for a brighter future. I want to thank everyone who has visited my site and enjoyed my short stories. It is a pleasure to write and have it enjoyed by others.So, let me get to work and give you more of me. Have a great day!

That Last Kiss

It was September two thousand and fourteen in a small town called Acworth which is in the lower part of New Hampshire. It had the population of eight hundred and ninety-one with a total area a little more than thirty-nine square miles. It is so beautiful here and sat just outside of Claremont, New Hampshire. It was almost time for fall and the leaves turning pretty reds, oranges, and yellows. Being September you could smell the scent of fall in the air. The thought of the holidays coming, families getting together, pumpkin pies cooling in the kitchen, and the busiest time of the year for most restaurants.

The biggest restaurant in the town had a waitress named Emily who was twenty-eight years old, single, about five foot seven, with blonde wavy hair and green eyes. She was their best waitress and made the most in tips. You couldn’t beat that bubbly personality she carried and was always polite and respectful to the customers. She had been saving up her money to get out of her sister’s house and into her own place. She worked long hours and made quite a few friends with the customers. The restaurant had a lot of regulars who always came in and sat in Emily’s section of the restaurant. If they had a bad day Emily was always their to cheer them up and make them smile. She warmed everyone’s heart and melted the most hardened men who came in.

Emily was a great waitress and on this one particular night she was unaware that she would meet her one true love. The one she has been waiting for all her life. Sure Emily has had a couple of boyfriends here and there but none tickled her fancy or was even into the types of things she was. Emily loved hiking, drawing, sunsets, picnics, and her dog Stubborn. That was his name due to him being so hardheaded that he had to have things his way and didn’t care for a lot of her boyfriends. He was a five-year old yellow Labrador  and he was her baby.

Emily came to work that night and while she was tending tables she noticed a gentleman walk into the restaurant. He was tall and a bit muscular, had dark brown hair and amazingly blue eyes. She noticed he was clean-shaven except for his goatee which was dark and well-trimmed. He was wearing a nice gray suit which made him look very distinguishing. Emily was captivated by him and noticed he was being seated in the section next to hers.

She started questioning the waitress who ran that section that night, asking what she knew about him. The waitress looked at her and knew right away that Emily was infatuated with him. She told Emily she would at least get his name. After taking him his coffee and chatting a bit with him, the waitress came back over and told Emily his name was Stephen. Emily smiled and started lightly muttering his name over and over again and lost track of her work. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and noticed he would catch a glimpse of her as well.

By the time Emily finished her tables and looked over to the next section, she noticed he was gone. She rushed over to the waitress and asked where he went. She told her that he left for the evening but did ask for Emily’s name. The waitress had told him her name and Emily disappointed by his leaving sulked for rest of the night. It isn’t often that a nicely dressed man in a suit dines in her restaurant and she thought she would never see him again.

A couple of nights later when it was pretty slow in the restaurant, Emily was in the back doing some cleaning when she heard her named called from out front. As she entered the dining area she looked over and noticed Stephen sitting in her section. She politely went over and offered her services to him. Stephen smiled and asked if she would join him for some coffee. Emily feeling flushed agreed to get him some coffee but with her being on the clock she couldn’t join him. She did however let him know that when she took her break she would come sit with him then. He agreed and patiently waited for her to take her break.

While Emily worked she kept noticing him staring at her and made sure he had a full cup of coffee until her break. Once she clocked out and took her break, Emily walked over with a soda in hand and gently sat down with him at his table. They struck up quite a good conversation and telling each other about their hobbies and interests. They both had similar interests and Emily even told him about Stubborn.

At the end of Emily’s break he quickly asked her what time she got off and if it would be okay if he met her after work. She agreed to meet up with him and told him to be there at eleven o’clock. After that he finished his coffee and got up to leave. Standing up and fixing his suit he walked over to the door and looked back at Emily smiling. When she went over to clean his table she noticed he left her a twenty-dollar tip and a note on the napkin thanking her for her conversation during her break. Emily put the money into her apron pocket and placed the napkin against her heart and smiled. She felt so appreciated that night.

Emily rushed through her duties so that when eleven o’clock came she would be ready to leave. She cleaned all of her tables, washed up the dishes, and restocked all the condiments when she looked up and noticed it was eleven o’clock exactly. She went in the back and clocked out and headed for the door. When she got outside she looked around but never saw Stephen waiting for her. Her heart dropped and there was nearly a tear in her eye when a black Chrysler three hundred pulled up in front of her. The window started down until Emily could see it was Stephen. He looked at her and smiled while her heart melted that he showed up.

She got into the car and they drove around for a little bit talking and laughing. Emily had not had so much fun until that night. They parked somewhere secluded and Stephen turned off the ignition. Emily asked if he was alright and Stephen just smiled. He stated that he was tired of driving and just wanted his full attention on her conversation. He was very intrigued by Emily. They sat for what seemed to be hours talking, laughing, and getting to know one another until she remembered Stubborn was at home and probably needed to go out.

Emily asked Stephen if he could take her home so she could tend to Stubborn. He politely said of course and started the car. He drove her home and Emily invited him to come in but he politely rejected the offer stating that it was too soon to invade on her privacy. She agreed and thanked him for the conversation and for taking her home. Emily walked up to the steps and looked back watching Stephen drive off before being met at the door by Stubborn.

Emily couldn’t get into the door and grab his leash before Stubborn ran out the front door almost knocking her over. She grabbed his leash and ran after him to find him hiking his leg on her rose bushes. She attached him to his leash and he started to run pulling her with him as he made his way around the yard pacing back and forth looking for a place to do his business. Once he was done doing his business he made his way back to the front door and inside before Emily released the leash from her hand. She waited until he got settled before attempting to take off his leash.

Emily went into the kitchen and grabbed a scoop of his favorite dog food and placed it in his dish. Stubborn heard the rattling of the dog food bag and came running, sliding across the floor and passing up his dish before stopping to return to it. She watched smiling as her faithful dog mauled his food before retiring to her room where she got changed for bed. Emily climbed into bed and covered up before Stubborn came in and jumped on the bed laying next to her. She fell asleep smiling with the thought of Stephen in her mind and petting her lovable dog.

The next morning. Emily woke up and went to the front porch to pick up her newspaper where she found a dozen, long-stemmed red roses with a note thanking her for last night. She picked them up and put them to her nose smelling the aromatic scent that reminded her of her time spent with Stephen the night before. She nonchalantly walked back inside and carefully put them in a vase that was given to her by her mother who passed away a few years back. Arranging them, Emily placed the vase of red roses in the middle of her dining room table where she could look upon them as she had her coffee and read the newspaper.

Soon it was time to take Stubborn for his walk before Emily had to get ready for work. She grabbed the leash and here came Stubborn running and almost pouncing on her excited to go for his walk. She attached the leash and they headed out the door heading for his favorite park. You could say that they walked to the park but really Stubborn pretty much drug her to the park. Once there, they walked around and he hiked his leg to almost everything and did his business a few times before it was time to go. Stubborn didn’t want to leave when a couple of female dogs entered the park. Emily did all she could to pull him from the park and head home.

Once getting home and inside, Emily unleashed Stubborn and went to her bedroom to get changed for work. She was still smiling and feeling flushed with the thoughts of Stephen in her mind. She jumped into the shower and got herself clean before putting her waitress uniform on. Then, noticing the time, she hurried to put her shoes on, kissed Stubborn, and out the door she went.She only lived a few streets over from the restaurant, but it seemed to take forever to get there on some days.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Emily noticed that business was booming this evening. She hurried inside and clocked in to find Stephen sitting in her section reading the menu. One of the waitresses came over to Emily and told her that he specifically requested to be seated in Emily’s section. Emily checked her hair and grabbed a pad and walked over to him asking if he was ready to order. He looked up at her with those blue eyes and smiled while placing his order. Emily thanked him for the roses while taking his order to the cook.

After taking his order to him and asking him if he needed anything else, Stephen asked her again if she was free after work. Emily looked at him almost confused when he stated that he wanted to get to know her better since he enjoyed her conversation so much the night before. Emily was flattered and agreed to meet him again after work.

After doing her cleaning and restocking, Emily sat down to count her tips when she looked up to see Stephen standing at the door. She grabbed her money and stuffed it into her pockets including another twenty-dollar tip from Stephen. She got up and walked over to the door and told him she will be right there. Emily turned around and headed for the back of the restaurant where she clocked out and got her coat. She met Stephen outside and this time he suggested they go for a walk to which Emily agreed.

As they walked Emily could feel the chill of the night air. Stephen noticing and taking off his jacket and wrapping it around her. They came across an all night movie theater where they decided to get in from the cold night and watch a movie. After the movie and two buckets of popcorn, Stephen decided to walk Emily home. He walked her to the door at the top of the steps and noticed this Labrador staring out the window, it was Stubborn. Emily knew she had to get him out to do his business so she asked Stephen to stay on the porch and out-of-the-way of the door.

Emily walked in and grabbed Stubborn’s leash and was able to get it on him before he shot out the front door. Stephen watched as the dog took Emily for a walk hiking his leg to almost everything he came into contact with before running towards Stephen. Emily announced that he was coming and for Stephen to brace himself. Stubborn ran right up to Stephen and did the most odd thing to Emily. Stubborn actually sat down and let Stephen pet him and he gave a few licks to Stephen’s face. At that moment he was this lovable dog to a man and Emily had never seen this in him. Stubborn hated all men no matter who they were, even the pizza man got knocked down delivering my pizza. There it was Stephen and Stubborn getting along with each other which brought tears to Emily’s eyes. From that moment on Emily knew that this was the man she needed to be with.

After spending some time with Stubborn outside, Emily asked Stephen again if he would like to come in. To her surprise he agreed to come in. They walked in and into the living room with Stubborn right behind them. Stephen sat down on the couch as Emily went to make some hot tea for the two of them. When she returned there was Stephen on the couch with Stubborn laying across his lap. Emily just chuckled a little and then apologized for his behavior. Stephen told her it was alright that he loved dogs, but just didn’t have one of his own. Emily was amazed how everything was going. It was as if she hung on to every word Stephen spoke. Their eyes gazing at each other and the little whimsical laughs. To Emily this was everything she could have possibly wanted in a man.

After hours of talking, laughing, and playing with Stubborn, it was getting late so Stephen bid hid goodbye and placed a kiss on Emily’s cheek. She walked him to the door and after a soft goodbye from her lips, they met his. His hands caressing the sides of her face while kissing her soft lips. Emily felt chills run down her spine that made her tremble. As his lips parted hers their eyes met and for the first time in Emily’s life she exhaled slowly from his kiss. This was the night for Emily to remember always. Stephen slowly walked out the door and bid her a good night.

The next morning, Emily’s sister Carly came into the kitchen for coffee and noticed that Emily was in a daze. She asked Emily if she was okay and Emily just shook her head smiling. Carly was now intrigued with what was up with Emily. They sat down together and over coffee Emily told her of Stephen. Carly was now on the edge of her chair with excitement of who this man could be that puts Emily in such a flutter. Emily knew in her heart this was the man she should spend her life with.

Later that day, which was Emily’s day off, the telephone rang and Carly answered it. She heard this man on the line who politely asked to speak to her sister Emily. Carly wanted to ask some questions but knew that it wasn’t her place to pry into Emily’s love life, so she called for Emily announcing that she had a phone call. Emily was just stepping out of a hot shower and wrapped in a towel to go answer the phone. When she answered and heard his voice, Emily felt those same chills that made her tremble. Stephen was asking her out yet again. Now Emily was wondering what the catch was that this man wanted to see her almost every night, so she agreed to go out with him.

This time Carly made herself available to meet this mystery man who wants to date her sister. Emily was getting ready upstairs when the doorbell rang. Carly got up to answer the door but Stubborn beat her to it. As she opened the door Stubborn was trying to get outside to meet his new friend. Once opened there was Stephen kneeling down to greet Stubborn with a few good pats asking where his mommy was. As Stephen stood up Carly met his entrancing blue eyes and told him Emily would be down in a few minutes. She asked him inside and told him to make himself to home while waiting for Emily to get ready.

Stephen went over to the couch with Stubborn on his heels. He sat down and Stubborn jumped up on the couch and sat right beside Stephen. He could feel the hot sweaty breath of Stubborn who sat panting in his ear, so he wrapped his arm around Stubborn and started petting him profusely. While Stephen was hanging out with Stephen, Emily was met at the base of the stairs by Carly. Carly looked her deep into her eyes and told her that Stephen was a keeper and to hold onto him. Emily just smiled as she walked into the room where Stephen and Stubborn were sharing some quality time together.

Stephen stood up and kissed Emily’s cheek as he grabbed her hand. He knelt down onto one knee and brought out this extravagant one carat diamond ring. He looked up at her and stated that they have only known each other a few days but that he believed in love at first sight. Emily was awe-struck by the ring and the fact that Stephen was proposing to her after only a few dates. Stephen stated that he loved her and couldn’t stop thinking about her. He was willing to share his whole life with her if she was willing to give him a chance. Emily was in shock and Carly standing right behind her nudging her to go for it. Emily melted, smiled, and said yes to Stephen’s proposal.

That made Stephen a very happy man, so happy that he swooped her up into his arms and planted the most sensual kiss on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him right back. Carly standing there with Stubborn in tears of joy that her baby sister was getting married. After putting Emily back onto her feet, she turned and met Carly with tears and a big hug. Once she stopped crying for a minute, Emily told her that she had to help her start planning a wedding, but Stephen intervened by saying that he wanted to get married right away so they could begin their lives together. Emily agreed and made arrangements to go to the courthouse and get married in front of the justice of the peace.

Once the girls were dressed and ready to go, they both followed Stephen out the door and down to his car which was parked out front. Stephen then opened the doors for both ladies because he was such a gentleman and then helped them inside. He ran around to the other side and opened the door to get in. He started the car and they were off to see the justice of the peace.

Once at the courthouse, both girls went into the bathroom to check their hair and makeup before proceeding. They met Stephen at the door of the justice of the peace and proceeded to enter together. There they were in love and wanting to make it official. Carly stood next to her sister in tears of joy for the happy couple. Once the ceremony was finished and the justice of the peace announced you may kiss your bride, Stephen turned to Emily and told her thank you for making him the happiest man on earth before sensually kissing her lips.

They had finally done it and were very happy with their decision. Stephen escorted both ladies back to his car and drove back to Emily’s house to get a change of clothing and to drop off Emily’s sister Carly. Once Emily was ready with a suitcase in hand, the two then proceeded to walk out the door and back to Stephen’s car to start their new life together. Emily turned back to Carly and asked her to please take care of Stubborn for her until she returns which Carly happily agreed too.

Stephen and Emily were off to start their life together and first it would be a short but romantic honeymoon. They went to Claremont, New Hampshire to a nice hotel and got a room. Stephen went inside, paid for their room, and then came back out to swoop up his bride and carried Emily to their room. Once inside, Stephen pulled Emily close to him and kissed her ever so gently. His hands caressing her body as his lips adored hers. Emily then said she needed to get a shower and cleaned up for their romantic night. Stephen decided to take advantage of her shower by going to a nearby store to get some snacks and refreshments, so he kissed his new bride and told her he would be back soon as he walked out of the door.

Emily had taken a long hot shower while admiring her wedding ring. She couldn’t believe it, she finally got married. She was so happy that she began to cry tears of joy again. When she composed herself, she stepped out of the shower to towel off and get dressed. She noticed that Stephen had been gone a lot longer than expected and started to worry a bit. After putting her clothes on she went and stood by the window watching for Stephen to appear. Emily wasn’t standing there long when she heard the sirens of police cars and an ambulance about a block away. She couldn’t see anything but was still worried about Stephen.

After about fifteen minutes and still no Stephen, she went outside to occupy her mind to see what had happened a block away. As she got to the street, she saw a couple of police cars and not one but two ambulances. She noticed that there had been a car accident and noticed how one of the cars looked like Stephens. She started to panic and wander closer to the scene. There he was, laying on the ground with a blanket covering his body and paramedics on their way over to him.

Emily started screaming and panicking while running over to her new husband. The police officers had stopped her trying to get to him so the paramedics could help him. She looked over their shoulders crying out to him while they held her back. She watched as they picked him up on a stretcher and took him to one of the nearby ambulances. She followed them while looking over to the other person who was driving the other car. He seemed to be intoxicated but showed no remorse for what he caused.

The police officers had told Emily that her husband was struck by another car with a driver who was highly intoxicated and they needed to rush him to the hospital. The paramedics allowed her to ride with her husband to the hospital. Once at the hospital, they took Stephen into the trauma bay where Emily wasn’t allowed to go. As Emily cried she made it to a phone to call Carly to meet her at the hospital. Carly was on her way to be at her sister’s side.

Emily still in shock as she paced back and forth down the hallway when Carly rushed in. Emily collapsed into Carly’s arms crying out that Stephen can’t die. Carly held her and kept telling her it was going to be alright. Stephen would pull through Carly kept saying while staring through the door window where they worked on Stephen’s injuries.

After hours of waiting and crying, a doctor finally came out to the girls and informed Emily that her husband had slipped into a coma. Emily then collapsed once more to the floor crying for her husband. Carly right there with her for comfort. The two girls could not believe what had happened and the doctor informed them that they were moving him to a private room where they could sit with him.

Carly helped Emily to her feet as they followed the nurse to his room where she immediately went to his bedside and clutched his hand inside hers. The tears fell down her cheeks as she looked down upon her husband’s lifeless body. Emily looked at Carly and asked why did this have to happen. Carly had no answers for her. They had not even been married for twenty-four hours before he ended up in a coma. Life support was the only thing keeping him alive. His body was giving up on him from enduring so much trauma.

Day after day, night after night, Emily sat at his bedside reading and talking to him. Emily holds up a picture of Stubborn and tells Stephen that Stubborn misses him and wants him to wake up and come home. Stephen lays their lifeless and still. Emily stays by his side and holds his hand every waking moment just to be with him. The doctor informed Emily that it is good to talk to him and that he could possibly hear her voice. She never gave up on him and believed with her whole heart that he will come back and open his eyes. Carly would bring her sister food because she refused to leave his side even to eat. Carly was starting to worry for her sister.

Fourteen days had passed and the doctors informed Emily she would have to make the decision to take him off life support. Stephen was at the point where he now had no brain activity and was virtually brain-dead. With this news Emily collapsed again crying and grabbing his hand harder, but she knew it would not help him anymore. Emily would have to accept the fact that Stephen was not coming back to her. She turned to Carly asking for her help in making this decision. Carly told Emily it was for the best to let him go in peace.

Emily refused for days to give up on Stephen but finally came to the realization that he was in fact already gone and would not return. She called the doctors in and told them she was ready to sign the papers. The nurse brought them in and handed them to Emily who was crying tears all over the paperwork. Finally she signed her name on the dotted line taking her husband off life support.

After about fifteen minutes the nurses came in to turn off the machines with Emily holding her husband’s hand crying. They turned off the machines and pulled the breathing tube from his mouth and Emily heard his heart beating on its own. She leaned down to kiss his lips and felt his lips twitch as if kissing her back before the noise of his heart flat lining. Stephen was gone and Carly there to take her sister home.

The funeral was sweet and Emily did not know how well liked Stephen was or how many friends he had until that day. She put his body into the ground with Stubborn leashed and at her side. Tears running down both girls faces as they say their last goodbye. Emily went home and refused to see anyone or go to work because of her mourning and grief. Carly started to worry about her as Emily would not even speak to her own sister for days on end.

A few days after the funeral, a knock came to the door. It was a man in a brown suit with a black briefcase looking for Emily. Carly went upstairs to get Emily and bring her back down. They sat on the couch and the gentleman asked Emily to sign some papers. When Emily asked what this was all about, the gentleman answered her saying that Stephen had signed over his estate, belongings, and an insurance policy of one million dollars. When Emily asked how this could happen when he was in a coma the day we were married. The gentleman answered her by saying that this was all taken care of that morning of his marriage proposal to which he was already aware of. Emily looked at Carly and then back down to the papers where she was now worth four and a half million dollars. Carly was excited for her sister but Emily wasn’t as excited. She looked at her sister and stated that all the money in the world would not amount to that last kiss.