Daily Journal 2/24/2018

Hello everyone. I just got finished cleaning the house and now I can sit and relax until dinner time. We are at our friends’ house sitting with their dad and it has been nice. We brought four of our five dogs with us and they get along great with their four small dogs. Our nine-month-old lab has gone into heat so we are just going to have a good old time with her. At least they only have two boys and one is gone with our friend and the other one here is too small to reach anything.

It has been nice being here and their dad is good people and we have awesome conversations. I have been able to sit and relax and now since everything is done I can work on my writing. It has been great weather here for being February. I call it a heat wave with our temperatures in the upper seventies and eighties.

I will be starting to write the second book that I finished the detailed outline on the other night so that will be two works in progress that I hope to publish soon. I have been doing some marketing and have had two of my book read in the Kindle lending library and a few downloads of my free book, “The Battle for Joshua”. I am having a great time writing and I know it will take patience before sales really start picking up more.

Well, I have a short story to finish and post on the site and wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else an awesome weekend. Take care.



Daily Journal 11/17/2017

Morning dear friends and family. How are we doing this morning? I woke up feeling pretty good and I know it is because they increased the dosage in some of my medications plus gave me a new one to keep the nightmares away. Thank you so much doctor for that because that is the main reason why I haven’t been sleeping much and beating my husband up while I sleep and he thanks you for that, lol.

It is another beautiful day here in Dalton, Georgia with the sun shining and hardly any breeze but there is a mild chill in the air. It was decent enough to take my dogs out and hang outside for a while. I came back in and made the bed and cleaned up around the house and now I am ready to get to work.

I sat here last night and got another chapter edited and will be back to writing on the new book today. I am so excited to get back to writing that it isn’t even funny. I have been going through withdrawals not being able to write. Now that things are pretty much calmed down I can take care of business. It has been a slow progress with all the drama that has been going on but now it is over and a nice quiet place to sit and work on my writing.

I’m hoping to have two books ready for the first of the month to publish and get out into the world and a few more in December ready for the first of the year. I am looking for people who would like to read an early copy and only asking for those people to leave a review on the Amazon website. If interested please send me a message with your email address and I will put you on the list to receive a copy once they are edited and before their launch.

Well, it is time to stop here and get to work. I have a short story to write and post on the site and I wish everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have an awesome Friday. Take care.

Daily Journal 7/17/2017

Good morning, everyone! I hope you slept well? Sorry for not posting yesterday but I was finally taking some me time. I checked my sales reports and I have sold a few more books, had some more pages read, and even made a couple audiobook sales. I know things are moving slowly but I anticipate it to get better over time. I am trying to get my sales campaigns ready and some ads, but it will come.

I have been up all night with a girl friend hanging out and we planned our vacation for October with our significant others and we just didn’t get tired enough to go to bed. I sat here watching movies while I finished off chapter nine of Joshua and should be able to get chapter ten done tonight. We have a full day of stuff to do and we will take a nap when we get home.

I am getting more excited about Joshua the closer to the end I get. I look forward to editing it and then sending it to the editor to get reviewed. It will be fun to publish it and get it out to everyone. I also did something I said I would never do and that is getting a tattoo. lol. I always said that if I ever got one it would be a great white shark and that is exactly what I am getting. I have gotten it started but I can only get so much done at a time since I have nerve damage in my extremities.

It is starting to look really good and like it is eating its way out of my skin. It is on the side of my calf and looks cool when I flex muscles in my leg because the shark moves. Well, it is time to get the coffee started before waking the guys up. I will post a picture of my tattoo when it gets completed and will keep everyone posted on my book progress.

To everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”, and to everyone else, have a happy Monday and I will talk soon. Have a great day!

Daily Journal 12/7/2016

It is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and there is a bit of a chill in the air but it is a gorgeous fall morning. My husband woke me up with a cigarette and a honey bun. “Thank you, Honey”. 🙂 I have had my shower and working on a cup of coffee and feel really good today. Ready to take on the world of writing. I am almost done with the first round of editing my first book in a series and I have hired a cover designer and getting things rolling. My goal is to publish my children’s book and my first nonfiction book in January. Things are looking up today and I hope everyone else is having a great morning so far. My husband and dogs are asleep on the bed so it is quiet enough for me to write. I have found some places for writers where the rent and utilities are paid for and most give you two weeks to get inspired, love the scenery, and WRITE. I will keep those listings on the back-burner in case I need some time off from family or get stumped with writing. Well, time to go start my day and thank you to everyone who has read and liked my short stories, please leave comments so that I may improve my writing. Have a blessed day everyone!!

The Wicked Money Hungry Step Mother

Dalton, Georgia was a nice small town community with lots of memories for most folks, but it turned into one of the most exhausting, tormenting times for a couple named Carl and Brenda. Carl was a man of five foot nine, athletic build, shaved head and goatee. He had just gotten out of prison back in two thousand and ten for a crime he was innocent of which made him a sex offender for life. He suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia for which he was receiving disability payments every month. He met his bride soon after getting out of prison at a mutual friends house one day and they became friends. It wasn’t until two thousand and thirteen when they finally decided to start dating.

Brenda lived alone with her two dogs Kayla and Kymarra in a one bedroom house she was renting from a slumlord who refused to fix anything. Carl would go over to her house to visit and their romance began. He would visit almost every day and both of them hated to see him leave. Brenda was a tall woman of six feet and her weight was proportionate to her height and build. When Carl first met her she was a phone actress for an entertainment company that serviced male callers. She was an independent woman taking care of herself and her dogs. She was a workaholic most days and did the best she could to look after her little family. Every night after Carl would leave to go home they would be on messenger together talking for hours.

One night, Brenda asked him through messenger if he would marry her, but was only joking about it, when Carl made the statement that he wanted to ask her that question the next day when he came over. So they chatted for a bit longer before Brenda was supposed to report for work. The next day when Carl came to visit he did in fact ask Brenda to marry him to which she agreed. From that moment on their relationship blossomed into a loving one which made them spontaneously decide to go to the courthouse to get married, and they did.

Once married, they went to his sister’s house who was happy for them and they became a family, which Brenda had not had in many years. They were going to his sisters for dinner or to visit almost every day. One day, Carl decided to find another house to live in because he felt his new bride deserved a better place. He found that house and quickly moved her in. She loved this new house because for one it was bigger than her old one. They tried to make it a home but stress played a part in Brenda becoming unhappy because she want to find a house to buy. Well, Carl’s other sister lived across the street from them and talked it over with his brother-in-law about the house next door to them for which he owned.

The agreement was made that they would commit to a rent to own deal so they could buy a house and make Brenda happy. It wasn’t long before the brother-in-law became a jerk to them and wanted more money and control over who came to visit. That made Carl and Brenda very disappointed. Not only did he want more money and control, but the breaker box in the house burned out and they were without power. The brother in law was notified the very same day but refused to fix the problem and only wanted his money every month. Carl and Brenda soon got bored and tired of his threats and decided to move out.

They ended up pitching a tent in Carl’s fathers’ backyard. Now Carl had a decent relationship with his father but the step mother wanted her say in everything. Carl and Brenda pretty much lost everything to live in a tent until they could find a place of their own. It was only supposed to be temporary but lasted longer than they wanted because Brenda herself became disabled and was waiting on her checks to come through which would help them move into their own house again.

Now Brenda had done everything she could to make things good between her and the step mother, but the step mother started to show her true side which was being money hungry. Carl and Brenda were living in a tent with nothing but a bed, television, and three dogs because Carl got a dog of his own, and Brenda was not working anymore. They had to live off of the little check that Carl drew each month which just barely covered their other bills. They had no extra money and then their car became inoperable which made things worse. Carl had to put off doctor’s appointments due to no transportation.

Bradford, Carl’s father, was a very supportive father and tried to do his best at helping his son and daughter in law out. He did this despite how the step mother felt about it. Brenda volunteered to clean their house for them, bought between three to five hundred dollars worth of food every month, and did whatever her and Carl could do around the house to help out. The step mother, Diana, was a very short woman who was overweight and a couch potato. All she really cared about was controlling the television and eating. Diana and Bradford had a mutual friend who was gay that they used to work with at one of the manufacturing plants here in town. She was always on the phone with him even during meal times.

Diana was a gossip who thought she knew everything and sometimes twisted the truth to suit her satisfaction. She never kept house but did most of the cooking. All she did all day when she was not cooking was complaining. Bradford did everything he could to ignore her because he has lived with her complaining for fourteen years now and was used to it. Well, even though Brenda helped out around the house by cleaning, some of the cooking, and putting food in the house, the step mother was always on to her about one thing or another.

She always complained to Brenda whenever the guys weren’t around and caused more stress on Brenda’s mind and body than she needed. Brenda was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression. She didn’t have a good past and it still haunted her everyday. Brenda didn’t know how she would be from one day to the next and the step mother was slowly pushing her buttons. Brenda noticed that her step mother was unappreciative, greedy, money hungry, and soon disrespectful. It had gotten so bad that Brenda stopped cleaning her house and stayed most days in the tent just to not be around the step mother.

Now Brenda had always put plenty of food in the house and one month she only bought what was needed. It wasn’t good enough for the step mother so she complained. She verbally attacked the step daughter every time they were alone. Brenda couldn’t even walk into the house first thing in the morning without the step mother jumping on her about something. One day the step mother raised her voice and treated Brenda like she was a child and Brenda did everything she could to keep from going off on the woman, but went to the guys to tell them what happened. It made Brenda very upset that this woman could be so bad.

Carl and Brenda were doing everything they could to survive and didn’t need the step mother to cause more stress. Brenda wanted out of there more than the step mother did. Without having any money and the step mother knowing this, she constantly harped about some gas money to even go to the store two blocks away. She wanted money for everything even when Carl’s dad said we didn’t have to pay them gas money to take us anywhere. But the step mother persisted to beat down Brenda knowing that it could send her over the edge at any given time. To keep from having anymore confrontation with the step mother Brenda decided to start staying in the tent and not going into the house for anything but to shower.

When Brenda bought groceries this month and only bought what the house needed, she took half of the food down to the tent so her and Carl would have something to snack on at night. The step mother wasn’t well with things because Brenda didn’t even buy any meat this month and was complained at about that. Diana was just so annoying to Brenda and there wasn’t anything Brenda could do about it without causing more strife in the house. Brenda was at the point of pulling all the food from the house for which they were not even obligated to do but Carl and Bradford asked her to let it go.

Diana caught Brenda one morning when she went into the house to use the bathroom and complained some more to her about the food she bought and it stressed Brenda out to the point of which Brenda sat in the tent and cried. She was tired of being treated so badly. Diana stated to Brenda that because they weren’t paying any rent, nothing on the electric bill, and using their water, that it wasn’t fair or right when Brenda felt it was justified because she always put so much food in the house and even cleaned her house for her. Granted, Carl and Brenda did manage to give Bradford forty dollars one month towards the electric bill but Bradford hardly accepts any money from them because he understands how hard they are having it right now.

Carl and Brenda have discussed sitting down with Bradford and Diana and discussing what is going on, but Brenda is very cautious about that right now because she knows that what she says will make Diana angry and thus give way to a chance of them being evicted from the backyard. Bradford stated that he would not throw his son out because of a conflict with his wife, Diana.

Carl and Brenda have found a house that needs some renovations before moving in and are trying to come up with money to get it fixed. They can hardly wait to be rid of the step mother, Diana, and live on their own again. Bradford fears that once Carl and Brenda move that they will stay away and not visit. Carl and Brenda have already assured him that they will still visit him but keep a distance from Diana. Would you allow your step mother to treat you so badly and ungrateful? Any suggestions for Carl and Brenda to overcome the difficulties of living with the step mother?


Things I Can Do to Help Mommy & Daddy

This is the manuscript sent to the Literary Agent, here I’m only submitting a few of the pages. Illustrations are still being worked on. ENJOY !!


“Hi, my name is Walter Uriah Belvedere, but all my friends call me “Wuby” which is pronounced Woo-Bee for short.” Can you imagine saying my name several times, it would make your tongue hurt not to mention tired. So everyone calls me Wuby. That is so much easier to say. I am five years old and I live with my mommy and daddy who are not home a lot because they work to take care of me and my sister, who you will meet later.

We’re here to show you how you can help your mommy and daddy like we do. See, my mommy and daddy work a lot to make sure my sister and I have everything we need from food, to clothes, and a roof over our heads. Oh yeah, they also buy food for our family puppy named “Scratches” who is named that because all he does is scratch due to dry skin. Why mommy and daddy can’t put some lotion on him to make him stop is beyond me. They put lotion on me when I have the dry skin to make it stop itching.

My daddy is an architect, which means he helps to design and build all the tall buildings that people live and work in you see around the city. He leaves early every morning when my sister and I are at the table eating our cereal. We watch and snicker as he kisses mommy’s lips before he comes over to us and gives us kisses, tickles, and a big hug. My mommy taught me how to tell daddy “have a good day” when he gives me a big bear hug before leaving. Usually by the time he gets to the car and gets his stuff in we are in the Living room window waving goodbye and my sister is such a ham blowing daddy kisses through the window. She is so corny.

We get out of the window when mommy comes in the room and tells us it’s time to get dressed now. We scamper into our bedrooms and start digging through drawers throwing clothes everywhere while Scratches sits on my big boy bed as mommy and daddy call it. When I turn around, he is covered with the sweater Aunt Molly made me. I fall on the ground laughing because he looks so funny.

Mommy is in her room getting dressed for work too. She is an a- a- c- cow- tent. Meaning she goes and plays with other peoples’ money. She makes sure they don’t spend it all and be broke with no money and no way to take care of their kids like us. I overheard her telling daddy that one man spent all his money on a stocking at a market and then he crashed. Anyway, they work a lot of hours and almost all day. When they come home they are really tired and sometimes they argue because the house is dirty and they have to clean it.

I don’t know much about cleaning the house and all but I have come up with some ideas to help mommy and daddy so they can come home and be happy. I think if you try hard enough you too can help your mommy and daddy be happy. I know some of you probably only have a mommy, like my friend Jimmy, or just a daddy like my friend Stephen, so these ideas will make them just as happy too. Now turn the page and let’s get started.

First off, let me introduce my corny, but sweet twin sister, Gertrude Ann Belvedere. That is too hard for me to say too many times also, so we call her “Gaby”. We celebrate our birthday together, but she seems to think she is entitled to more of the cake than I. Anyway, she is here to help me show you some of my ideas to helping your mommy and daddy around the house so they can come home and be happy. We love a happy family, don’t we? Okay, let’s get started now please.


Pick up your toys and clean your room.

Mommy taught Gaby and I how to clean our rooms. We also pick up our toys when were done playing with them. That was a starting point. So, we go around picking up all our toys and putting them in our toy chests for safe keeping. We look under our beds and pull out toys, clothes, shoes, and sometimes a candy wrapper here or there. We put our shoes in the closet; put trash and candy wrappers in the trash can, and attempt to make our beds. We are too small to use the vacuum but when we have it all clean, mommy only has to run the vacuum in here. That makes it so much easier for her. Plus, it makes it easier for us to find our toys. My sister Gaby spends most of her time in my room so it can be hard to keep it clean with all her dollies. She leaves more things in my room than hers. She is so girly.

Put your dirty clothes in the clothes basket or hamper.

It can be fun sometimes going around the house and finding the one sock you have been missing for a long time. We think that when you take it off you should immediately put it in the basket or hamper. That way you never lose anything and mommy can just grab the basket and go to the laundry room with it. It also keeps it more clean around the house. Most of the time Gaby puts her dolly clothes in the hamper so they stay fresh and clean too. I will never understand why a girl wants her dolly clothes clean when they never leave the house to go anywhere.

Help daddy take out the trash.

I know some of us are too little to carry those big bags of trash, but you can always help daddy carry them or even hold the door open for him to carry it out. He will appreciate the help believe me. He says I have big muscles when I grab the bottom of the bag and carry it. He laughs or smiles when he hears me grunting like I am really carrying it. It makes mommy smile too. Gaby is so girly that all she does is shrieks at the thought of touching the dirty trash bag. I think it is because of all those dirty diapers mommy puts in it. It can really stink.


My name is Brandi Payne and I have created this blog to announce my new endeavor of becoming a published author. I am 46 years old and I have plenty of books and stories inside my head. I am creating this blog to build my platform and to get feedback on my writings. I would love to share with the world all of the adventures that are just sitting here waiting to meet you. I have already written a children’s picture book for which I have submitted to Literary Agents for representation. I will be posting some of my writings as well as short stories here for you to read and please comment on. I love the feedback and it would help to make me a better writer. Should you have any ideas for a book please submit those in your comments. I have had experience in blog writing for previous employers and also storytelling . Please share your thoughts and enjoy my writing.

Thank You