God’s Mercy

Everyone in life makes mistakes and sometimes people keep making the same mistake over and over. There are plenty of things I am not proud of and some of them I do feel shame but it has been through God’s Mercy that I am able to be here today. He showed his mercy by breaking the bondage of drug addiction and prostitution in my life. He gave me a hope I didn’t know existed for someone like me. It has been through His direction and His time that we are redeemed and made new. I had fallen so low I was among the amoebas of life yet I still felt his presence with me. I endured teh most horrific things in life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Things so terrible that I still live through the nightmares. Things you see on television are nothing compared to a true life actual event.

I know that I have not been the greatest of followers but He has been and is today still working on me and defining who He has for me to be. I am that pile of clay that He takes great care and love into molding into a perfect work of art. Sometimes I do have the regret of not listening to Him earlier in life but it has taken me this long to realize He is the one in control and will not put me in a position without a way out. He will not let me endure more than I can handle and has always been my friend and comforter. I acknowledge Him who sits on teh throne and that His son died on that cross for me. His son’e blood cleansed me even from two thousand years ago.

When I am down, saddened, or depressed, and even when I hold so much anger, He keeps me close until the emotion subsides. Not a lot of people believe in God, or Jesus for that matter, but if anyone had ever experienced or walked a day in my shoes they would definitely believe there was a higher power or force at work. Through God’s Mercy and understanding along with His patience I have been led by the hand down the path of life and have seen such wonderful sights and felt the most intense sense of being through my transformation. He has made me a new creature with a deep understanding of life and what it means to be human. He has given me the gift of compassion just as His son Jesus had compassion for sinners. I treat everyone like they could possibly be the savior or creator. I do not want to be left behind or fallen to teh wayside. I have a purpose in life just like everyone else has also. We are given gifts from the creator it is just up to those who accept it. I am a walking testimony that no matter how severe your past or life is that there will always be a hand to guide you through it to greener pastures. Just Believe.