Daily Journal 11/28/2017

Good morning everyone. how are you today? I am doing pretty good this morning and had to reschedule my doctor’s appointment because my transportation got screwed up. So, that is just more time I can spend writing,

I will have finished editing “The Battle for Joshua” by the end of the week and ready to send to an editor. I am writing the fourth chapter of my next book which will also be a series. I have more time to write now since everything is back to normal here in the house and my husband and I are in the process of buying some property that we can build our house on. That is very exciting.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far? I will be looking for some readers for my book to give me some feedback on it before publishing it. It will be a freebie book. If interested in being a reader for me just send me an email at bpayne43@live.com.

Well, time to get to work. I will let everyone know when the book is ready for readers which should be this weekend, So, to everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have a spectacular day and love those around you.


Daily Journal 5/29/2017

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Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Let’s have a moment of silence for all those brave men and women who have served in the military and lost their lives……

It is their bravery and courage that has made it possible for us to be free. they have sacrificed their lives to make sure we are safe and secure and I want to say “thank you”.

Today is a beautiful Spring day and I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. My dogs are up acting silly and my husband is having coffee watching television. It is a normal day here and I feel worn down but making myself motivated to get some writing done. My body is achy but that has been almost an everyday thing with me the past few months but I push through it with my writing.

One thing I do love and that is sharing my personal life with everyone. It gives you as the reader the sense that I am a real person with everyday real life issues and that makes it easier to get to know me.

I do anticipate all you readers getting to know me through my writing. I want everyone to live in my stories like I do. But that is just me and my thoughts. So off to continue writing I will go because I am on a deadline for manuscript writing. I wish everyone a happy and blessed day and remember those fallen military service men and women who gave their lives to save ours.

“Happy Memorial Day!”

Daily Journal 5/17/2017

Hello to all of my friends and family old and new. I want to apologize for not keeping up with my journal and keeping in touch with each of you. It has been a trying month so far and it has taken a serious toll on me physically and mentally. We moved in with my cousin who has been declared legally blind so she needs some help around the house.

I have been cleaning the house for an entire nine days, pulling everything out of the cupboards, wiping them out and washing every dish in the house. You would think that it would be easy enough until you are continuously interrupted to do something else. I have been having other issues physically that makes it hard to stand for long periods and some dizzy spells. My husband has been so good with support and helping me get things done.

Today we finally got the kitchen and dining room completed with deck brushed floors and cleaned walls. There is still the living room to go but my husband has agreed to do it for me so that I can go back to writing where I am happy the most. I have missed my writing and I know that it disappoints some of my readers but I promise that things are going to get back to normal and my writing will thrive.

It has been hard for me mentally not being able to write and my husband and therapist noticed it clearly and are doing whatever they can to get me back to that point of being content. I am making some changes and will be initiating them tomorrow when I wake up. I have missed chatting with everyone and letting you know what I have been up too and writing updates. So, it is getting late and I want to get some things done to be ready for tomorrow. I wish everyone an awesome night and have a blessed morning.

Daily Journal 2/20/2017

Hello, Everyone. First I want to apologize for my absence for the last two days. I noted in my last post that I had been sick for a few days, well let’s just say that without anything for cold symptoms come Saturday night I wanted to die. I was so sick, I couldn’t even keep fluids down, hot and cold flashes, vomiting, and my body aches were so extreme that even my hands hurt. Right now, my ribcage and my diaphragm hurt from all the coughing. I just wanted to die Saturday night. I am up a little today but not much. I still have a foggy head and a little wobbly in the legs.

I think it could have been worse had I not started taking vitamin C when I noticed that I was getting sick. I don’t get sick that often but when I do it goes to the extremes in taking me down. I still have a slight headache but I need to get functioning which will help me bounce back. I went to bed Friday night and haven’t been up until this morning. I have been feverish since Saturday morning and still feel a bit feverish but I can’t stay in the bed like that without my body hurting.

On to a brighter note, I am back writing this morning and I know it will probably take a few days to get back on my schedule with recovery time and everything, but I want to let everyone know I’m still here. So, I will get back to my writing and pump out some more of those short stories for your enjoyment. I wish everyone a healthy and blessed day :).

Daily Journal 2/9/2017

Good morning to all my friends old and new, and to my family out there. Woke up this morning with an incontinence issue but I am better now, alive and awake, and ready to get writing. I have had a tall cup of coffee, two diet Pepsi’s, and now I’m on to a bottle of water. My diabetes can sometimes make me very thirsty or dehydrated no matter how controlled it is. So, I am here getting set up at my desk to start my writing again today. I have somewhere between twelve and twenty works in progress, I am almost ready to publish the first book and almost done with research for the second book before starting to write it. I have outlines done for the remaining works in progress and excited to begin writing each one.

My husband is still asleep with the dogs, the birds and squirrels are being noisy this morning, and I am still trying to wake up. 🙂 The only thing I can say right now is that I am a “Phenomenal Women”. I somehow manage to multitask several things at one time, work on writing my books, and pay the bills when the money comes in. I have a goal to be debt free this year with the possibility of buying a house the beginning of next year. This is going to be a good year for me no matter what tries to stop us. I also have a goal of having at least ten of the twenty books written and published this year as well. It is funny because not only do I have a list and outline for twenty books, I have begun a partial list of new books to write.

Writing has become a passion for me and it is not so much about the money as it is to help people and to entertain. I have already made provisions that half of all royalties will go to Hope Station USA, Inc to assist the homeless in becoming self-sufficient. That is the second passion in my life, to give back to those who have helped me over the years while I was homeless. Well, enough of that, it is time to get started on today’s writing. I wish everyone a blessed and prosperous day. Just remember that even the smallest of good things is a reason to celebrate. Pay it forward whenever you can and it will always come back to you tenfold. Have a great day everyone! Writers get those creative juices flowing it is a new day.

Daily Journal 2/2/2017

Woke up about seven thirty this morning which was about thirty minutes ago and still a little groggy but I’m here writing and talking silly with my husband as we drink our coffee. I just took my insulin and waking up a little more. I hope today will be a blessed day. My husband was going to work on our car today but guess what? It’s raining, lol. My mind is starting to wake up and full of book ideas which are running amuck in my mind right now. I decided to write another chapter for my first book so I have been doing a lot of research for content and it is almost ready to be added to the book. I’m also finishing up my research notes for book number two which will be a long book but full of information that can help people. Well, I will be cutting this short and sweet because I need to get some short stories wrote. Have a great and blessed day today everyone. 🙂

Daily Journal 1/23/2017

With it raining all night our tent floor is wet and had a few little leaks last night. I went to bed somewhat early last night to get a full night sleep to which I only got up once last night which is good for me. I got up about 6 am this morning and I am beginning my day. I am listening to the coffee brewing and can’t wait for that first cup. Besides this daily journal, I keep a written journal every day. I am somewhat achy this morning in my lower back and hips but I have taken my meds and starting today with a fresh start. Hubby is still asleep so I can concentrate on my writing quietly and have decided to add another chapter to my first book and almost ready to start writing the second book of the series. It has taken the better part of ten days to do research on the second book and I am anxious to start writing. I have a lot of information for this book and it will be full length while the first book is a novella of about thirty thousand words. I am also working on putting a newsletter together so keep an eye out for it. Okay so let me tackle the day before hubby gets up. I wish everyone a great day and may you have a very productive day. God Bless.

Daily Journal 1/8/2017

Woke up to freezing weather in this tent this morning with it feeling like one degree outside and trying to keep warm. I hardly slept at all last night, had sister-in-law spending the night with us in this tent. I am enjoying my second cup of coffee and everyone else is waking up. I plan on working on my second book today. Just trying to catch up wth everything today. Doctor put me on different medication and I am waiting to see if it will work and have back doctor appointment tomorrow so hopefully, I will find out what is wrong with my back and get something to help with it. So other than freezing I am doing pretty good and feel okay, but the day has just started. I hope everyone has a great day and happy writing.

Turning the Other Cheek

Some people say that turning the other cheek is a hard thing to do and I will agree with that, but only through God are you able to do it. He gives you the strength to turn the other cheek to someone and most of the time it is someone who doesn’t know God that will tempt you. Satan is very cunning and sometimes will even use those closest to you to tempt you into a confrontation. I am not sure if it was God who instilled in me to turn the other cheek but I do know that it has been an easy thing for me to do throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong I have held grudges against people but eventually, I have asked for forgiveness from them and from God. It used to feel like I was being bullied but in all aspect I pretty much was, but I could never find it inside myself to confront the person back. I know that sometimes it can be hard and I do understand that but I always keep telling myself that if someone does me wrong they always get something done back to them later on but never by my hand. God seeks revenge in His own time so it might be years down the road but they will pay the consequences for what they have done. So, just keep in mind that when someone hits you, wrongs you, or sins against you, just turn the other cheek and move on. They will get theirs in the long run.

Daily Journal 12/17/2016

I had a rough night last night when I woke up at 1 am and sat up until 4 am before going back to bed. I woke up around 11:30 am and have been in front of my computer with coffee in hand. I am feeling okay today and have been working my schedule to make sure I don’t forget anything. My lower back is hurting a little but I am bound and determined to catch up my writing schedule. The house is moving slowly but once my husband has the car running which should be today we are going to go to the house and get some more stuff done. The goal is to be in the new house by mid-January. It is getting pretty cold in this tent but we manage. I look forward to the new house and hope that there are no more monkey wrenches in it. Well, I will write more later, I need to keep my schedule going. Have a great day everyone! 🙂