Daily Journal 5/6/2017

Hello, Everyone!! It is so good to be back. I finally got my internet installed here at my cousin’s house and now I can go back to writing to all of you wonderful people who encourage me to share my stories. I would have written yesterday which was my plan but I ended up having a very bad and stressful day that caused me to isolate from everyone.

Then, to top it all off, I went down to code enforcement to get the permit for the electrical only to find myself opening a pandora’s box of other issues and now it looks like we will have to undo all of our hard work from this house and try to salvage what we can and at least get part of the money back. So, we are stuck here at my cousin’s house until we can find a place to live.

My cousin wants us to stay here but she is bipolar and that doesn’t mix well with our mental health issues, so this is only temporary. Every day is a new drama scenario which makes it very difficult to write or even keep a clear mind for creativity.

Today seems to be a better day and now I am able to sit and write. I am working on three books at the same time, writing a half of a chapter to a whole chapter almost every day. so they should all be ready for publishing at the same time. I have plenty of books to write this year and look forward to each story and being a part of that world. It will be a nice escape for me and I am seriously considering a writer’s retreat to get away and be to myself and my writing.

Well, I have some short stories to post and look forward to another day of writing. I wish everyone old and new a beautiful and blessed day. Don’t forget to give a smile to someone to brighten their day. Be blessed.

Daily Journal 4/23/2017

Good morning friends and family. It has been thundering and storming here since yesterday evening. When I got up about four this morning it was hailing outside and it got pretty loud since we are now inside of a metal garage. Other than that, it is pretty dismal here this morning but mentally I am okay so far.

Yesterday I had to revamp my daily schedule due to not meeting my word count goals so this coming week I had set two different sets of hour blocks so that I can work on two different books at the same time. The time blocks are three hours each which is plenty of time to work on each daily. I am excited to be writing and will be joining a webinar today to learn more about the writing process and marketing.

I am just waking up and having my first cup of coffee while writing this post. The dogs have gone out and are now back inside laying on the bed with my husband. We are actually having coffee together this morning since he is stuck inside and cannot work on the car. He will probably start playing video games here shortly which is his favorite thing to do.

I also began looking at and researching journals last night for submitting short stories and articles and will be submitting some soon. Plus, I have been looking for other authors who would like a little exposure to be featured in my newsletters. So anyone interested just message me and I will get some information from you to be placed in my weekly newsletters.

So, it has come time for me to wish everyone an awesome and blessed day because I need to get things going this morning to stay on schedule. I also want to wish anyone who has a birthday today a “Happy Birthday!” and have a great day.

Daily Journal 4/9/2017

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been working on my marketing strategy for my first book that was published a couple days ago. It is my first book in a series of nonfiction and I just found out that I have sold two copies already. I am so excited and have been working on my second book for that series which is a beast because it is going to be full of so much information. While I work on that I have been setting up outlines for several other books which are fictional.

I have been sitting outside in the yard feeling the breeze as I brainstorm information for these other books and have found it to be very exhilarating and relaxing all at once. I am now a published author and look forward to a brighter future. My book is in ebook and paperback, and I have already had a couple of auditions to have it in audiobook as well. My husband cannot believe I have sold some books this fast. He is proud of me and my efforts.

My husband has been sitting with me outside with our dogs and it is actually productive and quality time together. He has even had his input into some of my books so I am glad and happy that he wants to help me. It gives me another point of view as well as some ideas. I am thinking that our future is going to be brighter than it is right now. Well, time to stop here, just wanted to give everyone an update and now to go finish some short stories that are half done. I wish everyone and awesome Sunday and a blessed one.

Daily Journal 3/30/2017

Good morning everyone. How are all of my friends and family doing today? I have been up for about an hour and still a little groggy from going to bed at four o’clock this morning. I had a couple of bad days but I am trying to feel better. I canceled my therapy appointments for today and rescheduled them. I realized last night that I had not taken my medication since Sunday night and that is probably why I have felt bad for a couple of days.

I have to take my husband to the back doctor this afternoon and then run a few errands.  I hope today is better than the last few days. I could really use some encouragement today to give me some motivation. I have plans on going to the house tomorrow to finish up what needs to be done and we have already talked to an inspector and will be making an appointment next week for inspection. I am going to be at the house both Friday and Saturday to finish up.

I just took my insulin because my sugar has been high due to stressors lately and I will be working on some writing today when we get back. I have been doing outlines for the fictional series and still writing my second book which will take a few weeks probably to write. On the side, I am also going to be gathering some pictures for a children’s short story to be published on a blog site. So you can see I have quite a bit of stuff going on to try and keep my mind busy.

My husband installed our air conditioner here in the tent so that I won’t get so hot being in here. I love my husband so much because he supports me with everything I do. I don’t think I could make it without him. He encourages me, reminds me, and loves me even when I need a shoulder to cry on. He is having his coffee while playing a video game before we leave. That is his coping mechanism when he needs it and I don’t mind because it keeps him busy while I write.

Well, I need to get this published so I can get ready to go and will be back soon to finish working on my book. I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 🙂

Daily Journal 3/18/2017

Hello, everyone. It is such a beautiful day outside. It is sunny with some clouds and that is because the wind is blowing the storm clouds in, but it is still beautiful. It sure does beat the cold and freezing temperatures, the rain, and the snow. I am ready for Spring. I didn’t get to bed until around four this morning and my husband woke me up around noon just so he could go back to bed. 🙂 I am sitting here drinking some ice tea because it was too hot and humid when I woke up to drink any coffee. My motivation is picking up a little and I have some projects to complete here today before sitting down comfortably to write.

I am feeling pretty good right now and my energy is getting better, still a little congested but it will go away eventually. I am excited about getting some short stories posted today on my blog sites and finishing my note organization to begin writing the second book on Monday. There is just so much research and information going into this second book and that is mostly the reason for it taking so long to begin writing. It will be a novel and not a novella.

Today I have a garage to clean out and organize, a tent to straighten up, I need to put some ice and water bottles in the cooler, and a rabbit to feed. 🙂 I guess I should also add cleaning out the car to that list as well. As much as I would just love to sit here and write, I can not resolve to forget about my other responsibilities. When we were living in a house the first thing I did every day after coffee was to clean the house and take care of feeding the dogs before doing anything else. That was my routine because I could not get comfortable until the house was clean and smelling good.

Well, enough about what I have to do and get up and start doing it. I will be back later and I hope everyone has a great and blessed Saturday.

Daily Journal 3/11/2017

Good morning everyone! Really overcast here today and very windy. I’m sitting here next to the heater and wearing my sweat jacket. What happened to the nice Spring-like weather we were having? I am over all of this cold freezing weather and hope that it warms up soon. My little toes get so cold. 🙂 My sugar has been running low the last few days where I actually get lightheaded and nausea. I guess it is because I stopped eating the step-mothers cooking. She fry’s everything and meals are so full of starch. I caught her the other day making gravy with non-dairy coffee creamer and thought to myself “yuck!”.

Since stopping from eating her food, I have lost about sixteen pounds in two weeks. Whenever I tell her I’m not hungry, I get twenty-one questions why. I’m going to go get some groceries today and she thinks that I am going to buy her what she wants. Wrong! I don’t have much money and I want stuff that we can have down here in the tent to eat. She cooks dinner between three o’clock and five, but then come about eight o’clock we get hungry again. So, we have decided to not eat dinner when they want us too and we will keep stuff down here to eat when we’re ready.

We are so close to getting in this house I am ready. We are going to go over tomorrow or Monday to finish cleaning up the mess and call for inspection. If it passes, we could be in the house by the end of the month. Woohoo! I am so looking forward to it. But today I am going to get ready to start writing my second book on Monday and will be posting a couple short stories. I have taken my break and now I am ready to dig back into writing. I am almost over the depression spell, so that’s a good thing.

Today is going to be a good day and I am not going to allow the step-mother to ruin it. I will be focused on my writing and nothing else. My husband will be gone for the day helping some friends put a small building up in exchange for some laminate flooring we will use for our kitchen floor.So, I will end this here and get to work. I wish everyone a great day and be blessed.

Daily Journal 3/3/2017

Good morning everyone. it is now six twenty-four in the morning and it is below freezing outside. The sky is still dark but very very cold. I am sitting here next to the heater bundled up with my hands freezing trying to write. Everyone else is still asleep under the blankets and I am here saying good morning.

Today we are taking a trailer to the house to load up all the garbage the previous tenants left and then putting down and completing the kitchen floor and installing all new outlet and face plates before calling for the inspection. I am excited about being able to move into the new house and getting out of this tent.

We have been in this tent now for nine months and we are ready to go inside where it is warm. We still have some more to do in the house as far as cosmetic goes but we can do that while living in the house. I just want indoors again. We have been here too long and the tent is becoming unlivable.

Other than that, I will be getting some writing done before we leave and then when we get home, I will finish some more writing on my second book.My second book will also be an easy read but full of information for the reader. So, I will stop here and get to finishing a short story I have been working on. I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 🙂


Daily Journal/28/2017

Good morning everyone. It is such a rainy day here. I went to bed this morning about five o’clock and was back up at eleven. I have my last copy of my manuscript ready for the last and final edit. I still need my blurb and head shots for the author biography before sending it to the editor for polishing before publishing. I have my notes ready to be organized for the second book which I should be able to start writing on Monday. I am looking forward to being called a published author instead of an aspiring author. 🙂

My husband just got up and we are actually having coffee together which is a breath of fresh air. Usually, by the time he gets up, I’m well immersed in my writing. I have to keep those creative juices flowing. My goal again is to have three books ready to publish May twenty-eighth on Amazon. I hope everyone is enjoying my short stories? I put a lot of my heart and soul into my writing and it means something to me to share my story.

Well, it is thundering outside and I need to get this published online before the power goes off like it usually does. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.

Daily Journal 2/24/2017

Good morning everyone! Such a beautiful breezy day today. I already feel spring in the air. Well, yesterday was a doctor visit day and my results from my spine MRI state that my spine is riddled with arthritis. The top vertebra of my tailbone that meets with the first vertebra of my lower back is severe enough to cause my tailbone to burn. As far as my neck is concerned, I have a few bulging disc’s with disc degenerative disease and the vertebrae that are close to my skull have severe arthritis. I am going in for a procedure next month to have steroid injections in my neck and after that, they are going to burn the nerves in my neck for pain management.

After seeing my back doctor yesterday, we took me to the hospital to get checked out for this cold I have. I have a virus that is also causing acute sinusitis. I have also lost ten pounds in a week due to not being able to keep anything down. I was given an antibiotic, something to keep nausea at bay, and something for a sinus headache. I have not been sick in a couple of years but when I do it puts me down for a few weeks, but I now have medicine to fix it.

On a brighter note, I am feeling a bit better today except for the pounding sinus headache but I am ready to get back to writing. I took my book manuscript with me to the hospital yesterday for something to while waiting and did some revisions and editing. I have moved my deadline for publishing to July due to financial issues and will have at least three books to publish at that time. I have also been writing short stories that are not published online for a book compilation I am working on also. Things are looking really good for the future.

Well, off to writing and I hope everyone has a great day and keep smiling. 🙂

Daily Journal 2/20/2017

Hello, Everyone. First I want to apologize for my absence for the last two days. I noted in my last post that I had been sick for a few days, well let’s just say that without anything for cold symptoms come Saturday night I wanted to die. I was so sick, I couldn’t even keep fluids down, hot and cold flashes, vomiting, and my body aches were so extreme that even my hands hurt. Right now, my ribcage and my diaphragm hurt from all the coughing. I just wanted to die Saturday night. I am up a little today but not much. I still have a foggy head and a little wobbly in the legs.

I think it could have been worse had I not started taking vitamin C when I noticed that I was getting sick. I don’t get sick that often but when I do it goes to the extremes in taking me down. I still have a slight headache but I need to get functioning which will help me bounce back. I went to bed Friday night and haven’t been up until this morning. I have been feverish since Saturday morning and still feel a bit feverish but I can’t stay in the bed like that without my body hurting.

On to a brighter note, I am back writing this morning and I know it will probably take a few days to get back on my schedule with recovery time and everything, but I want to let everyone know I’m still here. So, I will get back to my writing and pump out some more of those short stories for your enjoyment. I wish everyone a healthy and blessed day :).