Happy 1st of the Month!!

Well, it’s February 1st and in thirteen days it will be Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to buy that special someone in your life something for Valentine’s Day even if it is a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. I don’t understand why we have one day out of 365 that we are to show our loved one’s affection. I think we need to show our girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s, spouse’s, partner’s, significant others, or even our friend’s how much we care, love, and cherish them every day of the year, not just one. I think that is the problem with society these day’s, they just follow propaganda. One day of the year people feel they are forced to buy something for their loved one. I don’t need something bought for me from my husband to know that he loves or cares about me. He could take out the trash or wash the dishes up and that is enough for me. We could be sitting on one million dollars and I still don’t want him spending a dime on me to show he loves me. I know there are quite a few of you out there who find it hard to live from paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the money to buy someone something. Don’t! DO something for that special someone, clean the house, make a nice dinner, go on a picnic with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You shouldn’t have to buy anything, especially if you can’t afford too.

Just like with Christmas, you shouldn’t have to buy gifts for someone. All you need to do is show that special someone, or even your family member that you love them by doing something nice for them. All it takes is a little love and elbow grease to make someone feel special or to raise their self-esteem. Make someone feel good. When walking down the street, smile at someone, you don’t have to say a word to them, just smile. That one smile is contagious enough that other’s will smile too.

I have mental health issues that involve low self-esteem and depression, but my husband smiles at me every day because he knows that it makes me smile back. It makes me feel special and raises my self-esteem just a fraction but it feels good. I challenge everyone to take the initiative to smile at someone today, or if you feel the need, tell them to have a good day. Being nice or thoughtful to another human being is enough to make anyone, even a homeless person, feel like they matter. So I challenge you to do or say something nice to someone today.

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“I appreciate and love you, whoever you are.” 🙂