Daily Journal 4/16/2017

Happy Easter Everyone!! Has the bunny come to see you yet? I want pictures when he does. Lol. I am feeling pretty good today because one, the producer accepted my offer to make my book into an audiobook. I am very excited it should be out at the end of the month. So, how is everyone this beautiful day? I am finishing an outline for my next book which will be a freebie and I will begin writing it tomorrow. I am still working on the second book in my series and it is a beast because it is full of so much information. So, I will be working on it over the weekends while writing my other books during the week.

My husband is a tech geek and is sitting here hooking up the surround sound to the television. Every time he gets something new he can’t wait to play with it. He is just a big kid but I love him anyway. Things have finally settled down since we moved from the tent to the garage and there is so much room and a nice breeze during the day. I am hopeful that we can be in the house mid-May. I want the inspections done the first week of May and then it will be waiting on the utilities to be turned on and the internet set up. I look forward to it. I want to be in my own house.

Other than that I have been also working on another site which is titled “You Don’t Have to Be A Victim” where I share my story and events throughout my life in hopes that it will help someone else. There are too many things going on in the world and people should not have to be victims of anything posted on the site. I want to be a mentor as well as an author. So, if you want to check out my site I am leaving the link below this posting and all comments are appreciated. Well, it is time for me to get busy and again, I wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter day.



Daily Journal 4/1/2017

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!! Have you pulled off that prank today yet? I feel like everything is pranking me so far today. The car battery is dead, we don’t have enough money to cover all of our bills, and everyone has their hand out for money. We were supposed to go to the house this morning but it seems like everything is trying to hold us back. I am taking a break from home for a couple of days because it is really starting to take a toll on me living in a tent that is becoming unlivable, the stepmother constantly complaining, and not being able to finish this house fast enough. We have the money for the inspection but don’t have the two-hundred dollars for the utility deposit to get power turned on. It is becoming depressing and aggravating. I wish I could blink my eyes and everything would be okay.

On a brighter note, I will be spending a night or two at my sister-in-laws to get a break away but I will be taking my computer with me to continue writing since that is basically the only thing that relaxes me anymore. I find myself diving into the world of my story and nothing around me matters or affects me. I can find peace inside my story and I know that it is bad considering I am married and need to show my husband attention every now and then. He supports me the best that he can and I do love him dearly. I have been writing my second book for about five days now and feel pretty accomplished and cannot wait to have it in my hands.

My writing has become an intense passion and an antidepressant at the same time. I long to write and feel guilty when I take a day or two off because I have so many stories to share and my head is full of more ideas that I cannot write them all down without taking time away from my work in progress. I have a schedule that I try hard to adhere too but even that is hard to do with everything going on around me. I will get things straightened out eventually but I must stop here to get my day going and hopefully getting more done on the house. Talk soon and have a great an awesome Saturday everyone.

Daily Journal 3/19/2017

Greetings everyone! What a wonderful day to be alive. The sun is shining, birds chirping, and a nice breeze blowing. Well, I got half of the garage cleaned yesterday and until the guys move the stack of wood tomorrow to the house then I can clean the rest. I am doing laundry today and the tent is cleaned, the dogs are laying outside the tent in the sun. It is an awesome day.

I am feeling pretty good today and ready for whatever the day throws at me. My husband is playing his video games and giving me peace and quiet to do some writing. I worked on some more research and notes last night and will be finishing them up after writing this journal entry. After I finish writing down the rest of my research notes I will be implementing them into my writing software to organize. I plan to begin writing that book tomorrow as expected and look forward to spending probably about a month on writing it.

If you want to see what all the books in the series will be about, I will be posting the book covers for them on the book launch information page of this site directly after posting this journal entry as well. The dates below the last three are approximate publishing dates due to the graphic nature detailed in each one. Writing them will cause me to have to remember each event and reliving them again in my mind so it might take a minute to write them. I will keep them updated in case the dates change.

After publishing this, I will also be posting a chapter from the first book. Just keep in mind that it still needs professional editing before publishing. It will give you an idea of what things the book will be talking about. I feel good about sharing my story and helping someone else through my experiences.

Well, it is time for me to get started and I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 🙂

Daily Journal 3/7/2017 Pt. 2

Good morning everyone. Well, just when I thought we were going to go to the house to finish working on it, it decides it wants to rain and I try not to drive in the rain especially with a husband who has panic attacks while riding in the car.:p

So, I guess today would be a good day to spend writing since there is nothing else to do and I don’t want to sleep all day. I am sitting here with my coffee and listening to my husband ramble on about his Playstation games. I was going to create my crowdfunding video but I cannot with my husband here playing video games, so I will write some stories and work on my books.

I hope everyone is having a great morning and looking forward to their day. Some of you are probably at work or sitting at your desk writing, which is a good thing. I love the fact that I am on disability and have the option to sit and write all day if I so choose, but I am hoping that with my writing I will be able to get off of disability and become a full-time author. That is one of my goals and look forward to reaching it.

Well, I need to get going on my writing and I hope that my readers are enjoying my stories. I will be sure to keep you posted on my progress with the book writing and wish a happy and blessed day to everyone.

Daily Journal 3/7/2017

First, I want to apologize for not posting yesterday because I was having a down day. My depression set in and it caused me to have some dull depressing feelings and I was just wanted to be left alone yesterday. On top of being depressed, I was also not feeling well like I was getting sick again. My therapist came today and we talked about everything going on and the talk made me feel a bit better.

On a happier note, this morning my husband and I are going over to the house to clean the rest of the trash up and ready for the dump. We have the material now to finish the floor and start putting the kitchen walls up. All that remains is for my husband and father-in-law to finish up the wiring of the last two rooms so that we can get the inspection.

That will brighten my day knowing that soon we will be in our house and out of this tent, which is almost unliveable. Other than that, I am continuing with my writing and getting this together for my second book. I need to create a video for crowdfunding to assist with the editing expenses before publishing. This second book has a lot of useful information and is taking quite a bit of time to gather my research for it. I am almost there and ready to begin writing.

I look forward to publishing my books and love creating them. My passion has grown for writing and it makes me happy knowing I can share my life story with the world. I want people to gain an understanding of what some people deal with on a daily basis and how to overcome the issues they face. I have also got the outline done for the third book which will be fictional and I look forward to writing it.

Well, it is late and we need to get some rest before heading to the house. I just wanted to touch base with everyone and give you a progress report on what’s going on with me and my life. These posts are written from the heart whether it is good things or bad, I want people to know the real me and the things that go on in my life. So, I will say good night to all of my friends and family and have a blessed day today. Keep those smiles going.


Daily Journal 3/5/2017

Good morning everyone. Another blessed day to be alive and well. I just got up about thirty minutes ago and was welcomed by a cup of coffee my husband made for me. I had a late night last night putting more notes together for the second of five books. I am still yawning but waking up slowly just like every morning. I see the sun shining, birds chirping, and even a woodpecker hard at work. At night, we can hear three distinctly different owls and it is funny sometimes to hear the ruckus they make.

I do not have a schedule for Sundays because I call it the catch-up day where I catch up on things that I was not able to do or get finished during the week. My hope is to start writing my second book tomorrow but it looks like it might be Tuesday because of having to finish my notes and getting them organized. I love writing and it has become my passion for telling my story that would help others with the same struggles that I, myself, have overcome.

My husband is doing what he loves and that is playing his video games with headphones so that it is quiet enough for me to concentrate or write. He is very supportive of me and my passion for writing. I keep asking him if I spend enough time with him so that he does not feel neglected and he says that he is okay with me writing because it is something I love doing.

All of the dogs are outside playing and chasing squirrels and the rabbit is running around its pen eating grass. The inlaws are in church which is a nice thing to wake up to because then I don’t have to listen to the step-mother in- law complain about something the moment I wake up.

Well, I need to get to work and get some things done before tomorrow because I have a CT scan in the morning for a hernia in my abdomen to find out if I need surgery for it. I wish everyone a great day and remember to give someone else a smile to brighten their day. Talk soon. 🙂

Daily Journal/28/2017

Good morning everyone. It is such a rainy day here. I went to bed this morning about five o’clock and was back up at eleven. I have my last copy of my manuscript ready for the last and final edit. I still need my blurb and head shots for the author biography before sending it to the editor for polishing before publishing. I have my notes ready to be organized for the second book which I should be able to start writing on Monday. I am looking forward to being called a published author instead of an aspiring author. 🙂

My husband just got up and we are actually having coffee together which is a breath of fresh air. Usually, by the time he gets up, I’m well immersed in my writing. I have to keep those creative juices flowing. My goal again is to have three books ready to publish May twenty-eighth on Amazon. I hope everyone is enjoying my short stories? I put a lot of my heart and soul into my writing and it means something to me to share my story.

Well, it is thundering outside and I need to get this published online before the power goes off like it usually does. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.

Daily Journal 2/27/2017


Good afternoon everyone. What a great and peaceful rainy day here. I hope your weather is better, however, I do love the rain because it washes away everything dirty and makes everything new again. I have been getting through a case of acute sinusitis for the past two weeks and I am starting to feel a little better now that I have antibiotics to help out. Other than that, things are looking so much better now. I just finished the book cover for my first book and I hope everyone likes it. I have my amazon account set up and my pre-order set up, so everything is moving forward. My nonfiction books will be easy reads because I want people to understand them

My nonfiction books will be easy reads because I want people to understand them, even those who cannot read very well or fast. I am so excited about my book launch and becoming a published author that I can’t sit still. 🙂 Since my nonfiction book series are so emotional and graphic, I will be publishing the two easiest ones in sequence first and then flip over to fiction before writing the next nonfiction one. These books are about my life experiences, good and bad, and it will be difficult for me to recount some of the most traumatic ones, but I will have to face them again. I still live the horrors of some of them every night in my nightmares, so there are days where I wake up not myself.

I want my books to give readers the understanding of the who, what, when, where, and why people have to go through these ordeals and to give inspiration to those afflicted by these struggles. Each book covers a topic that has happened to me and I wish to help those who are struggling to know that there is a way out and that you can have a better and happy life.

Some of the chapters in my nonfiction books will be very emotional, to me, and to the reader. I tell my story as it happened from nineteen eighty-four until two thousand and seventeen. I might not remember everything during this time but I do remember the important parts. So, I hope that you will get a chance to read them and gain some knowledge of what afflicts some many people in the world. Have a blessed day.

Daily Journal 2/8/2017

Good morning everyone! I am waiting for my ride this morning to go get my MRI done on my back to find out what is wrong with it. Finally, after three years, I will know what the problem is. Then, when I return home, I will be working and posting my next short story and then working on the last chapter to my first book which will finish it and then get on with publishing. This will be sweet and short this morning but I will be back later. Have a blessed, prosperous, and creative day!

Daily Journal 1/4/2017

This morning I was finally able to get up on my schedule. It has been really hard to stay on my schedule lately with trying to get my first book published and then SSI playing around with our checks on top of it. They guys have been working on the house and we are on the final lap before we can move in. I have finally gotten all my medical cards and actually have a back doctor visit on Monday to find out what is going on with my spine. Anyway, I’m on schedule today and hopefully will be getting with the graphic designer for my book but everything seems to be good today so far. The new year has started off pretty good, Clifford and I are happily married still after three years we are still on honeymoon. 🙂 I have also been working on my second book as well and it should be ready for publishing soon. I have so many books to write it isn’t funny. I already have notes for each of the next twenty books. A mixture of every genre. I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year and please feel free to read my short stories and give me some feedback on them. Well, have a blessed day everyone, it is time to start writing.