Daily Journal 5/17/2017

Hello to all of my friends and family old and new. I want to apologize for not keeping up with my journal and keeping in touch with each of you. It has been a trying month so far and it has taken a serious toll on me physically and mentally. We moved in with my cousin who has been declared legally blind so she needs some help around the house.

I have been cleaning the house for an entire nine days, pulling everything out of the cupboards, wiping them out and washing every dish in the house. You would think that it would be easy enough until you are continuously interrupted to do something else. I have been having other issues physically that makes it hard to stand for long periods and some dizzy spells. My husband has been so good with support and helping me get things done.

Today we finally got the kitchen and dining room completed with deck brushed floors and cleaned walls. There is still the living room to go but my husband has agreed to do it for me so that I can go back to writing where I am happy the most. I have missed my writing and I know that it disappoints some of my readers but I promise that things are going to get back to normal and my writing will thrive.

It has been hard for me mentally not being able to write and my husband and therapist noticed it clearly and are doing whatever they can to get me back to that point of being content. I am making some changes and will be initiating them tomorrow when I wake up. I have missed chatting with everyone and letting you know what I have been up too and writing updates. So, it is getting late and I want to get some things done to be ready for tomorrow. I wish everyone an awesome night and have a blessed morning.

Daily Journal 1/30/2017

Well, it’s a new day and a new week for me and for creative thinking and writing. I have spent the last two weeks doing research for my second book while my first book is being edited. I have been up since 6 am and I have had my first cup of coffee and now I am ready to start my day. The sun is just coming up and I feel pretty good so far. I had a weekend of not feeling well with lower back pain but I am still here writing and being creative. I am anxious about this week and where my creative mind will go. I have my list of blogs to write and trying to follow my schedule but I also have a doctor’s appointment today for my back since we are trying to find out what is wrong with it. Other than that I will get my day started and will write soon. Please post those comments about my writing and give me some feedback. Have a great day everyone and keep those creative juices thriving.

Daily Journal 1/24/2017

Well, it is going on eight o’clock this morning and having my first cup of coffee while I wake up. I am on schedule so far and everything is going okay. Hubby is still asleep which makes for better writing, lol. My girls(dogs) are still in bed with daddy and everything is quiet. I am trying to wake up and still a bit tired but I must press on and get things done like any writer should. My lower back is still a little achy but tolerable. I am ready to begin my day of writing. I have two short stories for a book done, I will be writing some short stories for sites, and working on some more research for the second book while the first book is in the third round of editing. Today will be a good day. My hubby has been such a great supporter of my writing and I love him dearly. Who knows maybe I’ll write a book about how we met and got married, lol. Well, time to get to work, I am half done with the first cup of coffee and ready to start the day. Have a blessed and progressive day everyone.

Daily Journal 1/23/2017

With it raining all night our tent floor is wet and had a few little leaks last night. I went to bed somewhat early last night to get a full night sleep to which I only got up once last night which is good for me. I got up about 6 am this morning and I am beginning my day. I am listening to the coffee brewing and can’t wait for that first cup. Besides this daily journal, I keep a written journal every day. I am somewhat achy this morning in my lower back and hips but I have taken my meds and starting today with a fresh start. Hubby is still asleep so I can concentrate on my writing quietly and have decided to add another chapter to my first book and almost ready to start writing the second book of the series. It has taken the better part of ten days to do research on the second book and I am anxious to start writing. I have a lot of information for this book and it will be full length while the first book is a novella of about thirty thousand words. I am also working on putting a newsletter together so keep an eye out for it. Okay so let me tackle the day before hubby gets up. I wish everyone a great day and may you have a very productive day. God Bless.

Daily Journal 1/22/2017

Gobrandi-picod Morning Everyone! First, I want to apologize for not being here writing to you. I have been a little under the weather and consumed by research for my second book while my first book is under its third round of editing. I still have quite a bit of research to do to before I start writing my second book but I am hopeful that my schedule will return tomorrow and keeping everyone posted on my progress. I woke up today with somewhat a clear mind and

I woke up today with somewhat a clear mind and a little headache but work must be done. I have been having a problem with motivation lately due to not feeling well both physically and mentally. I hope everyone can forgive me and give me another chance to redeem myself. 🙂 I have so many books to write and many more popping in my head daily. While one book is in its editing stage I begin working on the outline or research for the next one.

My short stories are just a sampling of my writing and I hope everyone enjoys them. So, I need to get back to writing and I hope everyone has a great and blessed day. Chat soon.

Daily Journal 1/4/2017

This morning I was finally able to get up on my schedule. It has been really hard to stay on my schedule lately with trying to get my first book published and then SSI playing around with our checks on top of it. They guys have been working on the house and we are on the final lap before we can move in. I have finally gotten all my medical cards and actually have a back doctor visit on Monday to find out what is going on with my spine. Anyway, I’m on schedule today and hopefully will be getting with the graphic designer for my book but everything seems to be good today so far. The new year has started off pretty good, Clifford and I are happily married still after three years we are still on honeymoon. 🙂 I have also been working on my second book as well and it should be ready for publishing soon. I have so many books to write it isn’t funny. I already have notes for each of the next twenty books. A mixture of every genre. I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year and please feel free to read my short stories and give me some feedback on them. Well, have a blessed day everyone, it is time to start writing.

Daily Journal 12/18/2016

So far this morning hasn’t been so bad for me. I only got up once during the night and was only up for an hour before going back to bed. I got up when my alarm went off at 7 am this morning and have been in front of my computer with coffee in hand. I have my schedule set where I am not doing so much on the weekends but this weekend is playing catch up with everything due to house renovations during the week. I have a great outlook on today and look forward to sharing more of my stories with the world. My deadline is still set to publish my first book in January and I am so looking forward to it. I have it already set up in a budget where half of my royalties will go to Hope Station USA to assist the homeless, one-quarter will be saved and put into the budget for author expenses, and the other one-quarter will be for me. That is how I am going to set everything up. I am not greedy and it isn’t so much about the money as it is in helping people and plus I have a passion for writing. Now on to start my writing. Have a great day everyone and I look forward to your comments and feedback. 🙂

Daily Journal 12/17/2016

I had a rough night last night when I woke up at 1 am and sat up until 4 am before going back to bed. I woke up around 11:30 am and have been in front of my computer with coffee in hand. I am feeling okay today and have been working my schedule to make sure I don’t forget anything. My lower back is hurting a little but I am bound and determined to catch up my writing schedule. The house is moving slowly but once my husband has the car running which should be today we are going to go to the house and get some more stuff done. The goal is to be in the new house by mid-January. It is getting pretty cold in this tent but we manage. I look forward to the new house and hope that there are no more monkey wrenches in it. Well, I will write more later, I need to keep my schedule going. Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Daily Journal 12/14/2016

Good afternoon everyone. Today is a glorious day, the weather is mild, I hear all of the animals out in the woods making their little noises, and I woke up feeling pretty good. I am pretty much motivated today to finish some more writing and editing of my book and finishing up a short story or two. I hope everyone had a terrific night and got some well-needed rest? I only got up once during the night which is pretty awesome for me. On a good feeling day, I could sit here all night writing to my heart’s content but my husband refuses to allow me to do that. Right now my husband is giving our car an overhaul and rebuilding the carburetor and putting on some new vacuum lines. While he is out working on the car I can get some uninterrupted writing done. I hope everyone is enjoying my writing and I have a list of things to write. Once I am finished with the final editing of my first nonfiction book and receive the cover design back it will be ready to publish. I already have my notes together for the second book of that series and will be starting on it the first of January. There is nothing like having deadlines and goal dates to keep you motivated. My health is improving and I don’t feel so sick today but there are still the body aches and diabetic neuropathy to deal with but other than that I am doing pretty good today. The one thing about being a writer that works really good for me is the part about being alone. I don’t really do well in social settings right now so being alone to write books is who I am currently. Enough of that, I need to get the creative writing juices started today and hope everyone has a great day. Keep thinking positive. 🙂

God’s Mercy

Everyone in life makes mistakes and sometimes people keep making the same mistake over and over. There are plenty of things I am not proud of and some of them I do feel shame but it has been through God’s Mercy that I am able to be here today. He showed his mercy by breaking the bondage of drug addiction and prostitution in my life. He gave me a hope I didn’t know existed for someone like me. It has been through His direction and His time that we are redeemed and made new. I had fallen so low I was among the amoebas of life yet I still felt his presence with me. I endured teh most horrific things in life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Things so terrible that I still live through the nightmares. Things you see on television are nothing compared to a true life actual event.

I know that I have not been the greatest of followers but He has been and is today still working on me and defining who He has for me to be. I am that pile of clay that He takes great care and love into molding into a perfect work of art. Sometimes I do have the regret of not listening to Him earlier in life but it has taken me this long to realize He is the one in control and will not put me in a position without a way out. He will not let me endure more than I can handle and has always been my friend and comforter. I acknowledge Him who sits on teh throne and that His son died on that cross for me. His son’e blood cleansed me even from two thousand years ago.

When I am down, saddened, or depressed, and even when I hold so much anger, He keeps me close until the emotion subsides. Not a lot of people believe in God, or Jesus for that matter, but if anyone had ever experienced or walked a day in my shoes they would definitely believe there was a higher power or force at work. Through God’s Mercy and understanding along with His patience I have been led by the hand down the path of life and have seen such wonderful sights and felt the most intense sense of being through my transformation. He has made me a new creature with a deep understanding of life and what it means to be human. He has given me the gift of compassion just as His son Jesus had compassion for sinners. I treat everyone like they could possibly be the savior or creator. I do not want to be left behind or fallen to teh wayside. I have a purpose in life just like everyone else has also. We are given gifts from the creator it is just up to those who accept it. I am a walking testimony that no matter how severe your past or life is that there will always be a hand to guide you through it to greener pastures. Just Believe.